Marketing: Why “Focusing On The Life Time Value” Of Your Physical Therapy Clinic Patients Is Costly

“Focus on the life time value
of your patients”.

How about I show you how to get some cash back in the back IMMEDIATELY so you don’t have to worry about a budget?…


This “focus on the lifetime value” seems to be a hot topic at the minute.

So let’s chat about it.

It’s happening because there are so many physical therapy clinics out there competing for business that higher levels of profitability are becoming further and further “back end”.

(Which is a long winded way of saying it takes much longer to make any real money!)

But that’s only if you’re doing what everybody else does.

See, there’s a “secret” to fast-tracking the trust building process which enables patients to buy from independent and small town clinics much sooner (and before they consider large hospital based clinics) and, far more importantly – gets the right kind of patients to buy far sooner.


Once you’ve given your prospects the FREE information that they came looking for (via your ATTRACTION SYSTEM), the next thing is to very quickly offer them something else that is of perceived value to them.

Something else that promises to help them solve their problem.

I wrote a book called “The Healthy Habit” (aimed at my target audience – the 50+ age group) and I give it away FREE to my prospective clients immediately after they contact my clinic.

But here’s the catch – they have to pay for postage and packing.

(Which is just a few dollars!)

So why would I do that since I don’t make any money from it?

Because it separates the “Motel” customers from the “Marriot” ones.

(I want more of the latter 😉

Let me explain:

You’re a doctor right?

And people assume that you KNOW a lot of important things that can help them.

Well, why don’t you write a few of them down on a piece of paper – and sell it?

Think about how much information you have in your head and how much it’s worth to someone who has a problem you know how to solve…

And don’t tell me that people don’t buy this type of information.

(Imagine how many books Amazon has already sold today on the topic of health and well being).

It doesn’t even have to be “information”.

It maybe a small fee for a long term, chronic back pain sufferer to attend one of your wellness classes, or a Pilates class.

What ever it is, offer them something that is of perceived value to them for just a few dollars – and much cheaper than it would cost ordinarily.

Here’s the key:

This will test their *commitment*.

And lets you know whether or not to keep spending any more dollars on marketing to them via your BUYER SYSTEM.

Maybe you think this all seems a lot of work?

Perhaps it is.

But not if you AUTOMATE it using things like Infusionsoft.

Or, maybe you think you “can’t afford to spend money on marketing”?…

That’s the very same belief that keeps business owners poor, frustrated, stressed and usually sees them missing out on spending more time with their family than they could be.

If you have a way to immediately start making money from new leads as soon as they contact your clinic – then it’s like getting paid to get new patients.

Means you can stop worrying about a “marketing budget”…

…And focus more on the UP FRONT VALUE of your patients to get MORE of them to contact your clinic.


All you have to do is let your BUYER SYSTEM carry on until that person sees the REAL VALUE of your CORE service … and agrees to proceed with a consultation and then a 10 visit care plan – which is where you get to make the real BIG bucks!

Let me know if you want some help to create a system like this for your clinic.

Start here:

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Paul Gough


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New Patient Attraction – The Need To Stand Out With Your PT Clinic Marketing Efforts And Why One Size NEVER Fits All

So yesterday I told you a little bit about my new patient “Attraction System”.

Just one of the THREE systems that I have in place at my clinic to AUTOMATICALLY attract enquires, and convert as many as possible in high paying, life long customers.

Today, let’s talk about the need to STAND OUT.

Because it’s never been more necessary!

The competition in the PT market place is “intense” and relying upon doctor referrals is no longer acceptable… not if you want your clinic to survive, let alone prosper.

Advertising for “free sessions” or simply showing your logo and asking people to “call now”, is no longer enough and the “democratisation” of health care in the USA means you’ve got to get smarter with your marketing efforts.

There are two different strategies I want to tell you about, which separately are awesome, combined, are explosive for clinic profits!…

1.) Turn to data capture (not immediate sale)

While the temptation WILL always be to ask people to book an appointment with you immediately, the way to get floods of enquires (and at the same time raise awareness of your clinic) is to exchange valuable information, for contact details.

