No-One Likes To “Sell”, BUT...

“How Would You Like To DOUBLE Your Front Desk AND Treatment Room Conversions In Just 48 Hours (…Putting More Patients On Schedule And More Money In Your Bank?)”

If You Like The Sound Of That, Read On To Learn More About Paul Gough’s EFFORTLESS SELLING SYSTEM That Will Let You Convert More Inquiries To Patients, Allow Your Front Desk Staff To Sell Without Feeling Salesy And, Possibly, Even DOUBLE Your Prices Without Getting Pushback.

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Paul GoughDear Physical Therapist,

There are literally 10,000’s of Physical Therapy Business Owners across the world – and all most all of them are experiencing some kind of “push back” when it comes to the money or pay out-of-pocket conversation.

This is what they are all telling me. How many of them apply to you?:

  1. You’re getting inquires – but you’re hearing “I’ll have to think about it” more times than you would like

  2. Patients often tell you they “want to try their In-Network PT first” – and you don’t feel comfortable with challenging that objection…

  3. Patients are regularly telling you“cost is an issue” – but you don’t know how to overcome it or what to say in response…

  4. You have a nagging feeling that while your Marketing skills have now improved – you haven’t got the same skills when it comes to Selling

  5. Patients tell you they “only want a couple of sessions” – and NOT the full plan of care you recommend that they need…

  6. Patients are telling you they “can’t come more than once per week” because their co-pay or deductible is so high – even though you know they need to

  7. You don’t know how to justify being a cash-PT - or confidently explain the benefits of you being “Out-of-Network”

  8. When you do get inquires from Google, Facebook or your Website – not enough are converting to paying patients

  9. You’ve heard that some cash PT’s are charging well over $200 per session – but you don’t have the confidence to raise them anywhere near that level…

Now, if some or all of these apply to you, you’re not alone. Most PT’s find ‘selling their value’ difficult and maybe that’s why so many PT Business Owners are so frustrated with their lack of profits right now?

It is one thing to get inquires – but if you don’t have the sales skills and conversion techniques to confidently sell the value of your services when you do, then it’s almost impossible to have a truly successful business.

Would you agree?

But here’s the thing:

“Sales Is Not That Difficult – And It Can Be Done With Integrity!

Most Health Care Business Owners want to think that all of their profit problems are caused by a lack of “money” or “time” that the patient hasn’t got!

It’s not.

The problem is a lack of skills.

“Selling Skills” (that the PT has simply never been shown!)

Selling is not that difficult – it can be done with integrity and it’s a skill that you can quickly and easily learn.

It should also be understood that selling is something that you do FOR people – not ‘to’ them - especially in healthcare where the increased selling of your services results in “less pain” or “more active lifestyles”.

When you are selling that type of value, is there a better reason to justify learning how to sell more of it?

“Why Is ‘Selling’ So Difficult For So Many PTs?”

Well, one of the reasons is that in the past, the selling of our value was done by the referring Doctor.

Think about it: most people showed up for PT because they were “sold on it” by their doctor.

That means we never had to learn how to do it and all of the talk over the last few years has been about how you should “Market Your Practice” if you want to be more successful.

The problem is, there’s been so much talk of “Marketing” that PTs have neglected the fact that you actually have to be able to sell when people do get in touch.

Then there’s the issue that Marketing and Sales are often confused as one and the same.

They are not.

Marketing’s job is to get them to make contact with your clinic – it’s the job of “Sales” to get them into the clinic and onto the schedule as a full paying patient.

Most PT Businesses are oblivious to this huge difference and this reminds me a true story when a PT from “Harrisburg” (PA) once told me:

“Paul, I think we have a Marketing Problem”…

…he called me having ran three newspaper ads that returned a grand total of “56” inquiries about a low-back pain PDF he was offering readers in his local town.

FIFTY SIX inquiries - so far so good!

The problem?

