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"I don't know where I would be without the Physical Therapy Business Growth School Program. Our income has more than doubled in less than a year, and we're working less!"

Jason Han, HealthFit Physical Therapy & Chiropractic, Pasadena, CA Flag

"Since taking PT Business Growth School my monthly revenue has tripled. It’s never dropped, and it’s continuing to grow."

Carrie Jose Gove, CJ Physical Therapy and Wellness, Portsmouth, NH Flag

"Before joining Physical Therapy Business Growth School, we were going through the motions without a plan, now we have an amazing team culture that patients love and solid systems that automate everything so the business continues to be more and more profitable, without me even having to be there."

Trevor Ling, Peak Performance Physiotherapy & Wellness, Memphis, TN Flag

“The best thing I can stay about PT Business Growth School is that this program has helped us to “take back our clinic” - and finally feel like we are in control of it again”

– Steve Kinsey, Hereford PT, Parkton, MD Flag

Paul GoughDear Physical Therapist,

It’s sad, but true…

In the new healthcare economy, many Physical Therapists are working way harder than they should be.

The philosophy that if you work more and if you see more... then you’ll make more, is the foundation of today's stress-ridden PT Industry.

That “out-dated” philosophy is also why most PT Business Owners are caught up in the daily "rat race".

What Is “The Rat Race”?

I’ll tell you…

“It’s a way of life in which PT business owners are trapped in a fiercely competitive struggle for more success, more recognition and more money...

...with very little time left over for personal happiness or satisfaction”.

It often involves subjecting yourself to long hours in your business, overloading yourself with heavy rent, wages and bills, each one making you to feel as though your only choice is to work even harder as you try to keep up.

That’s not a great way to live.

And for most of us, it’s simply not sustainable.

It’s also a path without any “gold” waiting at the end of the rainbow - no matter how hard you work.

Because even if you do manage to “win the rat race”... who wants to be crowned “KING RAT”?

Not me. And luckily,

I Narrowly Escaped This “Rat Race”

So here’s my story:

Three years ago my business was growing nicely…

I had all these dazzling new ideas, I was building my new patient database with ease (using the Education Based Marketing Strategy) - and I was seeing some level of success.

But pretty soon my momentum fizzled and I had this sinking feeling that I was missing something.

I was right.

I was missing the one single thing that I really needed to grow and scale my business - AUTOMATED SYSTEMS!

I thought “winging it” without any clear direction was a perfectly fine way to build a physical therapy business...

Most people in the industry were doing it - and it was working well enough, I was making a profit, I was acquiring new patients and I was “growing”, so I assumed I was doing something right.

Then one day I discovered that my business had become an unorganized, un-scalable “mess” ...and that caused health problems in the form of a heart scare diagnosed at the age of just “31”.

After That “Heart Scare”, Thankfully,I Woke The Hell Up!

After being diagnosed with a “stress-related” condition at such a young age, I asked myself a LOT of questions.

Such as:

“Why do we business owners let things get so bad that it affects our health…?”


“Why do we wait until we realize we’ve missed out on so many things with our family before we do something about it by stepping away from the daily grind of our business...?

The answer to both of those questions is this:

“We do it simply because we’re afraid that our business will fail without us being there all day, every day”.

However, that’s NOT an accurate representation of reality.

Businesses don’t fail because the owner isn’t there every day…

...businesses fail because of what the owner DOESN’T DO when he or she is there.

In fact:

The No.1 Reason Most Small PT Businesses FAIL Is Because Of A Lack of Systems

At first, it was hard to accept that to move forward with my business I would have to hand it over to others.

The idea of “letting go” of my business made me feel vulnerable, insecure and fearful that other people I employ wouldn’t provide the same high quality level of care and service as I would.

But, I was wrong!

And since those crazy days, I’ve learned systematic ways for embracing and driving more sustainable growth at the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms”.

I’ve come out the other side with a much more profitable, hassle-free business and I can tell you now that running the business is NOT even my job.

It never was.

That’s because “owners” don’t run businesses.

“Systems run businesses”.

And it’s the people you hire who run those systems for you.

It’s how ALL successful businesses are run.

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way - but I now know that a PT Business Owner’s ONLY job is to create and constantly refine the systems, and if you do that, success is practically all but guaranteed.

In The Last 3 Years I’ve Created Systems That Means My Business Runs Like Clockwork - Whether I’m In The Country, Or Not!

That means no more working harder than I absolutely have to… more “rat race” for me...