What’s more, because a lot of people want to take the easiest possible route to accessing the information you’ve got, it is VITAL to give more than one option to get it from you.

An e.g:

I recently ran a “direct response” style newspaper advert talking specifically to people with knee pain.

And not only did I give them the option of *calling* my clinic to request a free “tips” report, I also included a *website address* AND an a 800 *free record message* option making it easy for people to just leave their contact details without talking to anyone.

This increase response to my ad by 550%.

(Compared to when I ran the ad with just one way to respond – my clinic telephone number).

2.) Customised follow up

So we’ve just dramatically increased the number of people who respond to your ads by offering more than one way to get in touch.

Now we’re going to use a super secret way of customising our follow up messages to them (part of the BUYER system).

You’ve heard of “niching”, right?

Well, the reason why niching works is because every body is different. One solution does not fit all.

The ideal solution…

Custom tailored “offers” and solutions dependant upon what your patients need.

For example:

Why do people come and see you for help with, say, “back pain”?

Some people do it because they don’t want to rely upon drugs or risk surgery.

Others can’t stand the prospect of loosing their independence or mobility and others because they want to keep socially active.

Same pt service being accessed, VERY different motivations for buying it.

(Rarely is back pain enough!)

The challenge USED to be that it was time consuming and expensive to find out your potential patients “real needs” – then tailor your message or offers to show how what you can do i.e. your pt skills, can solve THAT specifc problem (not just their back pain).

Not any more.

These days technology makes it not just possible, but quick and easy to actually automate the follow up (your buyer system) so that it customises your marketing to fit the needs of the prospect.

(“Infusionsoft” is one such example of software technology that would let you do that).

To sum up todays lesson:

The secret of overloading your clinic with more new patients than you’ll ever need is this…

Asking the right questions of your potential new patients however they respond to access your free information – and then let your BUYER system customise the follow up accordingly.

The month that I started doing this it increased the conversion rate of my marketing pieces by between 294-1593%!!!


That’s up to 16 times as much business from the same number of people who contacted my clinic.

Same service.

Talk soon.

Paul Gough.

P.S If you want me to help you create your own Automated Marketing System for your clinic to help you achieve your GOAL and over over come the problem you’re having with a lack of regular new patients, then, go ahead, fill out this form:

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…and we’ll arrange to talk on Sykpe in the next few days.


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Physical Therapy Marketing Systems : Step One In The System That Could Solve Your Clinics Biggest Problem

So now you know about my secret SYSTEM.

I call it “New Patient Overload” because it quite literally works to OVERLOAD my clinic with more patients than we ever need.

(The reason I’ve been able to raise prices three times in the last 8 months and we’re able to make people pay UPFRONT and mostly in cash).

Want to see it?

Here you go:

Physical therapy Marketing ideas

That is my EXACT original idea for my *Clinic Growth System*.

I sketched it out onto an A4 piece of paper while on a flight heading home from a seminar in Chicago – one of the first sales and marketing seminars I ever attended.

Let me talk you through the first step in the system:

1.) An ATTRACTION system

This is a way for HOT qualified leads or prospective patients to find out who you are and get in touch with you, or, at the very least, onto a mailing list because they are interested in what you do – i.e they’ve got back pain, and you have some information to solve it – and they want it as they perceive it as valuable!

Here’s how this one works:

You place a highly targeted Advert in, say, the local newspaper, on Google, Facebook, or send out a postcard and the person who sees it feels compelled to HAVE to respond it – because the words you use makes them feel as though “that’s for me”… and this IS the solution they’ve been waiting for!

Your *message* could be something like: the promise of solving back pain without drugs that lets activity and mobility last longer.

The “bait” (that compels that person to call your clinic) is perhaps a free “tips” report.

In your ad you tell the reader how to get it i.e call your clinic.

And in that report, you tell that person what to do to end back pain.

(Of course, one of those ways is YOUR specialist service).


An *exchange* takes place here – their contact details, for your advice.

(On the image, it’s termed “lead capture”).

