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What “Avatar” Has To Do With Running A Profitable PT Clinic (One That Makes A Profit With Out Knowing Any Doctors Or Physicians)

In today’s “episode”….

Let’s talk about what you need to create a *profitable marketing piece* using Direct Response Marketing – something that if you master, will let you put an end to your worries of no doctors referring to your clinic.

So, let me introduce you to something I call the “Marketing Triangle” which forms the foundation of all good marketing activity…

It’s made up of three components and they’re all as important as the other:

Market – Message – Media.

And the first I’ll teach you about is the Market.

This is your “WHO” you want to attract.

(Because you don’t just wan to try and attract everyone and anyone, right?)


You might hear me refer to the “WHO” as an AVATAR and it’s essentially WHO your IDEAL client or patient is.

Someone you love to work with.

Get great results for.

Someone whose hopes, dreams and goals that are perfectly aligned with your skills and specialist solutions.

Thing is, NOT many pt’s really know WHO their ideal patient is.


They will always be able to tell me that they see more people with back or neck pain etc…

…but rarely are they are able to describe to me their best patient in any more detail than that.

What I mean?

Well, let me tell you about my own “avatar” to help you understand:

“It’s” a lady – and she’s in her mid 50’s or 60’s.

For a whole bunch of reasons, but in a nut shell…

…simply because my clinics service is focused on helping people maintain independence, mobility and living free from drugs and without risk of surgery – all of the things that many women value most (MUCH more so than men).

And another reason…

Women are “preconditioned” to invest in their health – they’ve been going to hairdressers, beauty salons and care greatly about how things like their nails look – enough to spend money on it – so I want to tap into that pre-conditioned behaviour pattern (rather than try to create one with guys who don’t regularly spend time or money on their health).

Now back to my “avatar”…

She is married with children (and now have grandchildren who they adore), are politically “conservative”, pay using American Express Cards (rather than VISA or MasterCard) and are MORE interested in things like maintaing self worth, independence and mobility and playing with those grandchildren in the park – than they are ending “back pain”.

I even got it down to which newspaper and magazines she likes to read, what TV shows and which radio station she is more likely to be listening too.

What’s more…

I spend so much time thinking about her and talking about her, I felt I had to give her a name – so I did, and it’s “Mary”!

And whenever I’m preparing a marketing piece to attract more “Mary’s” to my clinic, I go so far as to look at a picture of a “best” patient of mine (called Mary) – one who accurately represents the type of person I love to work with and want to see more of in clinic.


When I sit down to write these marketing pieces, say for a newspaper advert, I have a clear understanding of what to write that will motivate many more people like “Mary”, to respond to my message.

And that “Message” (another part of the Marketing Triangle) has nothing to do with “me”, my services, how reputable I think I am, or how many years I’ve been in business.

I make NO attempt to be “all-inclusive” or to cast the net wide to catch as many fish as possible – like most of the guru’s will tell you to do.

Nor do I even give a minutes thought to who I might repel, even offend (usually doctors or drug companies!) when I do so either.

In fact, the more I mention those two in my ads in a negative way, the more calls to my clinic I seem to get from “Mary’s”!

I know my prime target (the “WHO”) – and I design my “Messages” and choose my “Media” accordingly.

How about you?

What messages are you writing?

Where are you placing them and who are they going to?

Are you doing what most other pt’s do and making the mistake of marketing “your services”?


Are you writing cleverly worded messages that seek out your ideal patients by aligning your specialist services with the values of highly motivated patients?

Ones who feel compelled to call your clinic because you seem to “get them” better than anyone else and because of that will pay any price you set?

If you’re NOT currently doing that…

*Want some help to get started?*

HIT REPLY to this email now and let me know what questions you have for me.

Or, if you want to talk on the phone or face to face on Skype, give me signal in the same reply.

Be quick though…

For obvious reasons, (like my own time famine), I can only give one free strategy call away per week.