…and, most importantly, no more missing out on family time or feeling like I can’t go somewhere or do something, “just in case” something happens back at the business that “only I can deal with”.

I’ve learned how to:

Photo of one of Paul Gough's UK clinics

These days, I work less but make MORE without bumbling and fumbling through the process of growing a business.

And, I’ve finally realized that the more systems I have in my business, the easier it is for me to position myself OUT OF THE BUSINESS and have others do the work for me.

I’ve come a long way in a short period of time and because of that, my business and lifestyle success has attracted a lot of attention from physical therapists who want to know how I’ve done it.

As a result, I’m often asked this question from PT’s just like you:

“What Advice Would I Give To Myself If I Was Starting Out In Business Again?”

My answer is always this:

“There is nothing more important in a business than creating systems - do not wait to systematize your business.

Do NOT wait for business systems to just drop in your lap - they don’t.

Do not wait for your business to just organize itself - it won’t.

Do not guess your way through it - you’ll get it wrong most of the time.

Do not confuse knowing how to do your great PT work with knowing how to build a dream business - they are two COMPLETELY different things requiring two completely different skill sets.

And most importantly of all, do not ever think for one minute that you CAN’T have as big of a business, impact or income as you want - even if you’re not working in that business 24/7.

I’m Living Proof That A Dream Lifestyle Is Possible As A PT Business Owner

Anyone who tells you a “Dream Lifestyle” isn’t possible - simply hasn’t invested any time in figuring out how to make it happen.

Last year I spent “22” weeks away from my PT business - all of it in foreign countries on vacation with my family, OR, furthering my business education by attending seminars.

I often choose to do both at the same time.

That means wherever I’m going, my young son “Harry” can travel with me.

So far he’s been all across the US - from East Coast to West - right through Europe and TWICE round Australia.

Paul Gough with son Harry

“Mixing travel with business - Harry and me hanging out in Austin (TX) recently with Dr. Jarod Carter and 5 other successful physical therapy clinic owners!”

Paul Gough with son Harry

“Harry looking cool in Hollywood Park, LA”

Paul Gough with son Harry

“Harry and I looking for a glimpse of the President of the United States in Washington D.C.”

Not bad for a kid who's just “28” months old.

To Be Able To Spend More Quality Time With My Son “Harry” Is My Reward  For Setting Up These Systems

The personal satisfaction I get from owning a successful business that helps people live active and healthy lives is my justification for the work it takes...

...and the long-periods of time I get to spend with “Harry” doing what we want, when we want, that’s my REWARD!

See, I LOVE to travel.

And I love to travel with my young family in tow...

The business that I own (“The Paul Gough Physio Rooms”) is simply my vehicle for driving and funding this dream lifestyle we’re living.

I’m not a slave to my business anymore...

I control it… it doesn’t control me.

I decide what I want from my life, then I build systems in my business to help me achieve it as fast as possible.

I’m living proof that if you set up the right systems in your business that you can have everything you want - and more - as soon as you make the commitment to have them and do the work it takes to get them.

But it’s NOT only about you having a better lifestyle or making more profit...

I Firmly Believe That “Business Growth” ISN’T Just About Making More Money or Hiring More Staff So That You Can Do Less...

This is not just about growth for growth's sake.

I understand that not everyone wants more staff or more locations.

Not everyone needs or wants more patients.

But I know everyone reading this letter today wants to be able to find MORE TIME to spend with their patients.

(At least they SHOULD do).

And, “streamlining” your operation with the right systems will help you to do this.

More time = more care.

More care = better outcomes for patients and that = more career satisfaction for you.

So, what I’m trying to say is this:

“Even if you’re not wanting to grow in-terms of opening more clinics or hiring more staff… Growth by ways of streamlining your current operation is achieved in the same way - through better systems”.

With all that said…

...there’s just so many great and positive reasons for creating systems within your physical therapy business that I felt I just had to share ALL of mine with you.


Paul Gough’s Physical Therapy Business Growth School

What Is It?

It’s the complete BLUEPRINT to automate and systemize EVERYTHING in your business so that it grows without you.

You’re going to get 7 weeks of personal coaching and support from Paul Gough to create automated systems for growth, a culture of excellence, tracking numbers, unrivalled customer service, marketing automation and so much more.

1. Seven Weekly Seminars

The core of this Business Building course is a 6 part, in depth video seminar package. Each of the “90 minute” video seminars is packed full with systems, software and technology ideas that’ll take your PT business to the next level - and keep you there.

