I Got Back To My Desk – Then She Told Me This…

Back at my desk today.

After 6 weeks of travelling around the US with my family in “tow”…

…I’m back in my home town for a couple of weeks to catch up with some friends and family and of course, check on my PT business.

I’ll make the changes and necessary improvements that’ll let me continue to be an “absent” owner so that I can take off to Australia for a month or so over Christmas – to spend some time with my younger brother who lives out there.

It’s great to be back at work.

Arrived Back At My Clinic Today...

I love my business.

And, I love my staff.

(Most of the time!)

But occasionally one or two of my “team” get to the point where they just can’t keep up with the progress that the rest of us are making.

And, usually what happens is when I come back from a long time away from the clinic, those members of staff EXPOSE themselves.

It takes me about a week to work out whose lagging Vs whose prospering – and ultimately, who’s got to go so that we can make more progress.

See, I happen to KNOW for sure that spending time away from your practice, is, well, good for it, in the LONG RUN!

As an Owner, the WORST thing that you can do is to be in there at the desk or in that treatment room, all day long, every day.

You can easily get “lost” amidst all of the clutter and chaos that your staff like to ADD to your life.

But when you’re away from your practice, you’re able to think more clearly…

Invent new, more and better ways of doing things.

Refine the systems.

Improve the process’s.

And, ultimately, actually put your staff to the test and see if they’re running the systems like you asked – so that you‘re making the profit you need to live the life you want.

Because it’s NOT the staff who run a “business”…

…it’s not even you that runs the business.

No… it’s the systems that you put in place that are run by the people you hire, that run the business.

(It’s how it SHOULD work anyways).

Which means that if and when you land back at your desk and one of your NEWEST staff members announces that “she’s pregnant” (like what happened to me)…

…it’s ok!

Because when the time is right, someone else can step in to run the system for you in her absence.

Business is really simple.

Spend some time NOW creating the systems that’ll free up more of your time to do and enjoy the things that you REALLY want to do in your life…

…which I doubt very much is prescribe exercise plans or massage soft tissue for the rest of your days.

Usually, when I speak to business owners just starting out on their journey, they will often tell me they have NO desire to ever want to stop treating patients.

And my answer is always the same:

“Treating patients is nice – and it’s very rewarding.

But it ain’t half as nice as getting on an aeroplane with my family and knowing I can be anywhere I like, for as long as I like… and that my business is the thing that’s funding it all for me”.

…Could it be an industry wide issue that holds a lot of PT’s back simply because not many they know of have ever figured out how to actually create such a lifestyle boosting business??


Who knows.

But if you want some help to set your business up a little differently – like mine perhaps…

…go here next,

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Paul Gough

Adventures Of A PT Owner – The Story Continues

As I write this email to you I’m in the departure lounge of the airport at “Myrtle Beach”, SC.

Waiting to fly back to Orlando, enjoying a nice, ice cold “Pacifico” beer, while I do.

As I gulp down my tall beer, I’m reflecting upon two things:

1.) The amazing day I’ve just spent with my Marketing Strategy team here…


2.) Yesterdays “6 Week New Patient Accelerator” class.

I LOVE teaching that.

Always the highlight of my week no matter where I am in the world.

We’ve completed week 3 and already my students have created a system in their practice that allows them to begin to grow that practice – on their terms.

(Without doctors, and without having to HOPE that past patients send them referrals).

Adventures Of A PT Owner - The Story Continues

See, whether you’re a new start up asking for “cash”, or an existing, “in-network” provider, the way that you acquire patients is changing.

For the better.

It’s now all about YOUR ability to find your own patients.

That means you can take control of your own destiny and future prosperity…

And you’ll do that by simply building out a “trust” based Marketing system that helps you talk to the HUGE amount of people in your town who WOULD book an appointment with you, (if only they had more information about what you do), so that they could make a better, more educated and more informed decision.

We all want do do that, right??

Well, your PT patients are no different.

And it’s having that “trust” based automated marketing system in place at my own practice, that allows for this amazing lifestyle I’m living.

I’m not that much of a better therapist than any of my competitors…

In fact, most probably think they have better skills than me.

But not many of them can ever leave their practice.

The difference??

I AUTOMATE everything.

Meaning, I’ve got what they haven’t – “freedom”.

And instead of having people to run my business, I have systems in place that the people run.

Big difference.

Massive difference.

Means I can enjoy a LOT more time with my little boy.

When I’m with him, I’m REALLY with him.

And as much as we love our life back home…

…the weather isn’t all that great and the sunshine and pool of our villa in Orlando is much more enjoyable than the wind and rain blowing back there right now.


