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Comes a question from a Coaching Client of mine from Raleigh, North Carolina.


“Paul… We sent out those emails you wrote for us about a workshop for back pain… and had 5 register and 3 show.

But all 3 became NP – $3600 + from a couple of emails… Nice job!

We thought we would try to advertise for the workshop in the local newspaper at least once, to see what happens.

Can you help us write a newspaper advert to promote this??”


I’ll tell you what I told him…

There’s a BIG difference between asking past patients (who already know like and trust you!) to a attend a “workshop” on back pain…

…than there is asking someone who DOESN’T know, like and trust you, to commit their time and energy to it.

It COULD work…

And it is certainly worth testing.

But here’s the secret to doing this:

There’s actually no need to write ANOTHER advert to promote this “workshop”.


Because we’ve already been running one very successfully over their in Raleigh to ask completely new prospects to respond for a freebie “tips” report…

Pulls in a double figure response every time we run it as part of our on going marketing strategy of glory (the likes of which make it impossible for the big hospitals to beat my small town clinic owner)!…

So why would we re-write it?

It’s working just great.

We’ve obviously got the audience right – the “WHO” we want to respond.

We’ve obviously got the words right – the “MESSAGE” that we’re putting out there that compels at least 10 people every time to respond…

So all that we have to do in this instance is change the “OFFER”.

I.e, switch it from a freebie report to advertising for a workshop instead.

Now, obviously you’ve got to know how to get that advert up there in the first place.

How to create the headline…

Select the right audience…

And even how to create the report…

And as it happens, I teach you precisely how to do it on here:

New Patient Overload: Attract More New Patients Than You Need Using Simple Old School Marketing Strategies.

It’s a 9 video training program that shows you precisely how to create newspapers ads, postcards, referral flyers and newsletters that move more people closer to your practice.

It’s “old school” marketing at it’s very best.

I even give you all my best sales scripts… and there’s some bonus’s thrown in too which show you how to WRITE these ads so that they work and how to over come all of the 16 objections that most people have about saying no to PT.

Order it when ever you think you could do with a few more new patients arriving at your practice or you’re fed up of waiting for a doctor to refer some to you.

Click here to look at this new program:

New Patient Overload: Attract More New Patients Than You Need Using Simple Old School Marketing Strategies.


Paul Gough.

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