He only converted “1” to a full paying patient.

That is a shockingly low conversion rate of less than 2%.

My response?

“You DO NOT have a Marketing problem – you have a SALES problem”.

I could go on and on recalling countless stories of PTs who have told me that they’ve gotten leads from their Website, Google, Newspapers, Facebook - even Doctors and referrals from past patients - that they couldn’t convert and that is why I am delighted to announce:


Paul Gough’s


Effortless Selling System

Get Instant Access to All 8 Modules NOW – PLUS, We’ll Send you Your FREE 500 page BINDER That Comes Complete With All Of The Transcripts, Telephone Scripts, CD’s And DVD’s That You Need So You Can Read, Listen AND Watch As You Learn How To Boost Your Profits By Doubling Conversions.

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Limited to just 10 Purchases!

If you double your sales skills – you will double your profits.

That is why I am personally inviting you to invest in my Exclusive Effortless Selling System program dedicated to improving your Sales skills and increasing your Conversions.

If you are willing to dedicate time over the next 8 weeks to focus on the single most important part of your business, I promise you that we will sort out your clinic's sales and conversion problem once and for all. Best, you will never worry again about hearing the words “I’ll have to think about it’ or “do you take my insurance”…

Specifically Designed For PTs Who Hate "Selling"

Here’s the thing: If you don't like traditional "sales", you're not alone. I can't stand it either. I'd literally rather do hard manual labor than be a typical "salesman"…

And that's why I've spent years developing the System I'll be revealing on this program.

When you use it, two things will happen:

First, you'll be of genuine help to everyone you use it with.

These people are in pain, they’re confused, they are nervous and skeptical about the investment they will need to make and they have many cheaper options besides you - but once you know how to do this right they'll come away from the experience viewing you as a trusted friend and adviser… and much more likely to become a paying patient.

This is really important to you now because it sets you up for a long-term relationship with them where they're significantly more likely to become a good, long-term client that does business with you for years and is much more likely to tell their friends and family all about you.

That’s what you want, right?

The next thing you'll notice is this:

You'll Know How To Convert More Cold Inquires - To Actual, Full Paying Patients…

And you'll do it without using any ‘pressure’, you won't have to convince anyone of anything – like paying in Cash or going Out-Of-Network - and you won't even have to talk about yourself or your PT services much - if at all!

That's because of the way the System works.

I've created it using a combination of advanced Persuasion and Influence Strategies - and a new approach called “Selling To Serve” - that actually helps the prospect sell him/herself so that you don’t have to!

Here Are Three More Reasons Why The “Effortless Selling System” Program Is Going To Be Transformative For You And Your Business

1. You’ll discover the skills necessary to confidently convert more inquires that will maximize your profits.

The harsh truth is that most business owners have lost the “selling battle” before the patient even calls because they have such little confidence when selling.

It could be that they just don’t have the skills – OR, what is more likely, they are worried by how they might be judged for being to “salesy”.

By the way, neither is of any concern to the patient.

All they want is the outcome and if you are able to show that you know how to achieve it – they invite you to sell it to them.

2. You’ll get the unshakeable confidence to truly sell the value of what you do – and how skilled you are as a PT!

Why is that important? It’s because every customer of any business wants to feel one thing - “CERTAINTY”.

Let me repeat that – because it contains the seeds of all the new patients and the higher prices that you want to sell at.

Every customer of any business wants to feel one thing – “CERTAINTY”.

Patients do not have money issues - they have CERTAINTY issues.

What they want to see from you is the CERTAINTY that they will get the outcome they are looking for. You know you can help them – but they need to feel it before they will hire you.

I guarantee that the “Effortless Selling System”&rdquo will give you the CERTAINTY that comes with knowing how to sell the value of your services.

Your patients will feel it - and they will be attracted like a magnet to it.

3. We’re going to make sure the people who convert – do so at higher prices.

The average rate for a session of PT is shockingly low - and yet there are still so many objections to the price.