Those new “leads” contact details now go into your BUYING SYSTEM (via a form) with the goal of turning that initial enquiry, into a paying patient and a life long customer of your clinic.

Make sense?…

All right, lesson over for today.

I’ll talk to you more about that “BUYING SYSTEM”, tomorrow.

Paul Gough.

P.S If you want me to personally create a system like this for your clinic…

…where *I* do all of the copy writing, designing of your ads, create the “bait”, write the email follow up sequences and even teach your front desk staff sales techniques to better handle the flood of new enquires you’ll get from having a system like this, then let me know by reply to this email…


Fill out this form and we’ll arrange to talk on Skype when you can tell me more about your business and what you want me to achieve for you:

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Discover The Three Vital Components To Creating A Profitable (And Automated) Marketing System For Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Let me tell you a story.

It was June 2012 and I was on holiday with Natalie in Orlando.

We were in Sea World to be precise.

And it was hot!

One of the hottest days of the year and we’d only been there for two days so the heat and humidity was hitting us hard.

The jet lag after a long flight wasn’t helping either and the night before, in the villa we were staying at in Reunion, the air conditioning unit had gone off – so it was a hot and sweaty night!

And what happened the next day was without doubt, one of the most “scary” of my life.

I was rushed to the Dr.Phillips hospital on International Drive suffering a suspected heart attack.

(I was only “31” at the time).

See, a couple of weeks before the flight I had noticed a few sharp pains in my chest.

Enough to make me go and visit my doctor and ask some questions.

But he said I was “fine”.

That I should just take it easy and the chest pains would go.

But they didn’t.

And in Orlando that day, because of the heat and exhaustion, they got worse.

So I spent the next few days of my “vacation” in a hospital bed – contemplating what the future held for me while waiting for my diagnosis.

And as I was hooked up to an ECG unit, went through every cardiac stress test possible and had my heart checked out by many different specialists, you know what my biggest fear was?

Not “death”…

But how would my business survive without me?

Because the reality hit me hard that it was over reliant on me.

So while I’d been making a lot of money from owning a pt clinic, I didn’t have a business that could work with out me.

And the harsh reality is, if you don’t have a business that makes money without you, you don’t have a business… you have a JOB!

And not only do you have a job, but as Michael Gerber says (E-Myth Author), “you have a lunatic for a boss… YOU!”

And after the doctors told me that I had a problem with my heart which would always get worse when I was either anxious, stressed or overly tired, I knew I needed to do something different.

Something that would make money for me and for my family – whether I was there or not.

I needed a “System”.

So I set about creating my own.

A system which would OVERLOAD my pt clinic with more patients than we ever needed to guarantee that I could ALWAYS achieve the goals that I had set for my self and my business – with or without me.

And my system involves just three simple steps:


1.) An ATTRACTION SYSTEM – in other words, you need a way that HOT qualified leads or prospective patients find out who you are and get in touch or onto your mailing list because they are interested in your service.

2.) A BUYING SYSTEM – a process that takes all the leads and enquiries you got from that Attraction system and turns those into paying patients… automatically!

3.) A patient VALUE SYSTEM – to get your existing patients to not only buy from you repeatedly, but also to refer their friends and colleagues to spend money with you too.

And here’s how it looks and flows:

Physical therapy marketing ideas

Marketing System Flow Image

(Click the image to enlarge)

Tell me this:

Which business do you know doesn’t want more HOT leads, more paying patients to not only buy from you REPEATEDLY, but also to refer their friends and colleagues as well?

And the real secret to this system…

To make is happen AUTOMATICALLY – so it’s NOT dependent on you (OR, any doctors, physicians or third party referals).

The concept of having an ATTRACTION system, a BUYING system and a Patient VALUE system is a principle that has been true to successful business growth since the beginning of time.

And guess what?

The Physical Therapy industry in the USA IS included in that, too.

Have you got a system like this in place at your clinic?

If you don’t, then it’s likely that you’ll never achieve your goal of financial freedom, security, real wealth or even just finding more time to spend with your family.

Want some help to create a SYSTEM and achieve any of those goals?