That’s it for today.

I gotta’ go…

My waiter is hovering over me asking if I’d like another beer before the flight leaves.


To your success in business,

Paul Gough.

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My 1 BIG Tip To Light Up Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Customer Service

Leaving Orlando today…

…about to board a flight to Myrtle Beach (SC), to spend a “VIP” day with my own business coach in Conway.

We talk once per week, and I visit his office once per year for a full day talking High Level Marketing Strategy.

It’s without doubt, the highlight of a trip that’s taken me from the West coast to East coast, across the last 6 weeks.

But, before I board, let me share with you one more idea that I “stole” from Disney.

I started this one at my own practice a few years back.

It’s called “Magic Moments”…

And, how it works, it this:

My 1 BIG Tip To Light Up Your Physical Therapy Clinic's Customer Service
Basically, all of my team – admin and staff PT – meet every Wednesday morning (without fail, whether I’m there or not) and what they each must do, is re-call one “magic moment” of the week.

It can be something they did, or, as I like best, something that they noticed another member of staff do for one of our patients that was, well, “magical”, in how it made that person feel.

See, my companies mission statement is this:

“To significantly brighten
the day of our patients, so much
so that we want to be the one
they talk about at home,
later that same day”…

(…Notice there’s NO mention of “easing any pain”, “educating” or restoring “function” – don’t tell the APTA lol 😉

And, “Magic Moments” helps us to do that.

What’s more, it allows my staff to regularly feel great about themselves and stay focused on their individual purpose, and our over all, company mission.

As a result, profits go through the roof.

Our attention to detail in the customer service dept. is second to non.


Because I realized a LONG time ago that JUST being a great health care provider, just isn’t good enough any more.

Even doctors are starting to fall foul of the often “dreadful” service they give out.

The consumer rules.

They have the choice.

And, you and I must deliver something that no one else does.

The problem is, 200,000 + people in the US are capable of delivering “PT”.

So my tip for you today is this:

Business is actually really simple.

Talk to people about their problems as *they see it* so they know that you “get them” and can provide a solution like no one else does (Marketing).

If you do that, more of them show up.

Then, when they all arrive, LOVE them like no one else has the time to do (…customer service).

Do both of those things, and my bet is that your PT business will BOOM in 2016 and beyond…

Who knows, maybe I’ll see you in the line for “thunder mountain” at Disney World next summer spending that more free time and more money you’ve found and made, having a TON of fun with your family, too??

Sure hope so.

It’s fun out here.

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Paul Gough

The 5 “Disney World” Profit Strategies That Every PT Clinic Could Use…

Spent the whole weekend at Disney…

I go twice per year…

Once as a “daddy” to a two year old…

…and, once as the owner of a business looking for “Marketing and sales” ideas to implement into my own practice.

With that said…

…let me share with you 5 strategies that Disney uses that you, like me,  could apply at your own practice to boost profits.

Ready? Here, we, go…


  1. The “Up sell” in the shops at end of Main St – just as your think you’ve spent all that you’re going to, BOOM, there’s a shop waiting for you as you leave and there’s another $30 gone on candy!……where’s your “cash up sell” as patients are about to leave PT?
  2.  Vacation club – basically, a monthly subscription to ensure your vacation dollars get spent with Disney, year on year – have you got a monthly subscription massage program at your clinic? (…mine is called “a year or care”!)

3. They make you book dining or get priority fast passes before you even arrive in Orlando – Disney wants to control the start to end experience and this is the equivalent of booking all sessions in advance!

4. Discount for paying for all your tickets in full – noticed how they incentivise paying for more days up front?

It’s just $10 extra to pay for day five… we didn’t want it, but we bought it and imagine how many extra dollars we’ll spend in the theme park when we get there for that fifth day!…

(Are you giving clients discounts for being “a compliant/hassle free patient?? I have NO problem giving patients discounts for paying up front AND telling them why… i.e. because I like to reward my best patients).

5. Brochures/Literature sent in the mail on request, prior to booking your vacation – Even Disney does “lead generation”. The most profitable, most well know, most trusted brand in the world recognises that they have to give people information first to help them make the right decisions – are you giving your patients information to help them choose you??


…What’s that you say??

Strategies for a “theme park” aren’t appropriate for a small Physical Therapy clinic?

…Even though they’re working for one of the most successful companies in the world??

I beg to differ…

…In fact, I’d wager that these things are more suited to the Physical Therapy industry, than a theme park.

And now, more so than ever.

See, it’s the clinics who look out side the box at the “billion dollar” companies – and not at their competitors across the street just scrapping a living – who will prosper in this new health care economy.