The 7 weeks are packed with powerful information that you can use immediately to increase your profits, grow your business and find more lifestyle success for yourself - whatever type of business you own (In-Network, Hybrid or Cash based), and whatever it’s current size. This is your complete guide to automated Physical Therapy Business Growth and more Lifestyle Success.

2. On-Going Personal Support From Paul Gough

This program is not just about me delivering powerful information to you to help you grow your business with ease. I also want to offer you personal, on-going support, accountability and business coaching. I own “4” self-built physical therapy clinics, I employ “14” staff and I spend upwards of $100,000 per year on my own business education - and I’d like to pass some of what I’ve learned on to you during our 7 weeks together.

During our 7 weeks together, you’ll get the chance to ask me questions about your business on our exclusive online forum.

If a question comes up for you between the seminars, post your question on the forum and I will personally answer it. This personalized support is an important part of the program and just as importantly, you get to interact with and support all the other PT’s on the Program.

3. Coaching From Not Just Me, But My World-Class Team

What makes this course so in-demand is that I’m taking senior members of my team away from their roles coaching some of our most successful clients and running operations in my portfolio of businesses to spend time with you personally to share the secrets for more wealth, more business growth, and ultimately, more lifestyle success.

Take confidence from knowing that you’ll be learning from people who actually ”talk the talk” AND “Walk the walk”! Learning from my team will be a game changer for your business.

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Discover On “PT Business Growth School”:

While most business owners are stuck in their practices - drowning in paperwork or constantly massaging and stretching patients, I’ve spent the last 3 years taking my business - and my LIFE - in a completely different direction.

A new direction that puts long term patient relationships and customer serving values at the front and centre of my business - and, leverages new “automation technology” that makes running and growing a physical therapy business effortless and possible, from anywhere in the world.

Here’s just some of what you’ll DISCOVER on this amazing NEW program:

Yes, We're Going To Be Covering a Lot Here… But When We're Done, You'll Finally Know:


Here’s Who This Program Is Perfect For:

Whether you’re a new or existing PT business owner - NOW is the time to get a handle on your business and let it start to grow without you having to work so hard. It’s for you if:

For Existing PT Businesses

If you run a well established or growing PT business, these 6 Video Seminars will give you the most effective, proven and truly automed SYSTEMS in the world to help you grow that PT business quicker, and with much more ease.

Most PT Businesses are in “meltdown” mode right now - operating at less than 30% of their capacity. This is a shocking waste. And yet everyone inside that practice is working harder than ever. Especially the owner - you!

On “PT Business Growth School”, you will create systems that will uncover a goldmine of opportunities in your clinic’s standard operating procedure, giving both you and your PT business a great deal of more financial freedom - for NOT an awful lot of effort.

For New PT Businesses

If you are just starting a new PT Business – especially a “cash based” or “hybrid” one - then this Systems Mastery course is ESSENTIAL for you.

Not only will you discover how to avoid the costly mistakes that cost so many start-up businesses a fortune in wasted efforts, but you'll also be launching your new PT business with the most powerful, proven and effective systems that the PT industry has ever seen.

Please DO NOT risk opening your new business thinking that you’ll be able to just “wing it”. That “tactic” had me burnt out and staring down the barrel of major heart surgery - at the age of just “31”. Now is the time to Master World Class Business Success Skills for your new clinic – and very quickly eclipse your bigger competitors still stuck in the old ways of running a business. Their bigger size is your best advantage.

Here’s The Curriculum - What We’ll Be Covering During Our Anytime Access Trainings Together

Here’s what I have for you: there are 6 anytime access trainings in this special program. You may see glimpses of things you have heard about before… but make no mistake, most of this stuff is new and all of this material is taught by people who practice what they preach…



  • Today
  • Immediately

Video Seminar 1: Strategic Planning With Paul Gough

In this first module I will map out what is possible for your business and show you how to at least Double your profits in the next twelve months.

  • What key numbers to track and how to track them.

  • How your current business stacks up against the other businesses of a similar size and type.

  • Discover if your current business model will EVER support the profit goals you’ve set… and if it can’t, what to do about it.

  • Get MY templates to work from to create your 12 month Budget and I’ll show you what the top 7 most important numbers are in your business (KPI’s/Metrics/Critical Drivers).

  • Learn what is causing the numbers to look the way they do and what to do to improve them so that the next time you speak with your Accountant you’ll not only know how much profit you have made – you’ll also be happy about the AMOUNT of profit you’ve made.

