RARE OPPORTUNITY to Participate in An Exclusive Finance And Planning Workshop…

Attention PT Clinic Owners:
“Could ‘Knowing Your Numbers’ (...and Having a Real Plan), REALLY Double, (...even Triple), Your Profits in 12 Months?”

Announcing Paul Gough’s Exclusive:

“Double Your Profits In 12 Months”

Financial Literacy and Strategic Planning 1-Day Workshop

Limited to Just 12 PT Clinic Owners


From The Desk of Paul Gough,
Orlando, Fl.

Dear Physical Therapist,

If you’re a REAL PT business owner…

Specifically, someone who is actively WORKING to grow your PT business…

This may be the most important letter you will ever read.

The reason why is because I’m going to show you the most profitable discovery I’ve ever made… and I’m going to show you how to apply it to your clinic.

First, a question:

“How many times have you said either of these two things to yourself since you started your PT business?”:

  1. I know I need to track my Numbers – I just don’t know where to start”

  2. I know I need a Marketing Plan – I just don’t know how to create one...”

For most PT Clinic owners, the answer is usually more times than they would care to count.

Can you relate?

Confused By The Numbers?

I get it… I’ve spoken to 1000’s of clinic owners from all over the world and one thing that they all tell me is that they’re “confused by their numbers”.

Knowing the numbers and tracking metrics or KPI’s is often the #1 weakness of many clinic owners and yet it is possibly the most important part of your business to master.

Every real clinic owner knows that they SHOULD be tracking their numbers… knows that they SHOULD be paying more attention to their finances… knows that they SHOULD have a handle on their KPI’s and Metrics… yet very few actually do any of that!

The SOLE reason so many clinic owners are working so hard with very little to show for it is because they don’t know their numbers.

They’re busy working hard – but on the wrong things.

Who cares about how hard you’re working? It’s all about what you MAKE, right?

It’s about working smart, not hard, right?

No Marketing Plan?

You know what is even more important than knowing the numbers?

Having a Marketing PLAN.

That is because what DRIVES the numbers is the marketing.

It is impossible to be successful without Marketing and it is impossible to be successful with Marketing if you do not have a Marketing Plan.

Throughout my years of Marketing my business I came to realize that Marketing was much easier if I worked from a Plan that would guide all of my decisions and actions...

Instead of randomly running Facebook ads, doing past patient promotions or doing workshops to get the volume up as my schedule went bare, I began to map out all of my Marketing activities 12 months in advance.

It was a real turning point for my financial success.

Having a Marketing Plan allowed me to see exactly how many patients I needed to hit the financial target I wanted.

It meant I never came into my clinic wondering where all the patients were and “scrambling” to do some marketing desperately trying to fill up an empty schedule.

Can you relate?

Having a Marketing Plan makes it more likely that you’ll not only actually DO some marketing – but that what you do will be successful and give you the results you are looking for.

When you have Marketing Plan and you know your important numbers, everything will change for you… and faster than you could possibly imagine.

The Most Successful Clinic Owners Are All Doing This…

It’s often the case that the clinic owners with the most marketing success are the ones with the best Marketing Plan.

And, it’s no coincidence that THE most successful clinic owners I’ve ever worked with are the ones who have both; a grip on their numbers and a Marketing Plan that supports those numbers and makes it dead-cert that financial goals are achieved.

The real problem is that most clinic owners have simply never been shown how to track their numbers, read financial reports - or create a Marketing Plan.

I know I hadn’t.

I spent the first 7 years of my business career “flying blind”.

I was running my business and the only gauge I was using to monitor my business was a daily check on how much was in my bank.

(It is called “bank balance accounting” and it is no way to run a business).

I look back now and realize that my lack of Financial Literacy was causing me to work harder than I should have been for the amount of profit that I was making.

I was working hard not smart.

The Greatest Discovery…

The greatest discovery I ever made was in understanding how powerful and instrumental being Financially Literate would be in my business success....

It is no coincidence that since I went away and learned what they call the “business end” of running a business - mastering the art of planning and the financials – I’ve been able grow my physical therapy clinic past $1 million in annual revenue and start a second business in another market that I’ve scaled past $3 million in annual revenue in under 4 years.

All along I KNEW that I needed to do something about my financial ILLITERACY – I just didn’t know what.

Easy Access to Rare Financial Information

The hardest part for me was that I had to travel all over the world to find this RARE information and it delayed my business growth by years.

It’s for that reason I’ve created the “Double Your Profits In 12 Months” Financial Literacy & Strategic Planning 1-Day Workshop…

It’s your chance to work with me personally so that we can implement the right numbers into your business - as well as create a 12-month Marketing Plan that makes hitting those metrics and KPI’s more likely.

