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From Paul and Jeremiah: An Invitation To Serve More - And Earn More.

Dear Physical Therapist,

If you’re visiting this page, chances are you want to make your PT Business more successful – and make more money by doing what you truly love:

Serving Your Patients Better Than
Anyone Else”

If that’s you…

…then you’re just like me!

But here’s a polite and very quick reality check:

You can have the best PT training and skills in the world, but if you’re not able to build a profitable business because your belief about “money” - and “charging what you’re worth” - is HOLDING YOU BACK, then your business is never going to SOAR in the way that it could.

And if your business doesn’t soar like it should, you run the risk of being yet another “overlooked” Physical Therapist who could (…and should) have been serving more people better, owning a thriving PT Practice that everyone wants to visit.

If you’re currently being held back by self-limiting beliefs about “what a PT is really worth”… then everything to do with things like “Co-Pay”, “OON” costs, “DEDUCTIBLES” or asking for patient’s commitment to a full plan of care, will always feel more difficult than it should.

And I have to admit…

“These Same Self-Limiting Beliefs Held Me Back For Years”

As a Physical Therapist running a private pay practice in a country with a completely FREE, Socialist Health Care System, I opened with the self-limiting belief that “no one would ever pay me what I’m REALLY worth” and it kept me from fulfilling my true earning and serving potential – for years.

Sure, I was doing “ok” – but I didn’t have the tools to eliminate the BAD habits and patters that I’d learned in PT School – the habits that quite literally choke your potential in private practice.

Luckily for me, I realized early on that if I wanted to make a long-term impact and truly serve others BETTER…

…then I had to learn the best practices of how to build a PT Business and generate a sustainable income from that business.

“It Started With Understanding That Finances And My Desire To Make An Impact, DO Mix”

Any PT who thinks that they don't mix, doesn't understand what it takes to truly make an impact, live boldly and get serious about your own purpose.

You see, money is just “energy”.

And you need that energy to thrive.

The old paradigm thinking that making money and providing great health care don't mix, could be keeping you stuck from really giving your impact to the people in your community who need what you do.

I know that your goal might not be to make millions…

But the truth is, if YOU are not taken care of, if YOU are not prospering, there’s no way that you can show up for your patients - and there’s no way that you are going to build a business that you can be proud of.

And if you can’t build that type of business, then you can’t SERVE PEOPLE in the way that you would like.

Which would be a big shame – because isn’t that why we went into this profession in the first place?

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

“Being A Physical Therapy Business Owner ISN’T JUST About Making More Money”

It’s about remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place…

It’s about taking care of yourself – and your family.

It’s about being the best practitioner AND best BUSINESS PERSON you can so that you can have the greatest impact on the people you love - and the people you serve.

When you are taken care of, when you are abundant, when you have enough to take care of yourself and those you love, you become a better healer for others because you are PRESENT and “with them” - and not worrying about paying your bills or where your next pay cheque will come from. 

Next, let me ask you this question:

“What Good Is It Being A ‘Great PT’, If People Won’t Or Don’t Want To Pay For Your Services?”

If you have a desire to give more, to have an impact on more people, to build a sustainable and heart-centered PT Business around those great skills that you developed at PT School – it's vital that you master your selling and influence skills, just like you've mastered your craft. 

The problem for many PT’s is that they are “great practitioners”… with amazing PT skills that COULD impact so many more people than they currently are.

But what good is having a treasure chest of great PT skills, if your schedule is always half-empty?

If you’re not able to help patients to see the REAL value of what you can do for them - they don’t pay.

It’s that simple.

This is also the No.1 threat to most PT’s ability to serve more - and make more…

As health care costs rise, “OON” costs increase, deductibles grow bigger and people become more RESENTFUL of having to pay out of pocket, this problem will only get worse and more and more great PT’s will continue to be overlooked.

That’s not what we want for you and that’s why it’s vital that you learn the principles of “ETHICAL INFLUENCE” now.

Introducing A New Way To Sell What You Do (…That Doesn’t Involve “Closing”)

I’ve been applying the principles of ETHICAL INFLUENCE in my own PT Business for the last two years - the results have been stunning.

What I love about “Ethical Influence” is that I’ll never have to “close” another patient again.

Those days are over - and these days my patients ASK if I’ll take them on. There’s a lot LESS pressure on me since I stopped “closing” and started Selling To Serve. Getting patients to commit and pay my bills has never been easier.

As a result, we’re serving more people than ever.

I’ve learned a lot about how to overcome challenges in my business, such as: resistance from patients to booking out a full plan of care, how to confidently and ETHICALLY prescribe longer treatment plans and how to charge higher prices – in cash – using these new methods of communicating with patients.