  • How to create a “Variance Analysis” and explain other financial reports that I use to run ALL of my businesses (plus when I read them, who inputs the data for me and how I then give my team instructions on what to do next based upon what I am seeing from the numbers).



  • 7 Days Later

Video Seminar 2: Discover Your Clinic’s USP, Scale Your Mission, and Create a Brand That’s Trustworthy of Growth
With Lisa Coulson, Head of Planet Paul Marketing Academy

When asked to define what makes them different from their competition, most PT clinics will say something like: “we’re more qualified...” or “we give better service...”... that might be true, but that’s what their competition are saying as well and it doesn’t do anything to set you apart from the crowd.

If patients are confused about what you offer, they’ll look past you for another PT who can say it more clearly. It’s that simple. On the flip side, once you can clarify your message and communicate what makes you TRULY different, your company will begin to grow. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • How to define what makes you different - every successful business must have a “Unique Serving Proposition”(USP) and if you and your staff don’t know what yours is, then “Co-pay” and “OON” objections are inevitable…
  • How to establish a powerful mission and vision for your company (This matters … A LOT - especially once you approach $100k in turn over)…
  • How to get ALL of your staff on board with the changes you’re going to be making as you grow - it’s vital we keep everyone moving forward as your business grows and I know 10 ways to do it...

Basically, by the end of this module, you will be able to do something that 99.9% of PT Clinics out there can’t - and that’s clearly articulate what makes you different so that you can use it in your all of your clinic’s Marketing materials to WIN!



  • 7 Days Later

Video Seminar 3: Automating a Culture of Clinical & Service Excellence
With Sophie Graven, Head of Operations and HR for Paul Gough Media

Put some “TOP PRODUCING” people in your PT company - and watch it grow. The problem is, how do you find, motivate and train them? Whether you’re planning on growing your business from just you to 2, OR, from 5 to 25, then your focus HAS to be on how you find and grow the people in your organization.

I currently employ “14” members of staff - and I know from my own personal experience that spectacular growth in business happens when you focus on creating a “culture of excellence”. On this module I’ll reveal precisely how I do it. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • How to use Google and Facebook to find new staff for your company - this’ll save you $1000’s in paying those ridiculously high fees to the “agencies” (...and, you’ll end up with better, more committed staff, that are just right for your growing clinic)
  • How to create an automated “on-boarding” process so that any new employees can train themselves (...this saves you a LOT of money and avoids “downtime” that most businesses experience when having other employees training new employees)
  • How to re-train your staff - without you having to do any of the work
  • How to save time and money on the interview process - and ensure you get it right first time
  • How to empower employees to step up and grow the company (...without you losing the “control” of your company)

There’s not much more to say about this module other than if you think you’re currently being held back by your team not giving as much to the cause as you - then this 90 minutes will change all of that for you. This is all about you leading a team that is proud to be associated with clinical AND customer serving EXCELLENCE that your patients will want to talk about.



  • 7 Days Later

Video Seminar 4: Automating The New Patient Journey Experience - Part 1
With Barry George, Front Desk and Automation Training Expert at Paul Gough Media

What is the “New Patient Journey Experience” and why is it so important now? Well, it’s this simple: Physical Therapy is what they EXPECT you to do - the EXPERIENCE is the thing they didn’t expect you to do!

You can be good at what you do in the treatment room, but if you’re not focusing on it, you will LOSE to the PT who gives patients a better EXPERIENCE. We are going to show you how to leverage systems and automation to create a Journey Experience at your practice that no other clinic can provide - ensuring all of your patients remain with you for life. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • The “New Patient On-boarding System” - we’ll cover incoming call scripts and show you all of the new “value adding” questions to ask at the beginning of the relationship that’ll make “Co-pay” and “OON” issues a thing of the past
  • The all new “Summary, Bridge and Pull” concept that they’re using in almost every other industry except PT - what it is, and why is it so important you start doing it now - Find out in week 2...
  • The “Value Added Welcome System” - what’s in it, what to say and how to automate it in less than 60 seconds so that ALL your new patients are HAPPY and made to appreciate the true value of what you do (...even if your secretary is off, or just having a bad day)
  • The “Help Me, Help You” email - why I ask it, how I ask it, and when I ask it, and how to automate it so that it stops “drop-offs” and bad online reviews at your clinic!...
  • And so much more...

This (two-part) Module is all about pre-programming your business to become a finely tuned machine so that you consistently over deliver at every stage of the patient’s lifecycle. We’re going to build a machine that creates amazing experiences all across your business. Part Two of the “New Patient Journey Experience” continues later in the course...



