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Marketing Ideas For Physical Therapists: Why Offending Doctors And Drug Companies Is Often Profitable

Trying to figure out this marketing game is difficult enough…

But if you’re doing it with no real idea about who you want to attract as a result of running your ad’s or messages, then it’s the equivalent of playing a marketing version of “Blind Archery”.

Which, is a very dangerous (and costly) game.


Every *marketing system* I ever devise for a PT business owner has been based on a Marketing Triangle which has just three components.

And one of them is the “WHO”.

Yet sadly, most clinic owners cannot accurately and completely describe “WHO” they want to respond (from their ads), WHO their ideal patient is, even WHO their current patients are.

At best, I usually hear, “people with back or neck pain”.

But knowing that is not enough…

Let me explain with an example from my own clinic:

Personally, I discovered that my best clients – hassle free, high paying, less likely to “no show”, arrive on time, pay up front and follow through on every one of the visits I recommended in a care plan – are, FEMALE.

What’s more…

Are aged in their mid-50’s to mid 60’s.

Married with children (and now have grandchildren who they adore), are politically “conservative”, pay using American Express Cards (rather than VISA or Mastercard) and are MORE interested in things like maintaing self worth, independence and mobility and playing with those grandchildren in the park – than they are ending “back pain”.

I even got it down to which newspaper and magazines she likes to read, what TV shows and which radio station she is more likely to be listening too…


I spend so much time thinking about her and talking about her, I felt I had to give her a name – so I did, and it’s “Mary”!

And whenever I’m preparing a marketing piece to attract more “Mary’s” to my clinic…

I go so far as to look at a picture of a “best” patient of mine (called Mary) – one who accurately represents the type of person I love to work with and want to see more of.

Consequently, when I sit down to write these marketing pieces, say for a newspaper advert, I have a clear understanding of what to write that will motivate many more people like “Mary”, to respond to my message.

And that “Message” (another part of the triangle) has nothing to do with “me”, my services, how reputable I think I am, or how many years I’ve been in business.

I make NO attempt to be all-inclusive or to cast the net wide to catch as many fish as possible – like most of the guru’s will tell you to do…

Nor do I even give a minutes thought to who I might repel, even offend (usually doctors or drug companies!) when I do so either.

In fact, the more I mention those two in my ads in a negative way, the more calls I seem to get from Mary’s!

I know my prime target (the “WHO”) – and I design my “Messages” and choose my “Media” accordingly.

How about you?

What messages are you writing, where are you placing them and who are they going to?

Are you doing what most other PT’s do and making the mistake of “marketing your services”?

Or, are you writing cleverly worded messages that seek out your ideal patients by aligning your specialist services with the values of highly motivated patients…

…Ones who feel compelled to call YOUR clinic because you seem to “get them” better than anyone else?

If you’re NOT currently doing that…

Want some help to get started?

HIT REPLY to this email now and let me know what questions you have for me.

Or, if you want to talk on the phone or face to face on Skype, give me a signal in the same reply.

Be quick though…

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P.S Now you know about one of the components in the Marketing Triangle that is essential in your clinics success…

I’ve also mentioned the other TWO components in todays email… (Note to reader: join my email list by signing up on this webpage to get the other marketing lessons sent to you)

I’ll discuss them in much more detail, next time.

Be sure to watch for my name appear in your inbox 😉

PT Marketing Ideas: How To Get New Patients Without An Advertising Budget And Before They Visit Their Physician (Or Call Their Insurance)

Let me talk to you about something called “little wins”.

Which, if you take it on board, could let you get access to 10-12 new patients BEFORE they even visit a physician.

(Every week).

And it goes something like this:

…One of the reasons that LOTS of people choose NOT to invest in something like “Physical Therapy” is NOT because they doubt the clinic or practitioner and his or her skills, but because they doubt THEMSELVES.

As in…

They doubt that your perceived “miracle cure” can actually do anything for “THEM”!

This (large) pocket of people will acknowledge that PT “works” for friends and family, even RESPECT the role that you play in making people healthy, BUT, they live with constant “self doubt” – and so wil never call up and schedule a visit!

BIG problem is… there’s more people in society living with self doubt, than eternal optimism.

And until you address it, you’re *missing out* on a stream of patients who would be happy to do business with you if you could just give them a “little win”.

Because promising a COMPLETE end to their *back pain* (as many PT’s do in their marketing) is too BIG of a transformation for them to buy into.

(At this stage).

So what you’ve got to do is work out a new way to give them proof that you can help someone like “THEM”!

And “NO”…

These people don’t respond to “testimonials” (even real ones), they don’t care about “case studies” or “success stories” and it’s the reason why these types of people will end up going to the PT clinic their doctor or physician tells them – because they “doubt self” too much to risk getting the decision wrong.

So what’s the answer?


Let them have a “taste” of what you do and give them a “little win”.

*LET* these people into your PT clinic for an evaluation or an assessment and SHOW them how you can help THEM.

Give them something of real value – like easy to do exercises, ease mental pain and frustration by giving clarity and offering hope – and then, just enough time to decide for themselves what they want to do next – based upon TWO options for care which you RECOMMEND.