And it’s going to get EASIER…

Having spent three days at the APTA conference talking to 100’s of PT’s, I can tell you that there’s a LOT of “doom and gloom “about the PT industry right now…

…Which is great for YOU.

Because while they’re all discussing how bad it is and whose fault it is…

…you’re the one reading these types of emails, investing in program and courses, looking for fresh new ideas to sky rocket your clinic to new, higher levels of success.

There’s OPPORTUNITIES to do something different, every where you look.

All that’s left for you to do, I guess, is actually take some action and start making some changes.

Especially if your clinics numbers have flat lined.

Because failing to take action on the ideas and opportunities I give you is a bit like going to Magic Kingdom, and choosing not to get your 3 “fast pass” tickets that’ll jump you to the front of the queue – and save you a ton of hassle and frustration.

And you know what??

As it happens, you can get a business success “fast pass”, from right here, now,

If you want some help to get started, go here to sign up to my email list and get Marketing ideas and strategies for your PT clinic sent directly to you:

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Maybe some more Disney tomorrow.

“See Ya’ Real Soon!”,

Paul Gough

APTA Conference – Day 1 Highlight

Want to know what it was??

“The coffee I had en-route!”…

Just kidding…

…No, without doubt, the best moment was listening to “Jerry Durham” talk about the importance of the customer life cycle.

If you’ve followed my work for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate of internal sales systems.

AKA – the “customer life cycle”.

Couldn’t have grown a business so big, so easily, so quickly, without implementing it at my practice.

And without systematizing yours, I guarantee you’re going to loose money.

Not good.

An example of how paying attention to the customer life cycle can help boost your profits??

“Patients not attending ALL the sessions you or a staff PT prescribes”.

APTA Conference - Day 1 Highlight

That can go through THE FLOOR, with a proper system in place to PREVENT it.

Even, dropping off schedule (“lost sheep” as Jerry calls them), with a lame old excuse about “being busy”, that we all know is just total “BS”…

But here’s the thing…

If patients are dropping off schedule – even re-arranging appointments – for what ever reason…

…it’s only because they THINK that what ever it they’re doing is more important than physical therapy.

And that’s the therapists FAULT, for letting them think that way.

Not good.

Having people trained, the systems in place and the step-by-step process to deal with ALL of these possible interactions, is what separates the Owners who make the big bucks, from those who just survive.

Having well thought out internal sales systems and processes is the ONLY way that an Owner can confidently step away from the business, without fear of the ship sailing off into the wrong direction.

And, without such such systems in place at my own clinic I wouldn’t have spent the best part of the last 6 weeks travelling across the US to attend the seminars, that is further enhancing my business and life.

It’s not that hard to get more success in business.

Just do all of the things that your competitors or even your peers don’t seem to want to do – or won’t find the time to do.

Or, as I was once told…

“Spend a year or two of your life doing the things they won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life doing the things they cant”.

Want some help to set your systems up so we can break you free the “ain’t got time for that!” trap???

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Paul Gough

What would “Walt” do? (…with your PT Clinic)

As I’m in Orlando, lets talk about “Disney”…

Disney is the kind of place where “no excuse” is needed, to want to go back and enjoy the experience.

Here’s some stats:

Something like 60% of everyone who will walk round the parks at Disney World today, is a second and third (or more) time guest.

And, about 40% of those people, have already been once THIS YEAR!

As in, like me, they’re making they’re second trip of the calendar year to see “Mickey” and friends.

Now here’s the thing…

I’ve been coming to Disney since I was “7”.

Made my first trip here in 1988.

And honestly, very little has changed.

Sure, there’s been some obviously big improvements, but to all intents and purposes, most of what I saw in 1987, remains today.

So the question is, how do they do it??

How do they get people like me to show up repeatedly, maximising the value of the customer better than any other company in the world?

Most likely, it’s because of how they make you “feel” from the very first moment you see their advertising on TV.

See, while most theme parks are advertising “rides” and “thrills”, Walt advertises “magical experiences” and “memories that last a life time”.

So good that by the time I’ve finished watching a 60 second commercial for Disney on the TV, it isn’t long after that I’m reaching for the credit card to book a couple of flights and a hotel.

(Or, looking for any excuse to be in Orlando – such as the APTA conference here today)

So here’s the moral in todays lesson:

Most PT’s are advertising the equivalent of the “thrill ride” when they say “we’ll end your pain fast”…

…that’s fine.

But it rarely works.

And most only do that type of advertising, ‘coz most everyone else does, too.

