Google Adwords – How To Avoid Blowing Through A $1000 Budget In A Week

Sometimes I get questions from pt’s asking me about if “google adwords” actually works.

Should they do it?

Or, just stick to the free listings like what everyone else does?

In short, here’s the very latest email reply I’ve had on this topic:


“My biggest problem is I have few marketing skills.

So I tried Google ads pay per click for a week – but I had to discontinue it because it seemed like more people clicking but no one was calling except telemarketers.”

– Brian. Portland, Oregon.



A common problem.

So let’s chat about this.

See, “paid for” google advertising, it DOES work.

…but only if you’re doing it in a certain way.

And that way is to run google ads (any ads) with the goal of capturing people’s contact details – in exchange for some valuable information, like a free tips report on ways to end back pain.

(This is called “direct response marketing”).

Yet, what most pt’s do is they set up the google ad’s account (or have someone do it for them), apply a budget of, say, $300-400 dollars a week – and blow through it in a day without getting any calls or inquiries.

(‘xcept, from telemarketers).



The ads are sending people to their main website.

Which, for most pt’s, isn’t written well enough to motivate people to take action immediately.

Nor does it offer any compelling reason to leave contact details to let any follow up take place.

Sure, some will display a free “ebook”…

But even the benefit of something FREE, needs to be sold hard.

What’s worse, most google adverts run right to the home page of that website.

Why so bad?

Because as a general rule, you’ve got *7* seconds to give people the information they came looking for – or they’re leaving your site!

If you’re running paid for google ad words – the very least you’ve got to do is send them to a webpage RICH in content and loaded with helpful information about the topic they searched for i.e. back pain, showing them precisely how you can solve their specific problem.

(A skilled copywriter is needed).

The next thing you’ve got to do is give them a reason to respond – right from that page.

It could be a simple form to fill out…

…A SPECIFIC 800 free number to call to “get seen quicker”.

Or, the most profitable way, ask the visitor to enter their name, phone number and email address and in return you’ll send out a very helpful “tips” report featuring all the best ways to end back pain.

(Of which, YOUR service is one of them).

Doing it this way gives you a chance to get on the phone next day to ask more about what that person needs….

Maybe even get their full address and send out some more information by post – something like a postcard or a compelling sales letter which shows off your service even more.

(Ideally, using an Automated “follow up” Marketing System).

Follow this strategy and you’ve got much more of a chance of turning a profit from using google ads.

All right.

‘nuff said?

Or do you want to know some more on how to get the best out of google ads?

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