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Marketing Ideas For Physical Therapists: Why Offending Doctors And Drug Companies Is Often Profitable

Trying to figure out this marketing game is difficult enough…

But if you’re doing it with no real idea about who you want to attract as a result of running your ad’s or messages, then it’s the equivalent of playing a marketing version of “Blind Archery”.

Which, is a very dangerous (and costly) game.


Every *marketing system* I ever devise for a PT business owner has been based on a Marketing Triangle which has just three components.

And one of them is the “WHO”.

Yet sadly, most clinic owners cannot accurately and completely describe “WHO” they want to respond (from their ads), WHO their ideal patient is, even WHO their current patients are.

At best, I usually hear, “people with back or neck pain”.

But knowing that is not enough…

Let me explain with an example from my own clinic:

Personally, I discovered that my best clients – hassle free, high paying, less likely to “no show”, arrive on time, pay up front and follow through on every one of the visits I recommended in a care plan – are, FEMALE.

What’s more…

Are aged in their mid-50’s to mid 60’s.

Married with children (and now have grandchildren who they adore), are politically “conservative”, pay using American Express Cards (rather than VISA or Mastercard) and are MORE interested in things like maintaing self worth, independence and mobility and playing with those grandchildren in the park – than they are ending “back pain”.

I even got it down to which newspaper and magazines she likes to read, what TV shows and which radio station she is more likely to be listening too…


I spend so much time thinking about her and talking about her, I felt I had to give her a name – so I did, and it’s “Mary”!

And whenever I’m preparing a marketing piece to attract more “Mary’s” to my clinic…

I go so far as to look at a picture of a “best” patient of mine (called Mary) – one who accurately represents the type of person I love to work with and want to see more of.

Consequently, when I sit down to write these marketing pieces, say for a newspaper advert, I have a clear understanding of what to write that will motivate many more people like “Mary”, to respond to my message.

And that “Message” (another part of the triangle) has nothing to do with “me”, my services, how reputable I think I am, or how many years I’ve been in business.

I make NO attempt to be all-inclusive or to cast the net wide to catch as many fish as possible – like most of the guru’s will tell you to do…

Nor do I even give a minutes thought to who I might repel, even offend (usually doctors or drug companies!) when I do so either.

In fact, the more I mention those two in my ads in a negative way, the more calls I seem to get from Mary’s!

I know my prime target (the “WHO”) – and I design my “Messages” and choose my “Media” accordingly.

How about you?

What messages are you writing, where are you placing them and who are they going to?

Are you doing what most other PT’s do and making the mistake of “marketing your services”?

Or, are you writing cleverly worded messages that seek out your ideal patients by aligning your specialist services with the values of highly motivated patients…

…Ones who feel compelled to call YOUR clinic because you seem to “get them” better than anyone else?

If you’re NOT currently doing that…

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P.S Now you know about one of the components in the Marketing Triangle that is essential in your clinics success…

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