They don’t really know there’s a better a way…

…a way that connects consumers to their CORE desires.

Like,  a dancer being being able to perform in the next up and coming competition with less foot pain…

…a golfer, able to make it to the 18th hole with less back pain…

…and even, an active 50 year old able to walk further for longer with friends, absent of any knee pain.

These are called “marketing messages”… and when you know who your ideal patient is, it becomes very easy to talk to them in your advertising and attract more of them to your practice.

No body really wants Physical Therapy.

Much like, NOT many people lie awake at night dreaming about the rides on offer at Disney…

No, what they want, is a TON of memories with their children that last a life time.

And for that, they will pay Walt the admission fee at the gate, many times over.

The next step for you??

Figure out who your ideal patient is and talk to them directly in your marketing.

Say NO to the rest…

And, create a magical experience at your practice… one that has people raving about YOU and YOUR STAFF (…not your PT skills), and you’ll have more people waiting in line to see you than the “Black Hole” at the Magic Kingdom, on the busiest day of the year.


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Paul Gough

What’s Missing??

Just left Denver, where I attended “Dan Kennedy’s” annual conference…

…and, flew to “Orlando”, ahead of the Private Practice Conference here this week.

This’ll be my 5th conference in 5 different States, inside 5 weeks.

It’s been a wild ride.

(Especially with my two year old son “Harry” travelling with me every where I go).

Lets talk about these Seminars:

You always see a few familiar faces, veteran marketers, smart business owners – and some absolute beginners.

I had good chats with “Joe Polish” (from ilovemarketing.com) and “Russell Brunson” (founder of Click Funnels), “Kim Walsh-Phillips” (the nations leading Facebook expert) as well as “Dan”.

It pays to go to great events, and hang out with great people.

But, what you also get is a LOT of people who THINK that by simply attending these types of events, that they’re going to be successful.


What's Missing??

An example:

I spoke to one guy called “James”, a Lawyer from Wisconsin – he comes to the event every year and yet his practice is no better off that it was last year.

As clever and as educated as he is, he’s unable to work out the reason why.

And yet it’s really simple…

‘James’ had done nothing to implement his ideas in the last 12 months.

‘James’ suffers from fake ambition.

If you ask any PT business owner if they want to grow their business and increase their profits, the vast majority will say “yes”.

It’s a bit like asking if people want to look younger, be slimmer, fitter, healthier, richer… it’s a bad question.

Because its not about “do you have the desire?”, the real question is “are you willing to pay the price??”

And that’s where most people fall down.

They say they want to lose weight, but they don’t watch their diet.

They say they want to get fit, but they don’t work out.

They say they want to grow their business, but they aren’t willing to study, learn and implement the marketing and business strategies they need to get the results they want.

It’s cause and effect.

If the effect (goal) is missing, then so is the cause.

 And so here’s what I want you to learn from todays lesson:

Don’t commit to the goal.

“Commit to implementing

the CAUSES that will get you

the effect you want”.

Fall in love with the CAUSES – like implementing better Marketing Strategies – and the effects will take care of themselves i.e 50% more NP’s each week!

If you want some help to get started on the stuff that causes you to reach your goals in 2016, then I can show you exactly how.

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My Secret “Scripting” Confession…

Comes a question on twitter last night:


“Paul… any actionable advice on “scripting” my own pt interactions within a practice?

Where to start or key points?

– @MattPaluchniak DPT


My answer??…


It’s the only sure fire way to ensure that EVERY ONE of your patients are being “loved” in the way that you want.

See, one of the problems with growing a PT clinic is that you’re at the mercy of your staff – and their ability to “perform” on your behalf.

And, as we all know, the problem with (some) staff is that they can be unpredictably reliable, at times.

And I don’t like the thought of my patients NOT experiencing the amazing service that I have created for them…

…so, to ensure I create RAVING fans, I script everything!

The first phone call, the welcome into the clinic greeting (…we even ROLE PLAY this), to the “three-way” interaction between *therapist – patient – receptionist* that puts the new patient at ease right before their first evaluation meaning they’re actually listening to what we say during it, because they feel comfortable in our space and therefore more OPEN to agreeing to our care plans.

I leave nothing to chance.

I know what my patients want from the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms” experience better than any of my staff, so why would I not go to such lengths to ensure that my patients feel precisely how I want them to??

Why do I really do it?

Because of this:

“They never remember what you did for them (PT), but they always remember how you made them feel (customer service)”.


What’s this got to do with Marketing and profits??


Most PT owners struggle with getting the majority of their patients to show up for all the sessions they prescribe…

…and one of the reasons that happens is because patients don’t feel 100% SURE about the service they’re getting.