Since I discovered how to truly sell the value of what I do – I’ve been able to help more people get the outcome they want and I get to EARN the income that my skills deserve.

It’s a completely new way to sell what a PT does and this “ETHICAL INFLUENCE” principle is the foundation for everything we’ll be teaching you on “Selling To Serve”.

But I need to be honest and tell you that I didn’t figure out all of this stuff on my own…

“I Did It With The Help Of The Worlds No.1 “Ethical Influence” Expert, Jeremiah Sarkett

Out of everyone I’ve ever met on my business growth journey, “Jeremiah Sarkett” (From Phoenix, AZ) has influenced the way I communicate, market my work, and operate my business more than anyone else.

Paul Gough and Jeremia Sarkett

(That’s me and Jeremiah outside of my practice after he spent a day training myself and my team on the Ethical Influence methodology).

Jeremiah is a luminary in the field of Ethical Influence, Marketing and Sales and he’s also one of the only people I’ve ever met who really “gets” how to take a caring, kind, compassionate based business - like a Physical Therapy Clinic – and make it super profitable – without removing the love, heart and authenticity.

I’m delighted to announce that Jeremiah graciously agreed to join me on this 4-part program – Selling To Serve - and share with you everything he knows about making your PT Business more profitable – and more heart-felt.

The insights that Jeremiah and I are going to share, will help you to move through the resistance you can so easily experience, to charging what you’re worth…

… overcoming the “money” issues we have to deal with in our practice…

…and, help you to reach the highest levels of SERVING in all areas of your business.

So What Is
“Selling To Serve”?

Selling to Serve” is your chance to SERVE MORE - and EARN MORE. It is a 4-part, online video seminar-training program for Physical Therapists who want to serve more people better - and earn a higher income for doing so.

Co-created by myself and Jeremiah – Selling To Serve will help turn your PT clinic into a heart-centered business that is focused on serving people better.

There are three key components:

1. Four Weekly Seminars

The core of this Program is a 4 part, in depth Video Seminar program. Each of the 4 x 90 minutes Video Seminars is packed with heart-centered profit strategies to allow you to serve more people - and raise your income.

On your 4 Video Seminars, you will experience dozens of leading edge strategies to impact your patients in a higher way – leading to higher profits for yourself.

2. On-Going Personal Support + Access To Our Exclusive Community Of PT’s

This program is not just about us delivering powerful information to you to help you grow your business. We also want to offer you personal, ongoing support, accountability and coaching.

During our 4 weeks together, you’ll get the chance to ask me questions about your business on our exclusive online forum. If a question comes up for you between the seminars, post your question on the forum and I will personally answer it. You will also get chance to interact with our global community of heart-centered Physical Therapists.

3. Personal Consulting Session With Jeremiah Sarkett

As a bonus, you will get a personal 45 minute, one-on-one coaching session with Jeremiah. This is a rare opportunity that money can’t buy. Jeremiah has a limited number of personal clients – and his openings are currently all full.

You get to choose what is covered on your personal coaching call with the world’s No.1 Ethical Influence Expert.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn on “Selling To Serve”

This program will help remind you of what your real purpose as a business owner is and NOT be held back by the self-limiting beliefs that most of us picked up in PT School. Including but not limited to, here’s some of what you’ll learn:

I’m sure you can already see that this is an Education Program like No Other in the Physical Therapy Profession. It’s the missing “semester” that we all wish we had been taught by PT School BEFORE we opened the doors at our practices.

So, Who Is It For?

This is a program that has been created especially for PT Business Owners who want to make a positive difference to people’s lives – while making a higher income consistently and selling from the heart. It’s for you if:

Now you know who this program is perfect for, next let me introduce you to more of what you’ll be learning:

The Curriculum:
Here’s What We’ll Be Covering On This Four Part Training

As a student of “Selling To Serve” you’ll get to join a community of PT’s from all around the US and across the globe – learning smart, effective ETHICAL INFLUENCE strategies to first help patients see the real value of what you do, impact your patients in a deeper way, and create a new higher price and profit structure in your business. Here’s the curriculum:



  • Today
  • Immediately

Video Seminar 1: Establishing Trust And Belief - And Identifying With Your Clients REAL Needs

On this Module we show you how to leave the rest of the PT Profession behind with their outdated, and old-fashioned methods of “closing” patients. We all know patients are becoming more resistant to paying out of pocket for health care - and this shows you how to schedule a patient much more eloquently and graciously. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to “Time Travel” with your patients (…this is about taking patients into the future to see a better version of themselves – i.e a healthier version, AFTER you’ve worked your magic!)

