Telehealth: How Will I Compete With “Big Box”​ Insurance Companies?

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So we’ve discussed what Telehealths “perfect patient” is.

We’ve talked about why your patients should choose it.

But now here’s another question many of you may be wondering about.

What happens if in the midst of all this the insurance companies start hopping on board?

Does the value change when it becomes more widely available?

What is going to make someone pay $250 for Telehealth when they can pay a $40 co-pay.

I’ll let our Telehealth Expert, Juan Michelle Martin kick this off…

“How do you do that now in a clinic when you’ve got other clinics that charge way less than you do.?

You’re offering value. And you’ve got to understand that not everybody is going to be your ideal patient. And if they want to go with the big box and they’re gonna price shop, then let them do it. That’s not the person that you want to see anyway. But you need people that are going to value what you’re doing. For instance, you’re going to Paul for coaching. There are other people out there that offer coaching, But there’s something about Paul that drew you to him. So you’re gonna have to have your messaging on point because the big box people may not necessarily be treating the thing that you’re treating either, right? So if you’ve got a specific specialty or whatever the case may be, who are the people that you’re speaking to? Who are the people that you’re working with? What is the skillset that you have that you can offer these people?

And ultimately with those “big box stores”, they’re going to be doing the same mill type treatment. And people may go to them initially for the cost but ultimately, people are not going to stay with them because they’re not getting the results. 

So your job is to offer results and to give results to people and that’s what you do and you keep doing that. It’s no different from the clinics right now. They’re 1,000,000 PT clinics on every corner, so what is it that you’re doing differently that’s causing people to come to you versus go to them?”

One word…


Marketing is the difference between everything.

The process of selling something hasn’t changed. The process of marketing hasn’t changed.

It’s as old as time.

Take it all the way back to P. T. Barnum. It’s the exact same thing. What made his circus different? Theme parks. What made Disney’s different?


And what it comes down to is personality, value, and confidence.

Juan is 100% right in that there are clinics that are fighting for your patients right now, so what makes the difference?

The value proposition, the stories you tell, the relationships you build with your clients, the follow-up system, and the expert status that you position yourself as.

None of this is gonna change. It’s the same problem that we’re all facing all day every day, just disguised as a different disease.

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