The PT or admin staff will usually hide behind the “copay” issue and say that the patient doesn’t have the money to pay…

…but in reality, they do have that “copay”, they just don’t want to give it up to a company that provides inconsistent service – if any at all.

The moral of todays story?

Your clinics Marketing should be a series of VERY well “scripted” messages that attracts people to your practice…

When they arrive, that “scripting” of service should continue – made much easier when you know WHO your marketing is trying to attract.

Difficult to grow a reliable business if you’re attracting many different types of “ideal” clients to your practice.

Better to be “everything” for that one consumer – than a little of something, for many.

It’s marketing 101 that PT school maybe didn’t include in the curriculum.


Paul Gough

P.S I’m in Orlando this week and incredibly excited to be here…

…taking “Harry” (my two year old) to Disney later today.

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Fishing In A Huge Pond (…On My Own)

Spent the last three days at Marketing Seminar in Denver.

Learned a lot.  

The highlight so far??

The focus on creating a “Marketing Strategy of Trust” to attract an ever increasingly skeptical, nervous, frightened of making a decision (in case it’s a mistake), consumer to a business, to do business. 

Now, building a trust based marketing system is NOT new to me…

…I’ve been implementing it in my own practice, and teaching it to others for years now. 

And so far, so very good. 


See, while most of the PT industry is waking up each day thinking that consumers “should” come and see them because they got qualified, I’m waking up asking myself a completely different question.

“What do I need to do, say or prove so that people will WANT to come and see me – and pay me handsomely for it!”…

It’s a radical shift in the way you see what you do that basically goes like this:


“I UNDERSTAND that you have no clue about what someone like me does… I also know that you’re likely to be confused with all of the options that you have…

…and I AM willing to give you maybe 15-20 minutes of my time to provide you with answers to concerning questions to help you make the right decision before you give me your credit card details”. 


This one…

I’m willing to give, before I get. 

To prove VALUE upfront. 

To do the things that other business owners really don’t want to do. 

I check my ego at the door every day and side step the traditional model of running a PT clinic that is often, well, too busy being “busy”, for any more success. 

And for which, I am rewarded handsomely with more compliant patients, all happy to my fees!

If you’ve hit a flatline in your practice, it’s likely because you’ve exhausted all of the people in town who know enough about PT to confidently say “yes”. 

Problem is, there’s just 3% of them. 

(And every one of your rivals is competing for their business, too). 

So here’s my question to you:

“Why don’t you try fishing 

in a different pond?” 

A bigger one. 

On your own. 

Where there’s a boat load of people with a problem or two (like back or knee pain) that you can fix…

…and would come to see you, if only you Marketed to them in a different way that shows you’re willing to help them at the “psychological” level first, (before you even get to the physical), and most importantly of all, BEFORE you get paid. 

It’s called “Lead Generation” Marketing. 

Providing people with information to help them make the right decision, sooner. 

Unless your best friend runs a doctors surgery that hasn’t been bought out by a big hospital system, Marketing like this is now the only way to grow your PT practice. 

You can resist…

Or, you can get going in the next few days. 

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Paul Gough 


Insurance Companies – The “Real Boogeyman”??…

So I spent Halloween night in “Las Vegas”…

…and it’s safe to say that there were some frightening “sights” on the strip last night.


It seems apparent to me that the real “boogeyman” in the US right now is the health care insurance companies who are:


1. Delaying paying your fees for up to 120 days


2. Lowering the fees they actually pay you!


…Making it hard to make the profit you deserve.

Insurance Companies - The “Real Boogeyman”??…

And hence forth the reason why so many PT owners are now becoming “PT Entrepreneurs”- creating a “hybrid” type clinic with some insurance patients, and some cash.

Maybe that model is the future of the PT industry?

Maybe it’s ALL cash??

Either way…

One thing is for certain, better “Marketing” skills are going to be needed in 2016 – if you want more success.

And before you sign up to take one of the last remaining seats on this Marketing Master Class Program

…I want you to hear from two owners who have already taken this program with me.

And, find out for yourself, how the strategies that are already helping them, could help you:

Take it away Scott…

“…Within just a few months of joining Paul’s program we’re already getting to the point we don’t have to do ANY physician marketing – thankfully, I am over that!

Knowing what I know now, I would rather spend the time marketing directly to, and on the phone with potential patients, and NOT rude MA’s, office coordinators, and cocky physicians”.

– Scott Gilbert, Canyon PT. Phoenix (AZ) –In Network Provider. 