  • 7 Days Later

Video Seminar 5: Essential Financial Principles
With Simon Godding, Head of Paul Gough’s 4% Club™ Mastermind

If you’re planning on having a business that grows with OR without you, then you need to track the numbers. Everyone knows that. The problem is, which ones? My own physical therapy business grew so fast I almost ran into issues with cash-flow. Once I learned the financial principles that allowed me to run my businesses based on the numbers, my PROFITS grew to six figures and I was able to step away from the day-to-day operations of the business.

Now in all of my businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, and in my 4% Club Mastermind Program our clinic owners use our proprietary “cockpit” tool to set their priorities so they work SMARTER, not harder. In this module, we will be pulling back the curtain to show you the exact system I use in my businesses. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on this Module:

  • How to track the financials that actually matter (and stop wasting time on useless metrics)…

  • Which metrics and Key Performance Indicators to track and report (and what systems to use for tracking them)…

  • How to set up appropriate compensation structures for employees (and how to incentivize them to continue growing with you)…

  • Annual planning and revenue forecasting…

  • How to know how much you need to invest to fund your company growth…

  • And so much more...



  • 7 Days Later

Video Seminar 6: Marketing Automation
With Lisa Coulson, Head of Planet Paul Marketing Academy

No PT Business Success program can be complete without a special focus on Marketing. But this is more than just about “Marketing” - it’s all about “Marketing Automation”. What does that even mean? It means you spend less time chasing dead end relationships with doctors - more time picking up new patients without you or anyone else personally having to be in your office to do it.

Marketing Automation is the new way of growing a successful PT Practice: “Good-bye” prospecting to local doctors, “hello” requests for appointments waiting for you before you pull into the car park of your clinic. Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • They’re calling it the “New Patient Gold Rush” - that’s because there isn’t a better, more reliable, more automated way to pick up new patients on demand than Facebook. Here’s how to do it RIGHT…
  • “10 X Referrals From Past Patients” - how to do it, and of course, how to automate the process...
  • Special “New Patient Getting” Promotions - how to autopilot one for each month of the year and without you ever having to leave the office to do it...
  • Email Marketing 5.0 - Four years ago I sent my first ever email to just 167 past patients… these days I’m sending emails to 8000+ past patients. Sending automated emails has become one of my best and most AUTOMATED source of referrals… and it’ll do the same for you...
  • And so much more on this Marketing Automation Module...

What you’ll un-cover on this module, is, quite simply, some of the newest and “bad-ass” ways to acquire new patients - on autopilot.



  • 7 Days Later

Video Seminar 7: Automating The New Patient Journey Experience - Part 2
With Paul Gough

For most PT businesses, the problems they have with things like “drop-offs”, “no-shows” and “resistance to care plans” is NOT happening because people don’t want to pay for PT… no, it’s simply because they don’t see the true value in it.

This module will solve all of those problems for you and make things like “co-pay” or “OON” issues a thing of the past. Here’s just a sample of what I’ll be teaching you:

  • How to defuse the “co-pay” time bomb that starts ticking the moment they realize they need more than one session (...we’re going to give you the new, 21st Century Prescription of Care script that most PT’s in the US aren’t even using yet!)
  • Struggling with handing over new patients after the initial eval’ to an aide or assistant? … We’ll show you a system to do it RIGHT so that your patients transfer without resistance (...meaning you can get on with doing more of the high value stuff at your clinic)
  • How to develop a “fail-proof system” for stopping drop-offs (even if your secretary is forgetful, clumsy or just having a bad day!)
  • The never ending, 100% automated “never lose them” discharge system that has patients connecting with you daily on social, buying more services from you via email… and coming back more frequently
  • What happens if they say “NO” at the Eval?... We’ve got a SYSTEM to REVERSE that answer
  • How to get great reviews about your PT Clinic posted on Google, Yelp and Facebook automatically - and without you personally having to ask anyone to do it for you...

I could go on and on. But by now I’m sure you realize this really is a Systems and Business Building program like no other. PT Business Growth School is essentially about me lifting the hood on two of the WORLD’S most successful Physical Therapy Businesses.

We’ll be sharing our secrets and showing you how we systematize and autopilot everything so that you can do the same. You’re just weeks away from becoming the proud owner of a PT business that grows without you.