  • First Impression Engagement” – it’s the NEW way to make a best and lasting impression and we’ll show you how to do it in Week 1…

  • Understanding your clients VS Forcing them to understand you” – there’s a BIG difference, most PT’s do it wrong, and we’ll show you how to get this right…



Video Seminar 2: Moving From A “Scarcity” Mindset And Learning How To Sell From Abundance

This is about showing you how to prove VALUE to your potential patients UPFRONT – limiting any resistance to paying your fees. Plus, we show you how to make the simple mindset and communication shift towards Selling To Serve at a higher level than anyone else. Just some of what we cover:

  • Leading With Value” – beginning the serving process in your Marketing by adding the Selling To Serve principle to your clinics external communication and promotional materials…

  • The 3 essential steps to becoming a LEADER in the eyes of your patients (…this is the new way of being seen as an “expert”)

  • Customer Lifetime Value – the 8 serving values that go into driving your patients lifetime spend much HIGHER



Video Seminar 3: The Exact Techniques, Tools And Strategies To Stay Aligned To Selling To Serve Across Your PT Practice

We’ll cover precisely how to break down any barriers with your patients by showing you how to communicate in a completely different way to other PT’s – we want new prospects to feel value and engage with you from outset. Here’s some of what we’ll teach you:

  • The 80/20 rule of communicating with patients – what to put in - and what to leave out - and how to adapt this to enhance your clinics serving ability

  • The “Cliff Dive” – what is it, why it’s so important in today’s health care economy and how to apply it to everything that you do…

  • Creating your prospects ideal “health vision” - and how to use this to overcome ANY obstacle that your patients might have to paying for treatment

  • Branding” – how to use everything you’ve just learned to become known as THE “good guys” of the entire PT profession…



Video Seminar 4: The Gratitude Journal, Changing Your Mindset, Success Stories + Q/A

We’ll wrap up this amazing program with a special focus on YOU – and ensuring everything we’ve taught you gets set in stone. By now you’ll be experiencing a huge mindset shift and we’ll be sharing your success stories of a much easier – and more enjoyable - way of serving your clients. Here’s some of what we’ll cover in the final class:

  • Gratitude Journaling” – first we’ll show you how it can impact your business, and then how to implement it into everything you do…

  • Cadence Based Evaluations” – how to make sure all your clinics dialogue is in line with the rhythm of your patients (…most PT’s are bad at this and worse, most don’t even know they’re doing it wrong)

  • System Assistance” – how to add in some AUTOMATION to ensure your Selling To Serve methods are re-enforced at all points in your business

“You Can Also Share This Material With ALL Your Team”

The 4 seminars with myself and Jeremiah are going to be in-valuable for you – the business owner – but we also encourage you to share this training with your staff members too.

Here Are 10 Things That Will Happen To You After “Selling To Serve”

This program will SHORTEN your learning curve and help you grow your PT Business profits faster, while being able to serve more people better. Here’s the 10 things you can expect to change for the better, as a result of your investment in this class:

  1. You will experience LESS resistance from patients when it comes to asking for payment for service

  2. You will experience LESS resistance from patients when raising your rates (to what you are REALLY worth)

  3. You will experience LESS resistance from STAFF when making important changes in your business

  4. You will experience the ULTIMATE mind-set shift (…expect this program to quickly take your business and entrepreneurial thinking to the next level)

  5. You will take your SERVING capabilities to the highest possible place

  6. You will experience a NEW level of clarity in thinking and decision making (...this is vital for any successful business owner)

  7. You will never again worry about where your next patient is coming from

  8. You will TRANSFORM your thinking from “fear based” – to living with ABUNDANCE

  9. Your INCOME will be raised and your career satisfaction will be restored

  10. Your clinic will become a place of gratitude recognized by patients, as the place in town for highest levels of serving

…And that’s just a snap shot of what will happen to you after you join the “Selling To Serve” PT business revolution. But that’s not all…

A Huge Boost In “Self Confidence” Is An Added Bonus Of Joining This Program

As a fellow private practice owner I know that every day when you run your business, you need to be able to lovingly and ethically influence people – from patients, to staff, to insurance representatives, doctors and their secretaries – even your own members of family.

The most important factor in you being able to influence others effectively is to first be able to influence YOURSELF so that you are in a strong, confident state of mind when you communicate to others.

Yet, even the most successful people in the world have moments were they lack self-confidence.

And there are times when all of us would like to be more confident.