And here’s what Kevin had to say about this program…

“…Before I started Paul’s program I was charging much less than I should have been for my services… Paul showed me how to raise my prices by implementing a real price strategy at my practice.

I went from charging $95 to $160 almost over night – with zero resistance – just by implementing what he told me to do. I’m excited to be working with him and my practice has grown significantly as a result in a short period of time”.

– Kevin Gennrich. Overhaul PT. Edina (MN) – Cash Based Provider, 

Enough said…

Go here next if you want to get real results like this in 2016:

– Ultimate Physical Therapy Marketing Program ! > 

Registration closes at 12pm tonight (Monday 2nd November) or when all seats are filled – which ever comes sooner.

All seminars are recorded so if you miss one of them – or you can’t start with us on Tuesday – it doesn’t matter, you’re easily able to catch up!

Now IS the time to do this.

Please don’t do what most of the other PT’s will do and tell yourself that “now’s not the right time”… there’s NEVER a right or perfect time to do anything! 

Take action today by joining this program and give your self the best shot of more success in 2016 than you’ve had in 2015. 


Paul Gough

P.S Dr.Jarod Carter – from the “Cash PT” Podcast has signed up for the program…

…and so thrilled is he with the material we’ll be covering that he felt he had to tell everyone who listens to his show about it.

That went out yesterday – Sunday (1st November) – and is likely to add significant interest to this program which is almost full.

This could be the last email you receive from me giving you the opportunity to join us.

Go here next to register:

Ultimate Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing Program! > 

P.P.S Its now Nov 1… blink and it will be 2016.. hence why NOW is a good time to do this and actually be ready for success in 2016.

My FEAR for most PT owners is this….“they’re too busy to be successful”... are you??

Old School Marketing Techniques (…And Workshops)

As well as revamping your website …

…and increasing your profits using the new online techniques …

on this program, we’re also going to be focusing on “old school” Marketing techniques.

Things like “postcards”, taking advantage of the amazing “Every Door Direct Mail” delivery service, and newspaper and magazine adverts to reach potential new patients for your clinic.

Thing is…  there’s been some big changes lately in the way that these “traditional” media work for PT’s.

And, how to get people to respond to these types of adverts isn’t working like it used to! 

Old School Marketing Techniques (...and Workshops)


Basically, the game has completely changed if you’re sending postcards to people in your community, or running ads in local newspapers.

Much of what I’ll be sharing with you on the course, didn’t even exist this time last year…

You need to be a LOT more creative with your “offer” (…of why people should respond to your ads).

And as part of this Marketing Masterclass Program, I’ll be showing you the NEW way to acquire new patients from doing postcards, mailers and running newspaper adverts. 

I’ve spent the last 12 months working with my private clients – PT owners from all across the US – creating and personally writing offline adverts, and we’ve narrowed it down to just two types of OFFERS, that really work.

And, one of them, is to run a promotion advertising a “Workshop!”. 

See, “Back Pain and Sciatica” type workshops are something that you must consider Marketing for in 2016, if you want more success…

And on this program, I’ll show you how to successfully market a “workshop” that will attract 20+ hot prospects to your practice, every time you run an advert in the community newspaper, or send out a postcard.


I’ll show you how to create the advert… and how to get your postcards delivered for less than 30 cents a piece, direct to affluent consumers, earning $100,000 or MORE!

Sound good?

Sound like something that might make your clinic’s phone ring??

Something that would give you a chance of higher profits in 2016 and beyond???

If so, join us:

– The Ultimate Physical Therapy Marketing Course ! > 

We’re waiting for you to join us so that we can work with you, support you and hold you accountable across the course of the next 6 weeks to ensure that your Marketing Game Plan is ready inside 6 weeks.

Come join the PT clinic “direct to consumer Marketing revolution”:

The Ultimate Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing Program ! >


Paul Gough

P.S I mentioned the Guarantee right??

This program is of no-risk to you.


Nothing to lose.

No bad decision can be made.

No regrets or money wasted.

Here’s why:

If you join the program today, if by the end of week 3 you don’t think you made the right decision to join us, I will offer you a full refund on your investment.

You can keep all of the bonus’s… all of the recordings… and as well as giving you your investment back, I’ll personally write an advert, or create a marketing piece for you that will make up for any time you feel you might have wasted.

P.P.S Clear your schedule and make just “90” minutes free  each Tuesday to join us all and Master one of the most important business skills you will ever own.

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Dr Jarod Carter – Joins the 6 Week Program

So I woke up this morning to more registrations for the 6 Week New Patient Accelerator Program…

 …and one of them, was from Dr.Jarod Carter – founder of the “Cash PT” Podcast and Author of the recent book showing cash based owners the legalities of dealing with Medicare. 

