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From The Desk of Paul Gough,
Orlando, FL.

Dear Physical Therapist,

If you’ve always wanted to sell an online program, or you just want another revenue stream for your practice, this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

But let me clear something up early:

What we’re about to discuss here isn’t just about creating an online program - it has everything to do with MARKETING and actually MAKING MONEY from creating the type of online program that will sell for the rest of your life; the “set and forget” type of online program that allows you to do other things you enjoy while the program continues to make you money.

“The Day I Sold MY First Ever Program – and Where It Took Me Next…”

I still remember where I was and what I was doing the day I sold my first ever online program…

True story: I was sat in a coffee shop in ADELAIDE, Australia.

I was there at Christmas 2015 and one morning I went to look at my emails… to my surprise, and delight, I had a notification from my online banking system telling me I had made my first ever online program sale.

It was to a clinic owner in Rochester Hills, Michigan and it was for $197.

It was one of the best moments of my life… I ran out of the coffee shop to tell Natalie that “I had done it”… I’d sold my first ever online program and I was now “an international business man”…

Less than a year later I had made 7 figures selling my programs online and just a few years later I had built one of the biggest and most profitable online coaching programs that currently exists in the physical therapy profession anywhere in the world. Perhaps THE biggest.

Since that day five years ago I’ve sold THOUSANDS of online programs for close to $10,000,000 in total revenue so believe me when I tell you there ARE secrets I can share with you about selling programs online that others can not teach you.

“Paul, I Want to Sell an Online Program – Is It a Good Idea?”

It seems that the Covid-19 situation and the looming recession has caused PTs everywhere to think about how they might add an additional revenue that DOES NOT RELY upon patients visiting their practice. Smart.

Let me tell you where I stand on this:

I think EVERY PT should be selling something online.

The ability to sell my Expertise using the internet has completely changed my life.

Personally, I love the LIFESTYLE FREEDOM and abundance of choice it affords me in my day.

I’ve been able to move my family from the cold and damp UK, to live in sunny Orlando, and I’ve started other businesses on the back of my success from selling my EXPERTISE online.

But for most, it is the profit margin of ONLINE PROGRAMS that appeals and I can see why…

In most cases, especially if you already have a patient database or a following online, you can make as much as 80% profit on your online programs.

Take What You Already Know, Package It Properly, And Market It Correctly – The Secret Formulae

Whether it is a program on how to ease back pain… continued service in the comfort of a patient’s own home… an exercise program for clients with a busy schedule… virtual wellness clients… a program for runners on how to run without pain or getting injured… or teaching other health professionals the skills that you’ve honed in your practice… you already have EXPERTISE that people will buy from you and often all that stands in the way is being shown how to do it RIGHT.

There’s just 3 steps to getting it right online:

  1. Decide what you’re good at (that you think someone else wants to know about)

  2. Package it correctly

  3. Market and sell it

It really isn’t that difficult to do once you’re shown how.

Selling online is great because it allows you the economies of scaling that only come with having a GLOBAL audience as your potential client base (that is rarely available in a physical practice).

Basically, you can do this with super high profit margins and without it costing that much money to get it going.

And, it’s About MORE  Than Just Creating “An Online Program”

To be clear, this isn’t about how to get patients for your practice, it isn’t about workshops or getting referrals from doctors.

This is about how to generate revenue for your practice accessing customers all over the world at profit margins that some clinic owners could only dream of.

And, most importantly, it’s about creating what we call in the online world an “EVERGREEN ASSET”.

That is something that you create once, and it generates revenue for you for life.

An evergreen asset is like a Christmas No.1 hit record – the artist creates the song once and if it goes to number one it will sell every year at Christmas time - forever.

That singer is getting richer every year without having to do anything and will continue to get richer every 12 months, for ever. That is the power of an EVERGREEN online program.

Plus, the profit margins of creating an Evergreen Online Program are in the 1000% plus range and best of all, you get paid in ADVANCE.

An “Evergreen Asset” is not something that you will hear many people speak about simply because they don’t understand how to create one.