It does not matter if it’s “$50” copay – or “$150” per session – PTs everywhere are getting objections to their prices.

And yet, I can show you clinic owners who I have worked with who are now charging over $225 per session (in small, rural towns) with very little - if any - push back.

What is the difference?

The ones charging $225 or more learned how confidently sell the value of what they do.

Are they ‘better’, more ‘skilled’ PTs?

No. Of course not.

They just have more confidence when it comes to handling the money conversation and that is something you can LEARN too.

Before I invite you to order this course, first let me ask you this question:

“How Do You Set Your Fees?”

It’s my experience that most PTs set their prices by being the ‘average’ of what everyone else in town charges.

That is a like giving yourself the “average” label which is difficult to shake off when trying to sell your value.

Imagine the confidence that the $200 PLUS PT has over the Business Owner who labeled themselves as ‘average’ and is struggling to convert at $150?...

To make matters worse, most PT business owners are struggling to get past “2 or 3” visits. In reality – they are recommending LESS sessions than is needed only because they do not want to face any push back or objection from the patient.

Imagine that: Not recommending the 8 or 10 sessions that you know the patient REALLY needs for fear of getting an objection.

Coupled with such low prices per session – is it any wonder that so many PTs cannot make the profits they want or deserve?

We Are Going To Sort All This Out Once And For All With The “Effortless Selling System”

I am going to show you step-by-step the things you MUST be doing on the first phone call and in the initial evaluation to massively increase your conversion ratio from inquiry to paying patient – and the mistakes you should be avoiding at all costs. By the end of the course, you will not be hearing the words “I’ll have to think about it” ever again.

Finally, we will make sure that you are able to Master the most common situations in a PT Practice that require you to sell your value:

  1. Converting “cold leads” (…from your website, Google, Facebook etc) to full paying patient

  2. Selling value on the phone to “warm leads” (...those folks who requested your free reports or made inquires about price)

  3. Converting people at the Initial Consultation (…to a full plan of care)

  4. Converting from Discovery Visits

  5. Re-selling the value of PT to “Drop-offs” or “No-shows”

  6. Converting at Workshops or when speaking at Educational Events

When you know how to Master all 6 of these elements of selling in your business – your new patient numbers and your profits will increase drastically.

“8 Incredible Lessons On How To Convert At Higher Prices -
Here’s What You Are Going To Be Getting”

When you enroll in the “Effortless Selling System” program you are getting instant access to all 8 lesson that were taught at Paul Gough’s most recent “sold out” Sales and Conversions Bootcamp in San Diego.

All lessons are professionally recorded and feature teachings, insights, distinctions on how to raise rates and why people object, stories from Pauls own clinic on converting in the cash-pay setting in a country with free healthcare - plus Q/A from the other PTs in the audience. 

You get to keep the video’s for life - to watch as many times and as often as you like - plus, you get access to the EXACT SLIDES that Paul Gough used to present to the audience across the two days. 

Each lesson lasts between 60-90 minutes and here’s the exact lessons you are going to be getting: 

Lesson 1 The Fundamentals of Sales – PLUS, Simple Ways To Optimize Your Conversion System

Lesson 2 Influence & The 5 Levels of Persuasive Communication 

Lesson 3 Essential Sales Strategies Perfect For Health Care Providers

Lesson 4 Selling To Serve 

Lesson 5 Overcoming The 7 Most Common Objections To Paying Cash For Physical Therapy 

Lesson 6 Front Desk Phone Sales: How To Get Them Off The Phone And Into Your Clinic

Lesson 7 Treatment Room Conversions: How To Convert To A Full Plan Of Care

Lesson 8 Maximizing Sales: Raising Rates, Cash Upsells & Re-activating Drop-Offs

Plus, you’ll be able to download AND be sent all the slides with the exact words, scripts and verbiage you need to custom tailor the perfect script for your practice.