He’s one of the most well known, well respected and perhaps the most “famous” PT in the whole of the US. 

He has a huge following on the “Cash PT” podcast and a thriving cash practice in Austin, TX.

Jarod’s reason for joining the 6 week Marketing Mastery program?


He wants to grow his own practice from one (him), to two (…and beyond). 

Dr Jarod Carter - Joins the 6 Week Program

If you’re on Jarod’s email list – you may have seen his email this week advertising the fact he’s looking for a full time therapist to go and work with him??…

…And he realizes that to successfully grow his amazing practice, beyond the volume of patients he currently has, he’s going to have to step up his Marketing Game Plan in 2016. 

Enter “The 6 Week New Patient Accelerator Program”. 

It’s a program I designed to give you a 50% – 250% increase in your clinic profits in 2016 and beyond. 

And a good time to start planning for 2016, is the last quarter of 2015. 

That’s now. 

If you’re dissatisfied with your clinics results this year – or you just hoped for better, then now is the time to make sure that doesn’t happen again in 2016. 

We start on Tuesday November 3rd – and we’re filling up fast. 

If you’re a cashed practice and you’re looking to grow from 15 appointments per week, to 50 – then this course will show you how. 

If you’re a cash based practice and you’d like to know how to charge significantly higher prices than you are now – this course will show you how. 

If you’re an in-network provider and you’d like to attract more ideal patients to your practice (independent of doctors) – using Postcards or Newspaper adverts to promote “Workshops” – then this course will show you how. 

If you’re an in-network provider and you don’t make as much from the insurance companies as your skills deserve, then you would benefit from knowing how to sell a “cash pay” or up sell service and this course will show you how to do that.  

Please act decisively. 

Dr.Jarod Carter joining the program is likely to add significant interest to an already popular course and when we hit “10” registrations, the investment will double back to $5000.

You can join us for just 3 payments of $895 and it’s fully guaranteed. 

If by the end of Module 3 you don’t think this course will add significant value to your practice in 2016 and beyond – ask me for your investment back and I’ll give it you in full. 

With this guarantee…there’s no risk for you to join us and you’ll have three weeks to sample it and you can keep all the material I’ll give you during that time.  

Go here to register:  

– The 6 Week New Patient Accelerator For PT’s ! > 


Paul Gough 

3 Reasons Why (…and Dr.Jarod Carter)

It’s been a great weekend…

Apart from spending the last 4 days at the Tony Robbins event in LA, and spending time with my girlfriend and son Harry at “The Grove” shopping centre last night…

…we also had “3” people, (including Dr.Jarod Carter – founder of the Cash PT Podcast) sign up for the New Patient Accelerator Program.

Here’s their reasons why:


1. Dr Jarod Carter, Austin, TX – Currently advertising for a second full time therapist and recognises that to keep this new employee busy – and him – he needs a completely new marketing strategy. Currently seeing 40+ patients per week – wants to double that by the end of 2016.

2. Caren, Downtown LA, Ca – Completely new start up who doesn’t even have a website yet and wants to “learn from me before making a ton of mistakes and wasting a ton of money trying to do this all on her own”. Currently has zero patients, wants to get to “40” per week by the end of 2016.

3. Jeff, Houston, TX – Currently has a full time job working for “the man” and yet has started a cash based practice on the side. Currently seeing “10” people per week, wants to get to “25” so that he can quit his other job, then onto “50” so that he can employ someone else to work for him. Niiiice…. 😉


So my question today, is this:

“What’s YOUR reason why??”

Suppose you signed up for the course:

The Ultimate Physical Therapy Marketing Program ! > 

What would be the reason you did so??…

To be able to double your NP intake? 

To be able to employ a receptionist to do all your paper work or answer the phone?

To have more money to enjoy spending on your family??

Or, is it to add a second therapist to your company so that you can do less, make just as much, and spend more TIME with your family? 

What ever YOUR reason is, that’s the single best reason to invest in your self, by taking this course.

How To Give Your Physical Therapy Clinic The Best Shot Of Success In 2016.

This is NOT, “will this work for me”?…

…the ONLY question you should be asking yourself is “Will I DO it”.

As in…

…if you actually implement what I tell you to do – step-by-step – then the material you will learn on this program will help you to achieve your goals in 2016. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

There’s never been a better time to run a PT business.

The number of new, up and coming PT clinic owners who have already registered for this program is proof of the optimism that these new owners bring to the industry.

For the Owners still hanging on tight and relying upon referrals from doctors – I don’t know how they can sleep at night without having a back up plan!