Get it in time, by reply.

Talk soon.


P.S Now you know about one of the components in the Marketing Triangle you need to know to beat the POTs to the patients…

I’ll discuss the others in much more detail, next time.

Be sure to watch for my name appear in your inbox 😉

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Marketing Strategies: How To Make Even The “Worst” PT Website Deliver More Patients – And Your Clinic More Profitable

I know many PT’s feel this same way…

They’ve been sold a “fancy website” by a Marketing company or an expensive Web designer, paid a lot of money for it, and promised that they’ll get more new patients because of having it.

Some are even told a BIGGER lie.

Something that goes like this:

“The more you spend on your website & the nicer we make it look, the more money you’ll make”.

…In reality, that’s total “BS”!

When it comes to websites, UGLY often works best!

And besides…

It’s not just about what the website looks like, or even the information on there, which makes the biggest difference to RESPONSE.

(People actually contacting your clinic…).

No – it’s actually a LOT simpler than that to make money from owning a website.

And, assuming you know how, there’s a simple little addition you can make to your website that will turn even the WORST performing or UGLY looking website into to a 24-7 regular cash machine for your clinic.

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The 7 Day “Cash Machine” For PT’s (…Who Want More New Patients At Their clinic)

These 7 “profit boosters” I’m sharing with you…

Well, I want you to think of them collectively as a “7 day cash machine…”.

Meaning that for 7 consecutive days you’re going to be able to make 7 simple changes (…or completely new and easy additions) to your clinics current way of acquiring more new patients.

They’re NOT complicated.

They ARE EASY to implement.

Each takes about 20-30 minutes to set up…

And even if you don’t want to do them yourself, each can be done at a very low cost by someone else.

I know they’re helping PT’s over the biggest challenge many face, which is

And best…

They’re all GUARANTEED to work in the USA.

(More so than any other country that this course has sold in.)

How so?


If you’ve read my story…

You’ll know by now that EVERYTHING that I learned (to EXPLODE my own clinics profits) was learned on “American soil”.

By American “teachers” and experts.

Running successful American businesses that influence millions of America people…

…teaching strategies and tactics that persuade American people to BUY products and services, at HIGH prices.

(A.K.A “Marketing”)

In fact…

One of the FEARS I had when I started flying all around the USA (and spending what totalled $50,000.00 + in 13 months) was this:

“Would American sales and
marketing tactics work for me”.

(…Back in Britain).

Because although the Brits are many things, one of the things they’re NOT is “happy being sold too.”

(No “Sean T” style 60 minute infomercials on any TV channels in the UK… :-).

Just doesn’t happen.

They’re closed off from it.

So much so that in a Seminar hall in Britain, the audience often *cheers* when a speaker tells them “he’s not selling them anything”.

(But what IF he had something to sell them that was going to change the course of their life?…)

See, there’s always the option for ANY business owner, in any industry, in any country, to think “my business is different” or worse yet, “this won’t work for me”.

(The “curse” that holds most businesses back from their TRUE potential and most don’t even know they suffer from).

…But I decided to remain *open minded* to being taught something new by people who, although in another country, even in other industries, had something that obviously worked and that I really needed – better marketing ideas to cut my business free from doctors and insurance companies.

And anyway…

What this means for you is this:

The tactics you’re going to get on this course, because I learned them all in the USA, taught to me in 16 different States, by dozens of different experts from many different fields…

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They are that POWERFUL!

Which brings me to the “7 tactics”.

I learned one of them in the conference room of Marriott Hotel of New Orleans (just off Bourbon on the corner off Canal St), by a lady who ran an online publishing company that was making millions and millions of $$$.

(Might have even been Billions)

…A “super-secret” to build in specialism for your different types of clients and patients – meaning you can REALLY speak to them so they know that you’re the right PT for them

I took note of it… modified it for my clinic, tested it, and then maximised it for PROFIT.

And I’ll share it with you 😉

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