Enroll now to get instant access to the private membership site where you can download your video trainings and slides recorded live at this incredible event... AND be sent your free binder containing all the scripts, transcripts, slides and live recordings from the most recent event too so you can read, listen and watch and discover how to boost your clinic’s profits…

$5000 Just 1 Payment of $3000

Save $2000

Option 2

$5000 Just 4 Monthly Payments of $800

Save $1800

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Yes! I want to start this course NOW!

Limited to just 10 Purchases!

"Here's Some Behind The Scenes Footage From The Live 2-Day Sales and Conversions Bootcamp Event"

Highlight #1 – In this one Paul talks about overcoming the “I can’t afford it” issue…”

Highlight #2 – In this one, hear Paul start talking to the audience about how to handle the dreaded “do you take my Insurance?” question… (he spends over an hour on this alone)

So, Who is the “Effortless Selling System” for?

If you own a PT Business – or are planning to start one soon, this course is essential for you because the future of your profits really depends upon your ability to sell the value of what you do.

Here’s who should invest in the “Effortless Selling System":

“Should Your Staff Take This Course As Well?”

The answer is an emphatic “YES”!

This will be the greatest investment that you will make in your staff and you will see a bigger return than any CEU or Con Ed. course you could ever send them on.

If they are able to do more of the selling for you, it allows you to get on with running the business, PLUS, your staff can use the BINDER you’ll be sent too – and refer to the telephone scripts as they communicate with patients on the phone.

Yes! I want to start this course NOW!

Limited to Just 10 Purchases!

Here’s Just Some Of What You Will Discover In The “Effortless Selling System”

And so much more aimed at making you more profit by giving you the confidence and skills to truly sell your services at higher prices.

Plus, Get Three Months FREE Membership of Planet Paul Marketing Academy - Paul Gough’s Exclusive VIP Community of The World's Best Physical Therapists

If you are not currently a member of Planet Paul Marketing Academy, you will also receive three months FREE membership including monthly CD and 32 page “Planet Paul” Marketing Publication. After your three-month trial, you will automatically be upgraded to full membership at 249 per month unless you cancel - which you can easily do at any time (instructions on how to do so will be provided). This Free bonus is for Non Marketing-Academy members only.

Planet Paul Magazine VIP membership

The Ultimate Networking Opportunity:

Apart from a profit packed 8 modules, you’ll also get access to my 24/7 Facebook community and Live Group Coaching calls enabling you to network with some of America, Canada, Britain and Australia’s smartest, like-minded business owners you could wish to meet.

Running a PT Business can feel lonely – especially if you are cash or OON. Finding success-driven business owners who think like you is not easy. My VIP Facebook community includes business owners from all over the world – from start-ups to multi-million dollar business. You can meet those business owners by investing in The “Effortless Selling System”.

Choose which one works for you:

$5000 Just 1 Payment of $3000

Save $2000

Option 2

$5000 Just 4 Monthly Payments of $800

Save $1800

Only 7 More Available

Yes! I want to start this course NOW!

Limited to Just 10 Purchases!

“If You Don’t Think Investing In This Course Is Going To Be Worth At Least $5000 To You – I Will Give You Your Money Back”

The “Effortless Selling System” is designed to give you the sales skills and conversions strategies to double your profits. So, depending upon the size of your business this could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

I am so certain of this, I am giving you the following iron cast iron guarantee:

If after 2 weeks you do not think that this course is going to be worth at least $5000 to you – just let us know and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

That is how certain I am that your decision to invest in The “Effortless Selling System” will be the best and most profitable business decision you have ever made.

Here’s What Happens When You Have A System That Allows You To Sell Effortlessly:

I’m No Longer Afraid Of Hearing The Words, “Do You Take My Insurance…?”