How will that owner survive if all referrals from doctors suddenly stopped? 

It’s a question I know a LOT of in-network owners are asking them selves these days.

If there was ever a time to add a second referral stream to an in-network PT business… now is absolutely the time.

Go here next to register:

– The Ultimate Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing Program ! > 

We start next Tuesday, 3rd of November with a Module that I wouldn’t want you to miss out on.


Paul Gough

P.S “Risk Reversal” is something that I adopt at my own PT clinic…

What that means is that I fully guarantee all of my patients an amazing experience – I promise to make them happy with everything that we do for them and if they don’t think they made the right decision by choosing my practice, then I give them their money back, in full.

I’d do the same thing for you, too.

If you join this program and “by the end of week 3” you don’t think it will add 50% – 250% to your profits in 2016, just send me an email and I’ll return your investment in full, promptly.

That means this course is ZERO risk to you. 

P.P.S You can join us and take advantage of the monthly payment plan of just 3 x $895… that means if you register today, week 3 will have been completed by the time the second payment is even made.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by joining this Marketing Mastery program and you’d be giving yourself the best possible shot of success in 2016.

You opened your PT business with the hope of being successful, more wealthy and having more free time, right?…

Go here next to get that:

The Ultimate Physical Therapy Marketing Program! > 

Hello Web Wealth 5.0

Google Pay Per Click has produced more millionaires in the last ten years than any other Marketing Media… 

..It has, quite simply, revolutionised the way that small businesses can get in front of new customers. 

Your Physical Therapy Clinic is included in that. 

Google PPC lets you get right in front of consumers searching in your town for “physical therapy”. 

I started using it in 2012… and have personally spent over $117,000 with Google already – and I’m planning on giving them a lot more of my money in 2016 simply because they keep on sending me so many new patients.

–  The Ultimate Physical Therapy Marketing Program ! >  

Hello Web Wealth 5.0

Google Pay Per Click is just one of 5 New internet “money machines” I’ll be teaching you on this course… and by the end of the 6 weeks you’ll know precisely how to create your own “web wealth”using anyone of these strategies. 

Just because most PT’s don’t know how to acquire new customers using the internet…

doesn’t mean that you have to miss out!

There’s 1000’s of potential new patients using Google right this minute, searching for a Physical Therapist in your town. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if your website appeared at the top and above your competitors??…

If you’re a cash-based practice, I don’t think there’s a better way to get in front of hot prospects than using Google PPC…

…and, if you’re a In-Network provider trying to move away from relying upon referrals from doctors (or facing competition from the big hospital systems), this might be the single best way to grow in 2016 and beyond. 

Would you agree that it’s worth at least knowing how to do it so that you could if you wanted to??

If so, register in time, before the price doubles to $5000, here:

–  The Ultimate Physical Therapy Marketing Program ! >  


Paul Gough

P.S When the number of registrants hits “10”… the price will shoot back up to it’s original fee of $5000.

And when we hit “12”, we’re full! 

Please act decisively if you’re planning on making bigger profits in 2016 and beyond:

The Ultimate Physical Therapy Marketing Program ! >  


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Good-bye Website

Hopefully you’re planning on joining me for the “6 Week New Patient Accelerator Program“…

…which may end up with you saying ‘goodbye’ to your current website and ‘hello’ to a new look site that significantly increases your new patient intake – and profits.

– 6 Week New Patient Overload – The Ultimate Physical Marketing Program ! > 

Good-bye Website

I can guarantee you won’t want to keep your website as it is when you discover why the top of your homepage is probably halving your enquiries, why your site could well be making one critical mistake which can be solved with one quick decision – and the three key elements stopping visitors to your site becoming paying patients.

And that’s in the first 15 minutes, of just one of the 6 weekly modules!

If you haven’t reserved you place yet for the marketing masterclass program, you can do so here:

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Limited seats remain – and if the webpage doesn’t appear it means we’re sold out (…like we did last time we did this course!)

You didn’t go to PT school to have a mediocre business – so why settle for a mediocre website??

Come and find out more. It’s all here:

– 6 Week New Patient Overload – The Ultimate Physical Marketing Program ! > 


Paul Gough

P.S With the amount of people who are online these days…

…If at least half of your New Patients aren’t coming to you because of what they saw on your website – then something is seriously wrong, it is costing you a small fortune … and means it’s almost impossible to grow your practice if you don’t sort this out and take advantage of the opportunities waiting for you online.

You’ll discover how to do that, here:

– 6 Week New Patient Overload – The Ultimate Physical Marketing Program ! > 

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