The Biggest SIN In The PT Business

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So last weekend I was at Mastermind Event with “Jay Abraham”.

The biggest SIN in the PT business.-2

If you don’t know who he is, I’d STRONGLY recommend that you look him up and study some of his work.

I’d say he’s the single biggest (…and fastest) influence on my business life and maybe the reason why I’m writing this email to you today.

He teaches something called the “strategy of pre-eminence” and how it works is, well, you’ve got to “give before you get”, build “relationships with clients”, help them to make better decisions and ultimately, deliver a truly REMARKABLE product and service.

Simple, right?

Of course.

And what “Jay” spoke to me about that I wanted to share with you today is this formula for REAL business success:

*Marketing + Innovation = Revenue Makers*

Marketing being the ability to find and acquire PROSPECTIVE patients interested enough to find out more about what you can do to help them.

And Innovation, that being the ability to make a significant change in the lives of those same prospects.

My guess is that you’re already pretty good at making a change to the lives of your patients.

Most PT’s are.

But the problem is, of course, most PT’s aren’t making the REVENUE that their skills deserve.

So what’s going wrong?

It it because of the changes to the system, and the OLD ways of acquiring new patients (through doctor referrals) beginning to ‘dry up’, a lot of PT’s aren’t being given that chance to “innovate”?…

Or is it because they refuse to accept it AND the idea that they know how to learn how to Market themselves?

(Big difference in how you SEE the same problem!)

So my question to you, is this:

Given that we all want to be Revenue Generators…

What have you done this week to attract new prospects to your clinic??

Have you looked at your newsletters to see what changes you can make there?

How about your “offer” in that newsletter?

Is it that same-old, same-old “free screen” (yawn!) offer that might be brining in one or two patients but is leaving TEN others wishing you’d offer them something else?

How about changing the headlines on your website to make them more compelling?… Changed them lately now that you know EVEN more about what your patients REALLY want from you?

What about your blog?… Wrote a new post to engage prospects on your website that can be made viral on Social Media?

What about your Facebook ads?

Are you more concerned about the “likes” and shares or are you doing what REAL marketers do, and seeing how many new leads you got from the PAID FOR ADVERTISING campaign you’re running on there??

If the answer is “none of the above”, then you’re NOT Marketing.

You’re waiting for referrals from doctors OR worse, expecting your patients to become sales people for you hoping for one or two of them to beg one or two of their friends to come and see you.

Either way, it’s not ideal.

I Wouldn’t like to think my little boy “Harry’s” future depended upon my ability to suck up to a few medical doctors.

There’s a much better, more reliable and consistent, less-worry-sum way of becoming a REVENUE GENERATOR.

Is it easy?


Will you have to learn the rules of the Direct Response Marketing game?


Will you need some help to get started?


Where can you get that help from?

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Talk soon,

Paul Gough.

P.S: Note to Physical Therapist looking  for marketing ideas… request “strategy call” if you’re serious about getting some fresh new ideas for Marketing your PT practice.

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