If so…

Fill out this form to let me know more about you and your clinic and we’ll arrange to talk on Skype about creating your own system for stunning success in business:

– Yes! I Want To Talk About How To Create My Own System >>>

Talk soon.

Paul Gough.

P.S EVENTUALLY, I was diagnosed with an “Ectopic Heart Beat” – not ideal for a business owner at the age of “31”, but also not life threatening.

Having a SYSTEM in play since that day in JUNE 2012 has kept me less worrisome, less tired, less stressed and less anxious – as well as making me financially richer – and has helped keep my heart beating safe too.


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Why Advertising “Free Sessions” Can Hurt Physical Therapy Clinic Profits

An email subscriber asks:


“Paul… I’m running an advert in a local newspaper that offers a free consultation with me… a 60 minute one… and yet despite running this advert three times, I’ve had no calls.

What gives? Why can’t I get people to respond to a free session of pt?”

– Pt asked to remain nameless.


Let me tell you a story.

Last summer I co-taught a webinar that was basically doing marketing critiques for pt clinic owners. And I’ll never forget how many pt’s ran adverts just offering:

“Claim your free consultation with a
qualified physical therapist – call today!”.

My response?


(Should I “call today”)

Quite frankly, unless you give people a reason to claim that “freebie consultation”, most wont.

Then where do you go from “free”?

If they over look your offer of “free”, how will they ever consider paying for treatment — even if it’s just the deductible?

And saying it is pure neediness.

The signal you’re giving off is that you need their custom – and the last place any person wants to go to is to a health place that is desperate for some more business.

So, if you’re doing it too, listen up:

If there’s one thing that will destroy your sales, reputation, clinics profits and marketing efforts, and reduce your clinics integrity to less than zero, it’s being needy.

When it comes to “free”, there HAS to be a reason you’re doing it.

There must be a restriction on how many (scarcity).

The promotion MUST go away and come back (like a real promotion does).

And it must be something that is targeted to a specific group of people.

(So that not just anyone can walk in and get it).

So, if you’re giving away “free”… and struggling to make even that work, just stop.

It comes off as desperate.

(And, needy).

Start applying REAL terms, conditions and restrictions to any “free offers” that you make, or better yet, rid your self of “free” completely.

Replace “free sessions” with “information”.

Because sending out “information” (to help people make a better, more educated and more informed decision) forces people to see the true value in what you do – meaning, you can charge the maximum value for it.

How can you do that?


Get your own *automated marketing follow up system*.

Having a marketing system is the opposite of needy.

And, the opposite of what most pt’s do.

Want some help to create one?

We can do it together on a Strategy Call.

Info, here:

– 45 Minute Marketing Strategy Call For PT Clinic Owners >>>

Fill out the form and we’ll arrange to get on Skype in the next few days.

Paul Gough.


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How To Swap Price Shoppers For Value Shoppers Meaning Higher Prices And More Profit At Your PT Clinic

“Paul, I’ve no idea what a follow up marketing system is, never mind how long it should be – can u enlighten me please?”.


This seemed like an odd question considering how much I’ve talked about this recently.

(Perhaps he’s new to the list).

Anyways, in case you are too, here are a few things about a marketing follow up system that every pt clinic owner would profit from:

1.) It should let you continue a relationship with someone long after they first visited your website, phoned your clinic, or saw your ad – and involve relentless follow up for at least 30 days.

2.) It should be automated when possible (meaning you do non of it).

3.) It should be “scalable” – meaning you can pay for more ads and the same system will continue to do the work for you – no matter how many people enter in it – producing more patients at the other end.

(I sometime call that a “pipeline” of patients).

And it should be made up of these 5 vital parts – cogs, if you like:


* Adverts that have a reason to respond TODAY.

* Irresistible offers or the offer of free valuable information – like “bait”.

* Data capture (of: name, phone number, email address – ideally, physical address too).

* Follow up UNTIL conversion to paying patient has taken place – using all of the following: phone call, emails, direct mail (postcards etc).

* A way to maximise cash value after conversion (i.e. by using email marketing or postcards).