“Before I knew about Paul’s Effortless Selling System I used to dread the phone ringing – I was always worried about hearing the words most Cash PT’s dread, “do you take my insurance…”

Now all of that has changed. This program has taken my confidence to the next level. I’m now equipped with a clear framework to handle objections, I don’t feel like I’m winging it, desperately trying to convince someone to pay for my services, and even better - my staff have the skills to confidently convert inquires to actual paying patients and at more than $100 since taking this course.”

- Carrie Jose Gove, CJ Physical Therapy, Portsmouth, NH Flag

Without the Effortless Selling System my clinic would never have hit $6000 in the first month

“How was I able to convert over $6000 worth of new patients in my first month of business? It was because of everything I learned from Paul Gough and specifically his Effortless Selling System. I learned how to raise rates and how to overcome objections. Without this program I would never of had the skills to convert even half of my leads, not to mention my rates would be a fraction of what they are now.”

- Joshua Hall, Hall Physical Therapy, Salt Lake City, Utah Flag

My rates went from $150-$250 without push back! I expected push back from patients, but I didn’t get any…

“Before taking this program I just didn’t know how to handle the cash pay conversation with patients asking about Insurance. Paul’s selling system gave me the skills and confidence I needed to handle the money conversation and convert people happy to pay in cash - no questions asked! This new found confidence also allowed me to raise my rates to a big $250 (when I originally planned to raise them to $180!), and I’m hitting my monthly revenue goals.

If you want to be able to charge higher rates, have higher profits and less push back from patients - you cannot make that happen without Paul’s Effortless Selling System.”

- Stefani Wylie, MPower Physical Therapy Dallas, TX Flag

I was always worried about being “too salesy” – since this program, I’ve doubled conversions, raised prices and it doesn’t even feel like I am selling

“I was sitting on the fence about enrolling in the Effortless Selling System or not, but making the decision to enroll has MORE than paid for itself.

Paul’s selling system has given me (and my team!) the confidence to sell full plans of care, and as a result my cash-pay patients have DOUBLED and keep on coming! Not only do I have a consistent flow of cash-pay, even my insurance patients have started paying in cash and WOM clients keep on coming!

This program is a MUST, it makes "selling" so much easier. So easy that you never really feel like you’re doing it! I was worried about being too salesy when I was trying to sell my services – now it doesn’t even feel like I am doing it! Thank you Paul for sharing this system, you’ve made my life and business richer in many ways.”

- Hoang Tran, Hands On Physical Therapy, Miami, FL Flag

Now I charge the prices I want – without ANY objections or push-back!

“The biggest struggle I was facing before discovering Paul’s Effortless Selling System was the ability to convert inquiries and actually get them on schedule. I was painfully uncomfortable discussing cost, and every time the insurance question came up I would put it off for as long as possible - it scared me!

Now I know EXACTLY what to say when the ‘dreaded’ insurance question comes up with confidence, and I can’t remember the last time someone gave me push-back when they heard the cost - I can’t believe it, people don’t bat an eyelid!

The sooner you enroll in this program the sooner you will reach your goals. This system has made me more money and given me control over my business - I can think about scaling now I’m not STUCK with how to convert.”

- Danelle Dickson, Performance Plus PT, Washington D.C. Flag

As an Insurance Based Owner for ten years, I lacked confidence to sell to the Cash Pay market – but not anymore…

“Before Paul’s Selling System I lacked the confidence to start my Cash Clinic (in fact, I kept telling myself that opening a cash practice was impossible!) - but really all that was holding me back was the thought that “I had no idea how to sell to a cash-pay market.”

This program has showed me step-by-step the things I absolutely must be doing on the phone to convert inquiries, I now have the confidence to make my business dreams come to life.

Asking people to pay in cash is not a problem anymore – in fact, as soon as I began this program I started charging $250 right away!”