If you want to be truly successful in your business, then you must have both.

Think about it; if you don’t know your numbers, how do you know what is going on in your business?

And if you don’t know what is going on in your business, how to you know what to do to make it more profitable?

Don’t do what I USED to do and only resolve to changing your business when your Accountant tells you how last year went – after the year has ended.

There’s a better way to GROW your business so that you can make it more PROFITABLE before the year is over.

We can do it THIS financial year and I’ll show you how at this workshop.

A Must Attend and Very RARE Event…

To my knowledge, this is the FIRST and ONLY event in the PT Profession that covers both numbers and marketing and shows you how the two go hand in hand; how the numbers support the marketing activity and how the marketing activity supports the numbers.

I’ll be showing you everything you need to become Financially Literate, how to think and Plan more Strategically (…meaning you work less but make more) as well as how to create a 12 month Marketing Plan.

But ultimately, the purpose of the one day-1 workshop is to show you everything that you need to at least Double your Profits in the next 12 months.

The Day is Divided Up Into Two Parts:

Part 1:Get To Know Your Important Numbers – And Create the Budget to Double Your Profits

In this part of the day we will map out what is possible for your business and show you how to at least Double your profits in the next twelve months.

You’ll know what key numbers to track and how to track them.

You will discover how your current business stacks up against the other businesses in the room of a similar size. PLUS, you’ll even discover very early on if your current business model will EVER support the profit goals you’ve set… and if it can’t, what to do about it.

You’ll get MY templates to work from to create your 12 month Budget and I’ll show you what the top 7 most important numbers are in your business (KPI’s/Metrics/Critical Drivers).

Most importantly, you’ll know what is causing the numbers to look the way they do and what to do to improve them so that the next time you speak with your Accountant you’ll not only know how much profit you have made – you’ll also be happy about the AMOUNT of profit you’ve made.

You’ll learn how to create an Income Statement (Profit & Loss) and how to read one.

You’ll learn how to create and read a Cash Flow Forecast – possibly the most important financial document that any clinic owner can have when it comes growing a profitable business.

I’ll show you how to create a “Variance Analysis” and explain other financial reports that I use to run ALL of my businesses (plus when I read them, who inputs the data for me and how I then give my team instructions on what to do next based upon what I am seeing from the numbers).

If, at this point, you’re confused or unfamiliar with what all of these reports and terms mean…that is a sign that you REALLY do need to come to this workshop with me.

Do not delay attending this workshop. If you’re a REAL business owner, you must know these things.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to money and your financial security and family’s prosperity that your clinic’s income no doubt depends upon.

Session one ends with confirming that your current business model, prices and patient selection is even viable, and I’ll show you how to make slight adjustments to your business model to ensure that you can at least double the size of your profit.

Throughout this entire event I will be working with you personally and I’m on hand to answer all of your financial, KPI and Metrics related questions.

By the end of this first session you will have created a 12 month Budget… know what the top 7 KPI’s and Critical Drivers are in your business…how to track them and have a regime to keep up to date with them… as well as know how to create and implement a cash flow forecast and produce an income statement (Profit & Loss) that you can actually read and make profit boosting decisions from.

Part 2: Create your 12 Month Marketing Plan that will let you Double your Profit

If part one is about establishing what profit you’re going to make in the next 12 months and how to know if you are on track – part two is about creating a Marketing Plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

It is one thing to know your numbers and read financial reports, but it is irrelevant if you don’t have a solid Marketing Plan to make the numbers stack up.

After all, nothing happens without marketing.

The numbers are the EFFECT.

The CAUSE is the marketing and that is why we will dedicate the entire afternoon to coming up with a month-by-month, 12-month marketing plan to guide you towards financial success.

With this type of Strategic Marketing Plan it is impossible to get stuck or lost or confused by what to do to market your practice.

You will leave with the exact marketing activity in place (12 months out) that is required to bring in all of the new patients to hit the financial goals you set in session one.


What is more, I’ve also added a bonus session to the workshop dedicated to creating a HIRING PLAN.

For any clinic to truly grow, it requires you to consider the people that you’ll need.

If you’re not sure who to hire next, or somewhat put off from hiring because you’ve never done it before, then you will love this session; I’ll work with you to create a hiring plan that will support your clinic growth goals over the next twelve months.

You will leave knowing who to hire, when and how to get them – even what to pay them.

As you can see, this really is a workshop like nothing else out there.

If you want financial success, then you must commit to mastering the financial side of your business.

If you want to work less but make more, then you must know your numbers.