That’s why during this exclusive four-part Video Seminar program, there will be a big focus on building strong states of self confidence - an essential component if you are going to be a truly successful business person.

“Anytime Access” Video Seminars – Join the Revolution in PT Business Success Training

How this program works – When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to Module 1 of the program. You’ll get sent an email and a password that’ll let you access the membership site containing all of the videos, checklists and support material needed to complete that module. Then, every 7 days at 12pm EST, you’ll get an email notifying you that access to the next module has been “unlocked” – and so on and so on until you complete the course.

That means you will be able to access each of Modules from the comfort of your own home or office. In between unlocking the weekly seminars, I’ll provide you with all of the personal support in the 24/7 access Facebook community - and on the Live Group Coaching calls that you’ll be invited to attend to ask me your questions.

All of this saves you a fortune in the hotel and travel expenses associated with traditional seminars. Plus, by spreading the cost of the course over 3 months, you get to implement the material we cover between each module and see results BEFORE you’ve even paid for it!

You will have “life long” access to the membership site where you will always be able to access the material you will be using and learning from. It’s the perfect way to discover and then implement the strategies you need to take your PT business to the Next Level.

What’s The Investment?

Take advantage and get these Ethical Influence and Serving methods working for your PT Business TODAY... and save $400!

Choose which one works for you:

Option One

$897 Just 3 Monthly Payments of $185

Save $342

Option Two

$897 Just One Payment of $497

Save $400

There’s A Guarantee Included...

Selling To Serve is 100% risk free for you to join.

Here’s how my Personal Profitability Guarantee works. Take action today and join the “Selling To Serve” program… and if by the end of week one you don’t think that Selling To Serve will impact your ability to serve more and make more… enough to cover your small investment, then I’ll gladly refund your money.

All you need is just “3” extra VISITS scheduled to cover your investment in “Selling To Serve” and in fact, with just 1 or 2 of these methods, you could get 100 X your investment back and more!

So, in reality, this course doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s essentially FREE… it’s an investment in your future wealth and prosperity and your ability to serve more people.

You can only grow your PT clinic in this new health care economy by knowing how to serve people using the Ethical Influence concept that patients now expect from us.

Confirm your place today.

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Enroll now for just 3 x $185

Here’s The Free Bonuses We’re Going To Give You, Just For Signing Up...

Free Bonus 1 Social Media Master Class (Value $347)

I’ve been on “Social” platforms for years… and at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms we’ve figured out how to make Social Media one of our best sources of new referrals as well as how to use “SM” correctly to build relationships with our past patients that will last a lifetime.

On this amazing “More Profits From Social Media” program - we show you step by step how we do it - give you behind the scenes access to precisely what we post, our exact “regimen” for posting daily, give you never ending ideas for creating daily content - even show you our 30 day calendar for outrageously engaging and creative content that keeps our past patients entertained and more likely to come back - and new patients asking to come in!

This full video program (Value $347) will be unlocked instantly - when you confirm your place on “Selling To Serve” and of course, we’ll reveal how we AUTOMATE the whole “social thing” in one hour each week.

Free Bonus 2 Next Level Coaching Program - 6 Week “Guest Pass” (Value $1200)

To ensure your success on Selling To Serve, you’ll also receive two months FREE access to my Next Level Group Coaching Program. This is an $800 monthly subscription program and we’re proud to have one of the most active and supportive global communities of PT’s on the planet.

You can join in additional weekly live event training calls, attend Monthly Marketing Master Class seminars, get accountability and network with other like-minded PTs.

Free Bonus 3 Personal Coaching Call w/Jeremiah Sarkett
(Value $500)

As an ADDED bonus, you will get a personal 45 minute, one-on-one coaching session with Jeremiah. You get to choose what is covered on your personal coaching call with the worlds No.1 Ethical Influence Expert.

Expect this call to be one of the most Transformational parts of your life - personal and business. We are happy for you to record the call to listen back to at a later date – or share it with your staff.

Plus, Get Three Months FREE Membership of Planet Paul Marketing Academy - Paul Gough’s Exclusive VIP Community of The World's Best Physical Therapists

If you are not currently a member of Planet Paul Marketing Academy, you will also receive three months FREE membership including monthly CD and 32 page “Planet Paul” Marketing Publication. After your three-month trial, you will automatically be upgraded to full membership at 249 per month unless you cancel - which you can easily do at any time (instructions on how to do so will be provided). This Free bonus is for Non Marketing-Academy members only.

Planet Paul Magazine VIP membership
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Introducing Your Course Tutors

Physical Therapy Business Owner Paul Gough

Paul Gough

Paul Gough creates global award winning Marketing Systems, is a multi PT Clinic owner, leading authority on Marketing and trusted advisor to many PT Owners across the U.S.

