How to become the “Brad Pitt” of the PT Industry

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Comes a question from an email subscriber:

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“How do you differentiate yourself when you’re a PT in a small town that has lots of businesses that provide what the consumer believes to be “similar” services…

In my case, there’s like 7 PT’s in my area … not to mention chiropractors, Massage Envy, Acupuncturists.

So how do I go about saying ‘yeah, but I’m different and better than all of those of 12 other options you’ve got in this 3 mile radius’?”

– Dom. Austin, Texas.


I have an answer to the question being asked, and I have a recommendation that is different than the question that Dom asked…

First of all, differentiation by definition requires you NOT to be what all the others are. So the first problem this PT owner has, is in identifying your self as a “physical therapist” – as are all of your other competitors.

It’s the wrong way to present yourself for two reasons:

1.) Nobody really wants PT – and of the ones who do, there’s not enough of them to scale and grow a business.

2.) People want outcomes, benefits, information and the ability to do things and go places with much less restriction than is being forced upon them by the pain or stiffness they’re currently in.

It just so happens that it’s a “physical therapist” that can help them to achieve that, and what is called a “transformation”.

And while every other Physical Therapist in town is advertising themselves and their “25 years in business”, what you’ve got to do is make a list of what they’re all saying… then say something ELSE!

You have to position yourself as something other than a being a “licensed physical therapist”… that’s what you do rather than what you can do for people.

Big difference.

Massive difference.

We (at the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms”) help people aged 50+ to keep active and mobile, free from painkillers and out of the doctors office.

If I position my self as a “physical therapist”, I’m a commodity in a country where the main competitor is FREE.

100% FREE.

No copay or deductible – FREE!

Had I continued to “Market” myself as a physical therapist – then I’d be presenting myself to the people in town as being the same as everyone else.

Which would mean “zero” business.

(And me ‘working for’ that free hospital system!)

Labelling yourself as a “PT” with your marketing is a lot like showing up for the singles dance with 50 guys and only 8 girls… unless you look anything like Brad Pitt or David Beckham… that’s not a good scenario to be in.

Therefore it doesn’t matter if there’s “12” (or “112”) PT’s in your small town… what matters most is that your the ONLY ONE saying what you can do for me, at that moment in time.

How do you do that?…

It starts with *picking your ideal target market* – the ideal patient you want to work with.

Initially (via Lead Generation), getting people with pain or discomfort to raise their hands and step forward – typically by requesting information from you, that has to do with solving their problems. i.e back pain.

Then, you place them into your “follow up funnel” and communicate with them over and over and over again – over a period of time.

Replaying your “message”, repeatedly.

When – and only then – with that type of follow up system in place, does the impact of 12 other “competitors” diminish.

(Big, super sized, huge ad budget corporate hospital systems, included).

I could dive deep into creating such a system…

But, if you don’t know WHO your ideal prospect is, it wouldn’t make an ounce of difference to your ability to market directly to consumers.

The thing is, most PT’s don’t.

And, this is why I wrote my latest blog post (with a Video) for you to read:

The Hard Truth About Attracting High Value Patients To Your PT Practice! >

There’s some info on here that you MUST know about if you plan on breaking free from relying upon doctors for your profits – or you want to win against the big hospital systems.


Paul Gough

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