This is Not Just About “Theory”, Here’s Just Some Of The Material You’ll Get Given During This Program To Make Running Your Business - And Your Life - Miles Easier:

Next, let me show you what else I’m going to give you - as part of your investment in yourself, your clinic and your future lifestyle prosperity by choosing to enroll in “PT Business Growth School” today:

Here’s The Free Bonuses You’ll Get, Just For Signing Up To Physical Therapy Business Growth School

Free Bonus 1 2 x Free VIP Tickets To Paul's Next Big Event

When you secure your seat in Business Growth School you’ll be given x 2 Free Tickets to come along as my VIP guest and experience one of my 2-day 4% Club Mastermind Events. You’ll get to see for yourself what it’s like to be surrounded by an Elite group of very successful business owners – and leave with more clarity, more direction, momentum and FOCUS!

Free Bonus 2 Instant Access Video Training:

“Profiting From Social Media - The New Way!” (Value $347)

I’ve been on “Social” platforms for years… and at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms we’ve figured out how to make Social Media one of our best sources of new referrals as well as how to use “SM” correctly to build relationships with our past patients that will last a lifetime.

On this amazing “More Profits From Social Media” program - we show you step by step how we do it - give you behind the scenes access to precisely what we post, our exact “regimen” for posting daily, give you never ending ideas for creating daily content - even show you our 30 day calendar for outrageously engaging and creative content that keeps our past patients entertained and more likely to come back - and new patients asking to come in!

This full video program (Value $347) will be unlocked instantly - when you confirm your place on “PT Business Growth School” and of course, we’ll reveal how we AUTOMATE the whole “social thing” in one hour each week.

Free Bonus 3 Coaching Program - Guest Pass!

Get Two Months Additional Business Coaching And Support In My 4% Club Mastermind Coaching Program (Value $3600) – For Free

To ensure your Business Success happens faster, you’ll also receive two months FREE access to my 4% Club Mastermind Coaching Program. This is an $1800 monthly subscription program where you can have UNRESTRICTED access to all of my best business building material, you can join in additional weekly live event training calls, attend Monthly Marketing Master Class seminars, access the Facebook support community, get accountability and network with other likeminded PTs - all using the same strategies for business success as you.

The coaching program is typically an $1800 per month investment… meaning you’ll be getting access to at least $3600 worth of additional Business Building tools, resources and support to ensure your success on “PT Business Growth School”, and beyond - is guaranteed. You’ll be added to the group within hours of signing up.

Note: The faster you sign up for “PT Business Growth School” ...the quicker you’ll be added to the Group …meaning more Business and Lifestyle success coming your way, sooner!

Plus, Get This Free Bonus Sent To You In “Graduation Week”

“9 Ways To Create A Magical Waiting Room Experience”

When you invest in “PT Business Growth School” today, you’ll also get instant access to this video program that’ll show you precisely how to create a magical experience for your patients that’ll will have them coming back to you for life - giving you a competitive edge against the other PT Providers in your town.

In total, all of the FREE bonuses you’ll be getting for joining PT Business Growth School are worth $4244

Plus, Get Three Months FREE Membership of Planet Paul Marketing Academy - Paul Gough’s Exclusive VIP Community of The World's Best Physical Therapists

If you are not currently a member of Planet Paul Marketing Academy, you will also receive three months FREE membership including monthly CD and 32 page “Planet Paul” Marketing Publication. After your three-month trial, you will automatically be upgraded to full membership at 249 per month unless you cancel - which you can easily do at any time (instructions on how to do so will be provided). This Free bonus is for Non Marketing-Academy members only.

Planet Paul Magazine VIP membership

What To Do Next:

Take advantage today and get these Business Growth Systems working for your PT Business TODAY… and save $1600!

You should expect your 7 weeks on this Systems and Automation Master Class Program to completely change the direction of your PT business - and your lifestyle.

This is for Physical Therapy business owners serious about growing their business with ease. The full price of this program is $5000. But because you are on my “hot list”, you are getting a better offer than anyone else, at any time. This is your BEST (and most generous) opportunity to see what everyone is talking about.

Choose Which One Works For You

Route #1 Enrol with either of these easy payment options:

Option One

$5000 Just 4 Monthly Payments of $897

Save $1412

Option Two

$5000 Just One Payment of $3400

Save $1600

“Start Today For Just 4 x $897”


If you have any questions about joining the course please contact us here and Paul will personally reply to you.


Route #2 Book A Call With The Team To Find Out If This Is Right For Your Clinic

If you're interested in this program and you think it is right for you but you want to be 100% sure, click the button below to book a call with us:

“What Other PT’s Are Saying About Paul Gough’s Business Building Material”

"We made the cost of the PT Business Growth School Program BACK within just a matter of weeks of starting!"