And if you follow the two step formula like I teach on Video 2 of this course…

Then you’ll have in your possession a way to “steal” 10-12 new patients (every week) from under the noses of your competitors (and Physicians) that lets you get access to patients WELL before they call their insurance and ask to see someone in their network.

It’s a “super secret” strategy that brings in profits to your physical therapy clinic WITHOUT using a computer, having to set up a website, or spend thousands of dollars on advertising.


You can use it to MAGNETICALLY attract patients to “taste” or sample things like “wellness classes”, health promotion evenings or even pilates classes – to boost your cash sales.

Best, only takes 4-5 minutes to set up…

..your assistant can do it for you…

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Sound like something that would help you?

Well, on Video 2 of this course I show you how to COMPEL people to walk inside your clinic and precisely what to say to make sure that only the high paying (hassle free) patients go any further when they do.

When they’re in…

It’s over to you Paul 😉

Let your PT skills go to work and impress!

Then, if needed, send the referral to the physician of YOUR choice knowing that there’s a ANOTHER signed care plan coming back to YOUR clinic – that might have went elsewhere!

Learn how to do it, here:

pt marketing ideas

PT Profit Academy

P.S This one single tactic alone made me over $105,000.00 in less than 5 months…

..I didn’t mention it at first because I didn’t want you to think that this was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE or that “YOU”!… couldn’t make it work.

I guarantee you can!.

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Pt Marketing Ideas: A “Secret” Way To “One-Up” Your Competitors And Physicians.

So yesterday I got an email from a PT in Missouri – pronounced Missour-“a” (as I was once told by a local) – who recently invested in the new training and explains why he did:


“Paul.. curiosity got the better out of me man!

I’d been reading your emails for a few weeks and in the end I thought, “you know what”, I’m going to give it ago!

Because you’re “tropical”, and likely to have a some new ideas that my competitors wont know of, i thought your course was worth a try.

I have a mentor in Britain who has been a real source of inspiration to me and you seem a lot like him.

But I’d say what swayed me more than anything, was that i really got the impression that you understood my real problem, which is:

In the past, i’ve spent money with marketing companies and they never really understood the problems I was having – just kept trying to sell me on a newsletter and a new piece of software – which I didn’t want.

And by the way paul… the course is powerful man!

Particularly, I love what you demonstrated on the second video and since last Thursday (just 5 days ago), we’ve had 6 people walk inside the clinic and book new evaluations.

Money back AND then a profit from this course within 24 hours – niiiiice ;-)!

Keep up the great emails too”.

Rick – 47, Missouri.


So there you go…

Like I promised… your investment in this course back within 48 hours!

Anyhow, let’s talk about “curiosity”

Because in the end, it gets the better of most people.

Your patients included…

An “e.g.”…

When you first set up in that nice new clinic of yours, and the sign was going up above the door, and stickers in the window, people walking and driving past were “curious” about what was happening inside.

What were they thinking?

Something like, “I wonder if there’s anything inside that place for me!”

And when they realised it was a PT facility, pound bets ten that everyone of them “logged it”.

As in, thought to themselves, I’ll call into that place when I need too.

Problem is, since then, you’ve become “invisible”.

You’re there, and they know you’re there, but they’re not really noticing you anymore.

And, ironically…

Now they NEED you!

(But you’re not top of mind anymore…)

If only you could do something (or offer something) in a way that would raise their curiosity again – that would make them take note of your clinic, force them to stop and look, and then confirm to themselves “that’s for me”…

…Something that makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE for any person suffering with something you can help with, NOT to walk inside your clinic and asking “can you tell me more”.

And when they do that – “BOOM”!

They’re all yours!

Your receptionist or admin team presents the “welcome to the clinic forms” and does the rest.

And best, if you do it right, it’s a “secret” way that is going to put YOU in control of the referral process…

…”one up” your competitor down the road.

And even make one or two of those hard to reach physicians finally take notice as YOUR referrals begin to increase THEIR profits…

(The BEST way to get any physicians attention and much more effective than a “newsletter”…)

As for the corporate hospitals…

They simply couldn’t make this profit booster work, even if they knew about it!

And all you need to make it successful and profit from it like Rick, is a few cars driving past your facility, or one or two people walking by, and if you’ve got that, you’ve got yourself a very profitable new “referral source”.


It’s a way of making people remember that you’re there.

(No different to an ad in the paper, on google or posting on twitter or Facebook.)

Only this one is FREE and takes up NON of your time – and works like crazy to bring in people right at the beginning of the decision making process.

Find out how to do it, in time, here:

– YES PAUL! I’m Curious! Show Me How To Compel Patients TO Walk inside My Clinic.

You’ll get immediate access to 5 videos and jump straight to video 2 when you’ve entered your details after pressing the yellow button on the next page:

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See you on the training 😉


P.S It’s fully Guaranteed to work for you…

All you need to re-coup your investment is 3-4 billable units as a result of doing what I teach you…

…And if you don’t get that in the next 60 days, I’ll refund you in full – no questions asked.

And anyway…

If you get those 3-4 billable units once, because these strategies are often “automated”, they’ll work again and again and again, until you decide you’ve got too many patients.

Means it’s ZERO risk to you.

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YES PAUL! I’m Curious! Show Me How To Compel Patients TO Walk inside My Clinic.