And how long should the follow up system go on for?

As long as it takes to get them to say “yes”.

(Something most pt’s are not willing to do).

See, a follow up system, what it does is simply this:

It answers questions.

As well as knocks over any obstacles that patients have about going to see a pt.

And because many people will “accept pain” for weeks, months (and even years) before doing something about it i.e. paying to have it solved, *18 months* isn’t out of the question.

An e.g:

Right now, my “back pain” follow up system (which features emails, phone calls and direct mail pieces) lasts for 6 months.

(To join it for yourself : click here)

My goal by the end of the year is have it to *12 months*.

And then to *18* months.

And then to two years.

And so on.

Because I know that most people’s back pain isn’t going anywhere.

So the longer that I hang in with them, answering questions and providing helpful information, the more chance I have of being the pt they say “yes” too.


With a follow up system like this, it also means I’m not at the mercy of price shoppers too.

See, I want “value” shoppers.

And sometimes people just need a little more information before they see the value of what you do.

It’s your job to create a system that gives it to them.

Then bill ‘em for it when they show up!

All right, that’s it for today.

“Strategy call” application info is here:

– Let Me Talk To Paul About My Biggest Marketing Challenge >>>

Or, reply with any questions you want answering.

Paul Gough.


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Confused PT Admits : “I Know I Need A Marketing System, But…”

In which the question is asked:

“My question is, how do you create a marketing system from scratch when you’ve got no idea how to do it, nor the time.”

– Lucy. Birmingham, Alabama.

An interesting, and common, question.

Here’s my answer:

If I could do it over, I’d have learned about marketing and the systems needed to promote a business BEFORE I quit my job as a pt in pro-soccer to become a solo clinic owner.

Because right at the time you realise that you need the better marketing skills – say, to take your clinic from 30 patients per week, to 60, you feel like you’ve not got the time to do it.

And if you do invest the time to learn all about marketing – i.e. attend the seminars, read the books, take the courses, it costs you twice as much because of the time you loose in clinic, not to mention the time you miss out on with family.

So my advice is this:

I’d forget all about monthly newsletters, marketing to physicians and even put aside any frustration about needing a better “presence”, to “get your brand out there”, or to update your web site etc etc.

Pretty much everything, everyone else is telling you do.

And just start with a small and very simple follow up system.

That goes like this:

Pick or target a SPECIFIC problem that you know a lot of people need solving.

Ideally, one that you’re good at solving too.

It could be “back pain”.

Design a newspaper advert that offers a free piece of information – like a “tips” report.

In your Ad, ask people to call your clinic to get it.

Capture their details.

And then “follow up” on that inquiry.

Using things like email, a postcard, a “fake” newsletter, or a sales letter – each one talking only about the topic of back pain – challenging objections, showing why your clinic is the best option and explain precisely how you propose to help that person recover quickly.

And make it last for 30 days.

It could be 12 pre-written emails.

One postcard.

One newsletter and a mailer – all sent out by your assistant at set intervals.

So my advise is this:

Start small.

All you need to get going with a marketing system is an ad, a form to capture contact details, some emails and some cleverly worded direct mail pieces.

Then, as you see how effective this system is, make it last longer.

Maybe 60 days.

Ad in more emails.

More postcards.

Run more ads.

Because the longer you keep in touch with your prospective new patient, the more chance you have of over coming their objections and ultimately saying “yes” to you .

(And not your competitors or any of the big corporate hospitals).


You could then just repeat the “formula” for things like neck pain, knee pain, post-natal back pain.

Having a “marketing system” is NOT about rushing people to sign the consent forms and proceed with treatment right away.

But if you apply everything inside this email, you will attract more patients to your clinic than you’ll know what to do with.

Nurture each one.

Give them lots of information and help them make the BEST decision…

Answer their questions and knock over any objections…

And frankly, you’ll probably have to start a waiting list.

Bold claim?

Maybe so.

But that’s how it went for me.

Talk to me about this some more, by clicking here:

Get A Free 45 Minute Marketing Strategy Call For Your Clinic >>>



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