While there are people out there who will teach you “how to do an online program”, what makes this course so different is that I am going to show you how to create an online program that you can set and forget about but will generate money for you for life.

When I create any online program it must fall into this category. I ask myself can I do it once and will it sell forever? If the answer is yes, I will commit to creating.

On this program I’ll show you everything I’ve learned about how to do it for yourself.

A Business Makeover? Or, A Completely New Business Model?

And who knows where this will lead…

I have helped many people start and grow their own fully “online businesses” after starting by selling their own online program.

Christine Walker of “PT Website Secrets” is a famous pupil of mine who started by selling an initial online program on how to build websites - and is now running a medium SIX FIGURE company that impacts people from all over the world online.

It all started with an ONLINE PROGRAM.

Another one of my clients, Kevin Vandi, a PT clinic owner from San Jose has just sold “14” of his $997 online running programs for runners – with just 5 emails to his patient list.

That is $15,000 of profit and there’s no reason he won’t be able to repeat that every couple of months. Perhaps more, as his clinic database gets bigger.

How Much Money Can You Realistically Make Online?

It really is possible to double, triple … perhaps quadruple your revenue from selling online programs.

The next step up in moneymaking is from in person (one on one) practitioner – to online program sales where you can sell the same program to 1000’s of people at the same time (global).

Let’s do some quick math:

Even if you’re able to create one simple 6-part online program that helps people live with less back pain you could easily and reasonably expect to sell it for $495 or more.

It would take 15-20 hours to create and you’ve got an ASSET that you can sell for the rest of your life that will never need your attention again.

It is like having your own Christmas No.1 hit record – it keeps producing cash for you year after year!

If you are conservative with your projections, even selling JUST 3 or 4 of these programs per month could bring in an additional $25,000 per year of pure profit.

Sell 8 per month and you’re bringing home an additional $50,000.

Sell 4 per week and you’re a six-figure online expert that will soon be wondering why on earth you’re not devoting more time to creating more online programs and selling them to even more people.

That is why there’s an option TWO for you to attend this event…

Announcing Paul Gough's

“Online Income Explosion” Program


Paul Gough's Online Income Explosion Program

Module 1

Fundamentals of Creating An Evergreen Online Program

Module 2

How to Create Content Quickly and Package it Professionally

Module 3

How to Market Your Evergreen Online Program

Module 4

How to Price and Sell Your Online Program (Plus, What to Sell Next…)


Two bonus tech support calls with my own marketing manager who runs the technical end of all my online programs

Yes Paul! I Want To Sell My Own Online Program. Teach Me How! »

Start TODAY for Just 1 x $1500 or 3 x $550.

Here’s Some of What You’ll Get

Plus, Remind Me to Teach You How I Get Paid for My Programs – Before I Even CREATE One…

Seriously, a HUGE mistake people make is that they START by making the program. That isn’t the way to do it.

I prefer GETTING PAID TO CREATE the program and I can teach you how I do it.

There’ll be no more spending months or years “creating the program” and then running out of steam trying to sell it. I’m going to show you how to get paid up front – weeks before you’ve even opened up the membership site.

There truly are going to be a LOT of secrets shared to how I have built my own online empire in the weeks we will spend together…

Yes Paul! I Want To Sell My Own Online Program. Teach Me How! »

Start TODAY for Just 1 x $1500 or 3 x $550.

Who Is it For?

It’s for you if any of the following apply to you:

A Self-Professed “Tech Dummy” – What You Should Know About Me…

What you should know about me is a I am a self-professed “TECH DUMMY”!

I build my online business using very simple tools including the simplest membership sites and video platforms I can find. Being good at SELLING online programs doesn’t mean you have to be some kind of “online or tech Wizz kid”! (the complete opposite is true – I spend more time with a pen and legal pad in my hand when creating an online program).

If you’re easily confused by tech - or overwhelmed by the whole online thing - I’ll break it all down for you and explain how to forget about the fancy stuff that has been confusing the heck out of you that honestly, you really don’t need.