Paul Gough helps great Physical Therapists become more successful business owners. He is the founder of the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms” – a hugely successful 4 clinic, private pay cash practice in the UK where healthcare is FREE, and he is an early adopter of the “Ethical Influence” methodology in our profession.

Paul is a published Author (“The Healthy Habit” Book), a former Professional Soccer Physical Therapist, prolific speaker and a small business Icon – winner of the Infusionsoft award: “Best In Class - Lead Nurture and Conversion Systems”.

As well as growing his own business, he now helps small PT businesses in the US and around the globe to become more successful as well as radically shift their Entrepreneurial mindset and thinking.

Ethical Influence Expert Jeremiah Sarkett

Jeremiah Sarkett

Jeremiah Sarkett

Jeremiah Sarkett is one of the world’s leading sales and marketing trainers and a pioneer in the movement to bring more ETHICAL INFLUENCE techniques to health care businesses.

Jeremiah’s mission is to help health care professionals realize their greatest potential and use their unique SKILLS to make an impact on the people they serve.

He does that by sharing everything he knows about the true sales concept and he continues to help small businesses around the world implement the Ethical Influence process, on a daily basis.

Expert Praise For Paul Gough And Jeremiah Sarkett

This program will point blank tell you how to be successful – it’ll be a reset button for everything that you’ve previously been led to believe about running a PT Business. Paul and Jeremiah will take you back to “WHY” you went into business in the first place - and it’s always about serving the patients better than anyone else

– Jerry Durham, “San Francisco Sport and Spine”, (CA)

It’s amazing what Paul has been able to achieve at his own Practice – I want to know he’s done it so that I can do the same

– Dr. Jarod Carter – Founder of the Cash PT Podcast and Carter Physiotherapy, Austin (TX)

Paul has provided hands down the best Marketing and business training I’ve ever been through

– Aaron LeBauer – LeBauer Consulting and LeBauer PT, Greensboro, (NC)

FAQ’s Of
Selling To Serve

  • Q Can I learn at my own pace?

    Absolutely! As a new student, you’ll go through the course as it’s released over the 4 weeks. But we also understand that you are busy and may need to take a break! If you are getting married, having a baby, travelling around the world with your family or dealing with any other life events, you don’t have to worry about “falling behind”. Every student gets lifetime access to “Selling To Serve” material.

  • Q Do I have to finish the course within 4 weeks?

    No. Because all of the material is accessed via a private area membership website, you can choose how fast you complete the modules. We do try to hold you accountable to implement stuff each week – but ultimately, you decide how much you can do according to the schedule you have.

  • Q What if I have questions in-between the weekly seminars?

    You can ask them in the Facebook community and Paul will answer them for you instantly.

  • Q Can I access the content all at once?

    We know that some students would love to get all the Modules at once, but that’s not how we ensure your success. The Selling To Serve Experience and Curriculum are carefully designed so that as you complete each Module, one week at a time, and complete the corresponding homework and action plans in order. Everything has been set up to maximize your results and long term success.

  • Q Can my assistant listen in on the calls?

    Yes. You can have one key member of your team join the program with you free of charge.

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Is “Selling To Serve” Right For You?

We know that this class is not for every Physical Therapist reading this. Here are three final questions to ask yourself to help you decide:

  1. Do I feel confident selling my skills, services and products to the people who need what I’ve got?” (…Or do I shrink away from those scenarios… and hide out?)

  2. Do I know how to convert the amazing skills I was taught by PT School into a business that allows me to serve people in my community who desperately need what I do — and also make money?”

  3. Are there habits and beliefs that are holding me back from achieving my business goals? (…Things like worrying about charging what I’m worth… or asking for people to pay out of pocket… that I haven’t been able to change on my own?)

Reflect on your answers to those three questions.

Be gentle with yourself.

(But be honest).

If you want your answers to those three questions to be VERY different a couple of weeks from today — if not sooner — then I strongly encourage you to register for Selling To Serve and take advantage of the bonus package on offer.

Yes! I Want To Raise My Income And Serving Levels »

Enroll now for just 3 x $185

I think I’ll end by saying that “white papers”, “research”, “facts” and even “manual skills” are easy to come by. Finding a new way to think and a new confidence in your ability to “sell and serve” is more difficult than most business owners realize.

This class will give you that new confidence. Register here:

Yes! I Want To Raise My Income And Serving Levels »

Enroll now for just 3 x $185

Dedicated to helping you to become a more successful business owner.

Paul Gough