- Dean Volk, Volk PT, NC and SC Flag

I made more in six months after discovering Paul’s Effortless Selling System than the entire year prior to it…

“Prior to taking this program, I was struggling with finding the confidence to sell my services and getting people to commit to a full plan of care. I was also feeling tired, burnt out almost, working part-time at another job just so I could make enough to get by…

Paul’s Effortless Selling System helped changed that for me. I was able to understand the psychology behind how people make decisions, how to build trust and learning the importance of follow-up was golden.

I went from charging $197 per session to $250, and 6 months later after implementing the strategies I had already made MORE than I had in an entire year. This event gave me the confidence quit my day job AND raise my rates.

If you’re on the fence, I’d urge you to enroll. This program is a game changer, instead of dragging my feet and trying to figure things out, I’m getting leads and converting them to cash paying patients.”

- Tonya Yanok, Yanok PT, Cleveland, Ohio Flag

…If all that stands in the way of you achieving stunning results like this is your ability to confidently sell at higher prices, then this program will solve that for you…

Yes! I want to start this course NOW!

Limited to Just 10 Purchases!

“Still Not Sure?”
Then Read This:

Many of the Business Owners who have taken my programs on Marketing have experienced phenomenal results. That is because they have acquired the skill of marketing PLUS they have worked with me and learned how to sell!

Business success from here on in is a choice.

You can accept being battered by insurance companies, rent rises, push-back from patients who want to use their insurance or left frustrated by patients who always want to chose a cheaper alternative - or you can do something about it.

I know some business owners have heard “I’ll call you back” or “I’ll think about it” from patients so many times that they just think that is normal and have almost given up hope that anything can be done about it.

I’ve spent years figuring out how to sell the value of Physical Therapy – I had to. People in the UK can get Physical Therapy For FREE paid for by the socialist government.

That means I’ve heard every objection, every challenge to my fees and every excuse under the sun as to why they can’t pay or that they can get it cheaper else where - and I have spent 10 years mastering how to overcome them all to drastically boost my profits.

Now I want to share it all with you…

The great news is that Selling is actually easier than Marketing and if all that stands in your way of higher profits – is the confidence and know how to sell the value of your services – then this course is perfect for you and you can confidently enroll now.

I’ll see you in sunny San Diego in December.

Paul GoughSincerely,

Paul Gough

P.S Here’s a quick summary:

Q. What is it? The “Effortless Selling System” is a unique and exclusive 8-Module program where I’ll give you everything you need to deal with the money/cash conversation, raise your prices and ultimately maximize conversions and profits at your clinic. The entire course is focused on the essential strategies to ethically double your sales and conversion ratio – perfect for healthcare professionals.

Q. When is it?: You can start Module 1 today!

Q. Who is it for?: If you own a cash based, OON PT clinic – or your patients have increasingly high co-pay contributions or deductibles – then this course is for you. It’s for brand new, small and large PT clinics who want to convert more inquires/referrals to full paying patients. It’s for you if your staff need to be shown how to increase their sales and conversion skills so that they can sell more for you.

Q. How much is it: The price for this course is $5000$2400 or 4 x $650.

Q. When do I get my binder? Your free Binder which includes all of the transcripts, telephone scripts, CD’s and DVD’s will land on your doorstep 7-10 working days after you enroll.

Q. I’m outside of the US, will this work for me? Yes! Absolutely. Paul Gough has scaled his four location cash pay physical therapy clinic in the UK, where health care is free (and, in one of the poorest parts of the country) to $1 million PLUS in revenue using this very system. As well as that, other clinic owners just like you from Australia, Canada, Europe, and all around the world, have already put these systems in place and seen stunning results!

Q. What is the Guarantee? If after 2 weeks you are not convinced that this course is going to be worth at least $5000 to you, you can request a full refund – no questions asked.

Your Next Step:

$5000 Just 1 Payment of $3000

Save $2000

Option 2

$5000 Just 4 Monthly Payments of $800

Save $1800

Only 7 More Available

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Limited to Just 10 Purchases!