Specifically Designed For People Who “Hate Selling”…

I know the issue for many with their online program is how to actually SELL it and make money from it…

If you really don’t like “selling” or you’re worried about doing it online, you’re not alone and there is a way to bypass this…

I’ve built my entire online global empire around a set of MARKETING principles that makes selling effortless. I’ll show you how to do the same on this program.

I’ll teach you how to intertwine sales into your marketing so that you won’t have to do much of it.

Plus, it’s all going to be automated and most of your sales are going to happen through emails, social media posts or online sales pages that I’ll help you create.

Doing it this way is important because it will NOT compromise your relationship with your patients or followers and yet still allows you to make money.

Here’s Some Of The Questions We’ll Be Answering For You:

  1. How do you get started and how do you actually make money?

  2. What price do you charge for your program - and what’s the best way to take payment online?

  3. What platform should you choose for your content and how to take it from basic to amazing

  4. How do you convert customers of an online program - to a patient of your clinic?

  5. How you sell a program even if there’s skepticism from people who have been let down repeatedly by other health care professionals?

  6. What to do if you’re not good with the tech stuff?

  7. How do you develop your marketing message to attract the right client?

  8. How do create video content and which platform is the best to store it on?

  9. How do you create a “sales page” and write a series of sales emails make sales online, 24/7

  10. How to create an automated sales process so you don’t have to speak to patients on the phone to sell it

And, most importantly, how to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and actually get the darn’ thing out there to the world and start making some MONEY from your Expertise 😊

Yes Paul! I Want To Sell My Own Online Program. Teach Me How! »

Start TODAY for Just 1 x $1500 or 3 x $550.

Final Thoughts:
Why You’d Be Crazy Not To Consider Having Your Own “Hit Record”…

If you’re thinking “should I or shouldn’t I” become an online expert, I ask you to consider where most people spend their time these days. That is right, it is ONLINE. It is the NOW and the FUTURE of commerce.

And, the greatest advantage a PT like you has over anyone else trying to sell an online program is that you already have the one thing you need to make this a success – the customers!

If you’ve got people who have already bought from you or who follow you on social media, you’ve already got the first part of the online equation covered.

Even if you’ve got just 10 patients… you’ve got the first people we can go to and make your first sales. And, every time you put another patient into your database or get another follower on social media you’ve got another potential customer.

And, what is more, because people can buy your online program first, you also have the option of them becoming patients of your clinic. It’s win-win. Higher profits and less hassle.

It’s an explosive way to boost your income and your take home profits and best it can happen while you’re sat in a coffee shop in a foreign country 12,000 miles away from home 😊

Enrol now, and I look forward to getting you started on your online journey. Who knows where it will lead…

Yes Paul! I Want To Sell My Own Online Program. Teach Me How! »

Start TODAY for Just 1 x $1500 or 3 x $550.

Best wishes,

Paul Gough

FAQ’s of the Online Secrets Sessions:

Q. When will the four sessions take place?

A. Because all of the material is accessed via a private area membership website, you can choose how fast you complete the modules. We do try to hold you accountable to implement stuff each week – but ultimately, you decide how much you can do according to the schedule you have.

Q. What’s included?

A. Access to everything you will need to know to market and sell your own online program to patients / friends / colleagues / social media followers.

Q. I haven’t got a program or course, should I do it?

A. Yes, we’ll give you the motivation to finally create the content

Q. I have a course I couldn’t sell, should I do it?

A. Yes. Most courses don’t sell simply because they are NOT marketed or sold well. You won’t need to change the program – only the marketing and I’ll show you how.

Q. I am curious, should I do it?

A. Why not? If you like the thought of adding an additional source of income to your business that is nearly all profit, do it.

Q. I am one of Paul’s competitors, should I do it? 😊

A. Of course, it would be helpful for you. Plus, it would be nice for you to actually pay me for something rather than just blatantly copying my work and then illegally passing it off as your own. Only Jackasses do that.

Yes Paul! I Want To Sell My Own Online Program. Teach Me How! »

Start TODAY for Just 1 x $1500 or 3 x $550.