Payal Patel, Adapt Performance and Rehab, New Jersey Flag

"My revenue has tripled since taking PT Business Growth School, and I've since raised my rates from $150 ‑ $250 a session!"

Mat Parker, Parker Physio, Solana Beach, CA Flag

"Before taking PT Business Growth School, I didn't know if I could continue my business... But, one year after implementing the systems and strategies Paul teaches, our turnover has DOUBLED and we're set to double our turnover again by the end of the year!"

Lisa Wiles, Hands That Heal, Yorkshire, UK Flag

"Since taking PT Business Growth School my finances have increased significantly, and I was able to leave my other job so I could dedicate myself to my clinic full time."

Gav Noble, Gav Noble Physiotherapy, Ireland Flag

"Before joining Physical Therapy Business Growth School, we were going through the motions without a plan, now we have an amazing team culture that patients love and solid systems that automate everything so the business continues to be more and more profitable, without me even having to be there."

Trevor Ling, Peak Performance Physiotherapy & Wellness, Memphis, TN Flag

“The key to being able to grow and scale a private practice = Automated Systems.

When I saw that Paul had a successful cash-pay 4-clinic practice running smoothly while he spends half of each year traveling with his family, I knew he was the guy to help set up my practice for continual growth without continual long days in the clinic... 

I’ve taken this course - and the response I’ve received from implementing just one of the systems he teaches, in Module 2, has been incredible! He quite literally gives you "plug-and-play" systems - and the new patient on-boarding system I now use has people arrive to my clinic for the first time and already feel like they know all the staff, and are completely comfortable getting started with their care … this has made a huge difference to compliance - and stopping drop offs - resulting in an increase in my net-revenue. Take this course! It will require work, and it is worth every penny and every minute you’ll invest!”

– Dr Jarod Carter, Founder of the Cash PT Podcast and Carter Physiotherapy, Austin, TX. Flag

“Paul Gough's Business Growth School has made a huge impact on our practice in so many ways – as well as the Marketing, he teaches you the solid business principles that every practice owner needs to know…

Since completing this program we've implemented very specific systems in our business that helped us quickly hire and train our 1st employee, Sarah, and she is now able to convert cash-pay patients better than I ever did - and it’s all thanks to the telephone scripts and onboarding systems that Paul gives you in the program.

Just implementing a few small changes I learned in this program have had a huge impact on our practice's success, growth and scalability - and bottom line - and I have no doubt it will do the same for you whatever type of clinic you run”.

– Aaron Lebauer, Lebauer PT, Greenboro, (NC),
Lebauer Consulting.

Paul’s focus is always on the higher, longer term gain for you and your business… most every other marketing course or coach I have tried is all about “how get 100 new patients this week” - but then fails to deliver… Paul shows you the systems that are needed to gain new patients and maintain growth throughout the entirety of your business. Working with Paul is a huge time saver… he’ll make you more profitable… and you’ll always get more than you were expecting

– Jason Miller, Centex Rehabilitation, Harker Heights (TX) Flag

Paul Gough is making a MAJOR contribution to the US PT community...
we've needed this type of thing for a long time!

– Julie Docter, The FitDocter PT, Gilbert (AZ) Flag

Paul shows you how to create systems that capture and capitalize on the current opportunities occurring as a result of healthcare changes. He has the solutions to the changes occurring in the marketplace for private practice PTs… he is direct, provides clarity and really opened my eyes on the possibilities for my clinic. He is super responsive to questions, queries and getting his students on track - he is very fun too

– Caren Lieberman, The Physical Therapy Studio, Studio City, LA Flag

Test Drive The Program For Two Full Weeks Backed By Paul’s Personal Guarantee

“PT Business Growth School” is 100% risk free for you to join.

Here’s how my Personal Profitability Guarantee works. Take action today and join the 7 week program… and if by the end of Module 2, you don’t think that “PT BUSINESS GROWTH SCHOOL” will solve your business headaches or help you to grow and scale your practice with ease… I’ll gladly refund your money.

Not forgetting that we’ll be showing you automated systems for stopping drop offs at your practice, then all you’ll need is just “3” patients RESCUED from dropping off your schedule using our new system to cover your investment in this course.

In fact, with just 1 or 2 of these tactics, you could get 100 X your investment back and more!

So, in reality, this course doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s essentially FREE… it’s an investment in your future wealth and prosperity and I’m not sure there is any other way to grow and scale a practice with such ease as we’ll be showing you on this course.