If you want your marketing to be successful you must have a Marketing plan.

I created this workshop for you to do all of that in just one day.

I’ll Give You My Exact Financial and Marketing Plan Templates…

This workshop is about IMPLENTING all of the key financial and marketing activities into your business.

During the day we will be working from my own “workable” templates that mean you will be able to instantly recreate these when you get back to your clinic:

You’ll Get:

Here’s Just Some of What You Will Discover Inside One Amazing Day of Working with Paul:

Strictly Limited to 12 Clinic Owners – Here’s Who It Is For

Because of the personal support I will be giving you throughout the day, it is limited to just 12 clinic owners.

It is a genuine workshop and we will be working from a workbook across the day, filling in your Budget, completing your first cash flow forecast and mapping out all of your Marketing activities 12 months in advance; there are no PowerPoint slides at this workshop as the emphasis is on IMPLEMENTING.

Together we will be IMPLEMENTING your new Marketing PLAN and IMPLEMENTING solid financial controls and principles into your business so that you can realistically Double your profits in the next twelve months.

Polite warning: Every time we run this workshop demand far outweighs supply – so please make sure that you meet these qualifying criteria:

  1. The size and type of your PT Business does not matter. We will have everyone from new start-ups to $1,000,000 + in the room – insurance and cash based. What does matter is that you are going to use and implement what we cover when you leave and make maximum use of the personal support you will be getting from me.

    The 12 places are valuable as these days I only work personally with the people in my Mastermind or CEO program - which starts at $12,000. This is a rare exception. The 12 places must only go to success driven owners who are going to make the most of our time together.

  2. You must have a serious ambition to add $1,00,000 to your profit or at least double your profits in the next twelve months.

  3. Ideally, you’ve already listened to Paul’s podcast, read one of his best-selling books, are part of his Marketing Academy Program (or above) and or have done his Accelerator Marketing program. If you have done any of those, Paul would love to work with you.

Less Than the Cost of One Additional Patient – Your Investment for This 1-Day Workshop:

The content for this workshop has been pulled from a seminar that is part of a program priced at $12,000.

On its own, this type of workshop could easily be priced at $5000-$10,000.

For those who commit and follow through on what we cover, you are guaranteed a significant profit increase and the entire focus is to double your profits in the 12 months ahead.

Your investment for the Financial Literacy & Strategic Planning 1-Day Workshop is just $997 or two easy payments of $550.

That is less than the money you will make from getting just one patient that you would otherwise not have gotten had you not attended.

It is also significantly less than the money you’re likely to be losing by not having the financial literacy that you will gain at this event.

Please note. The workshop is limited to just 12 business owners because of the personal support you will receive from me in the room. This event will be oversubscribed so confirm your place now to avoid missing out.

Click Here to Reserve Your Space

(1 x $997 or 2 x $550)

Location: Celebration, Orlando, Date TBC.

The Platinum Option

Available for Just 3 People

We also have 3 Strategic Planning Day PLATINUM places available.

The Platinum option includes all of the above plus TWO personal, one hour private telephone consultations with me.

This will be a private call with just you and me (and any colleagues you want to join) where we will go deep into your business and create a series of profit breakthroughs.

My consultancy sessions are renowned for transforming businesses. You get to choose what we discuss.

We can work on the numbers, your marketing, or a completely new strategy for your business based upon what you discover at the workshop.

The investment for the PLATINUM option is just an additional $600.


(1 x $1600 or 3 x $575)


PLUS, if you’re not a member of my Marketing Academy Program (and you’ve never had a free trial in the past), you will also receive this is an added bonus:

Plus, Get Three Months FREE Membership of Planet Paul Marketing Academy - Paul Gough’s Exclusive VIP Community of The World's Best Physical Therapists

If you are not currently a member of Planet Paul Marketing Academy, you will also receive three months FREE membership including monthly CD and 32 page “Planet Paul” Marketing Publication. After your three-month trial, you will automatically be upgraded to full membership at 249 per month unless you cancel - which you can easily do at any time (instructions on how to do so will be provided). This Free bonus is for Non Marketing-Academy members only.

Planet Paul Magazine VIP membership
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(1 x $997 or 2 x $550)



(Incl. Personal x2 calls with Paul Gough)
(1 x $1600 or 3 x $575)

“Get More Done, Make More Money – And Still Be Home By 5pm Each Night…”

If you’re still sitting on the fence, here is something for you to think about… if you’re already working hard in your business, wouldn’t it be a good idea to know what things to be working on?

That is what getting good at the numbers allows you to do; you become more focused on the important few things in your business and instead of getting sucked into the trivial. Instead of doing $10 per hour work, you’ll find yourself doing more of the high value $500 - $1000 per hour work that every REAL business owner should be.

I see so many people working hard in their business, putting in very long hours trying to make it more profitable, but their rewards are never worth the means.

That is because they are busy working hard on the wrong things that will not make any difference to profit.

Getting good at the numbers allows you to see in real time what is going wrong in your business - so that you can focus on fixing it.

Getting good at the numbers allows you to see what it is working well – so that you can do more of it.

It really is simple; we all have the same number of hours in the same number of days… the clinic owners who are getting more done, making more money and still getting home for dinner at 5pm each night are the ones who have a plan that they stick to and who know their numbers.

Do not rule yourself out from getting this type of rare and priceless business education because you think you don’t need it, that you’re not ready for it, or that all of your problems will go away if you can just get some more patients through the door.

Make More Money By Doing Less…

By the end of this workshop, one thing usually happens to clinic owners; they realize that they can make more money by getting LESS people through the doors.

Wouldn’t it be nice to discover the formula for achieving that in your business?

Less volume but more profit?

Less working on the WRONG things and more time spent on the right things that produces the financial return that you’re looking for?

That is what we will cover at this workshop.

Please do not be “too busy” to attend.

If you do think you are “too busy” to attend or you do currently think you can’t afford to attend… then that is the #1 and #2 reasons that YOU MUST ATTEND.

At this workshop we’re going to show you how you can work less and make more money – starting now.

I know that if you follow through faithfully on everything I will give you at this event - that WILL happen, and you WILL end up with the level of PROFIT in your business that you’re currently craving. At least DOUBLE what you’re making now.

I look forward to working with you in Orlando.

Reserve your spot here now:

Click Here to Reserve Your Space

(1 x $997 or 2 x $550)



(Incl. Personal x2 calls with Paul Gough)
(1 x $1600 or 3 x $575)


Paul Gough


Here’s What PT’s Are Saying About This Workshop:

“The budget and yearly planning activity gave me so much clarity and confidence about what to do to make my business more successful. Planning is something you know you should do – but you never get round to doing – it’s only when you do it that you actually see why those who do it annually are so successful”

- Paul Hendricks, Body Balance, Lakeway, Texas

“I have to admit that this event has challenged me quite a bit, but it was definitely needed. The budgeting, forecasting and planning that you had us do this weekend has solidified something that I think I have known deep down for awhile but haven’t been able to put into words yet… I realize that I have been “flying my plane” (running my business) for a long time without a solid idea what my destination really is.

With no real flight plan (written down goals with measurable outcomes) all I have been doing is continuing to fly in no particular direction. This event opened my eyes to the fact that this needs to change so that 1) I can actually get benefit and fulfilment out of my business, and 2) I can effectively lead my crew (How can I expect them to follow, if I am not sure where I am going?)”

- Brooke Kalisiak, Legacy Physical Therapy, St. Louis, Missouri

“It was liberating to come to realize how the budget and forecast will provide the roadmap and directions for my business in the next twelve months. It was huge for me to see the practical application of the budget and numbers. It is so worthwhile to go through the seemingly boring drill of setting up the budget. It is pure gold to see how the budget and cockpit allows the business owner to make better decisions.”

- Philip Chan, Hands On NJ Physical Therapy- Metuchen, New Jersey

“I arrived at the planning event knowing I needed clarity and focus on my direction. I Didn’t know how deeply I would get to go into that - thank you Paul.”

- Emma Green, QUADS PT & Clinical Pilates, Pasadena, California

“This event was a great reminder that I’ve been doing some things right, and a kick in the ass that there’s a lot more to improve on…”

- Jason Han, HealthFit, Pasadena, California

"This was the best event I’ve ever attended. Which is not a new statement from me about Paul’s events, but although budget may be boring, it is precisely what I had needed and had been looking for. I wish I’d found this ten years ago when I first started my business.”

- Brian Cassell, Doylestown Sports Medicine Center, Doylestown, Pennsylvania


Just 12 Spaces Available – ACT FAST!

Because of the personal support that you’ll be getting from me during the workshop, places are limited to just 12 clinic owners. So Act fast.

You can only DOUBLE your profits in the next twelve months if you have a real understanding of your clinic finances – Financial Literacy, you know your vital numbers and have a Strategic Marketing Plan to support that financial plan.

You will get that from me in just one day at this workshop. Confirm your place here:

Click Here to Reserve Your Space

(1 x $997 or 2 x $550)



(Incl. Personal x2 calls with Paul Gough)
(1 x $1600 or 3 x $575)