You can only grow your PT clinic in this new healthcare economy by attending this Business Automation Mastery live event experience. Confirm your place today.

Yes, I Want To Start This Class NOW! »

And, Here’s 10 Things That’ll Happen To You And Your Business AFTER You’ve Experienced “PT Business Growth School”:…

  1. Your business will grow effortlessly - without you having to be there

  2. You will need to spend less time working in your business - but still make the same (if not more), money

  3. You will spend more time on vacation, with family or just “goofing off”

  4. Your name will be above the door - but someone else will be doing all of the work for you (more money, less effort)

  5. Your organization will have MORE time for spending with and caring for your patients - they’ll love you for it too, and watch as your job satisfaction levels go through the roof...

  6. Your staff will LOVE coming to work for you - hassle-free staff

  7. You will have a business that everyone wants to work in - no more worrying over where you’ll find great staff

  8. Your focus will be on “growing and scaling” - rather than “massaging and stretching”

  9. Your business will run so smoothly and will become so profitable that if even someone made you a multi-million dollar offer to buy it from you, you’d be able to ask for “MORE”... or politely say “no-thank you”

  10. And finally, you will do what 99.9% of physical therapy business owners wish they knew how - achieve the ULTIMATE PT Business Owner Lifestyle where you get to decide how each day looks and where you’ll work from

Basically, in a nutshell, once you experience “PT Business Growth School”, your PT business and your life will never be the same again.

“Anytime Access” Video Seminars - Join The Revolution In PT Business Success Training

Business Growth School product image

How this program works – When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to Module 1 of the program. You’ll get sent an email and a password that’ll let you access the membership site containing all of the videos, checklists and support material needed to complete that module. Then, every 7 days at 12pm EST, you’ll get an email notifying you that access to the next module has been “unlocked” – and so on and so on until you complete the course.

That means you will be able to access each of Modules from the comfort of your own home or office. In between unlocking the weekly seminars, I’ll provide you with all of the personal support in the 24/7 access Facebook community - and on the Live Group Coaching calls that you’ll be invited to attend to ask me your questions.

All of this saves you a fortune in the hotel and travel expenses associated with traditional seminars. Plus, by spreading the cost of the course over 3 months, you get to implement the material we cover between each module and see results BEFORE you’ve even paid for it!

You will have “life long” access to the membership site where you will always be able to access the material you will be using and learning from. It’s the perfect way to discover and then implement the strategies you need to take your PT business to the Next Level.

Your FAQ’s of “PT Business Growth School”

  • Q I’m pushed for time but want to start this now - do I have to finish the course within 7 weeks?

    No. Because all of the material is accessed via a private area membership website, you can choose how fast you complete the modules. We do try to hold you accountable to implement stuff each week – but ultimately, you decide how much you can do according to the schedule you have.

  • Q Do I have to use “Infusionsoft” to take this program?

    NO! You DO NOT need to be an Infusionsoft user. By the end of the program you may decide that you WANT to become an Infusionsoft user - but’s NOT a prerequisite of this class. Everything we teach can be implemented using any of the automated CRM platforms out there - and we’ll introduce you to them all.

  • Q I’m a new start up, is this program relevant for me?

    Yes. If you’re a new (less than 12 months old) “PT Business Growth School” is perfect for you. There’s a great saying: “Prepare for success - and you can rightly expect to receive it”!

  • Q I’m still a one-person therapist, is this relevant for me?

    Yes – especially if you have aspirations to grow and scale your business. We usually find that our Business Growth students are a mix of old and young, new and established PTs. It doesn’t matter where you start from, it’s where you want to get that counts...

  • Q What if I have questions in-between the weekly seminars?

    You can ask them in the Facebook community and Paul will answer them for you instantly.

  • Q What if I have a Marketing person or Partner in the Business? Can this person attend the calls too?

    Yes. You can have one key member of your team join the program with you for free of charge.

Get “PT Business Growth School” Working For You Today, and Save $1600

Take advantage today and get these Business Growth Systems working for your PT Business TODAY… and save $1600!

Choose Which One Works For You

Route #1 Enrol with either of these easy payment options:

Option One

$5000 Just 4 Monthly Payments of $897

Save $1412

Option Two

$5000 Just One Payment of $3400

Save $1600


If you have any questions about joining the course please contact us here and Paul will personally reply to you.


Route #2 Book A Call With The Team To Find Out If This Is Right For Your Clinic

If you're interested in this program and you think it is right for you but you want to be 100% sure, click the button below to book a call with us:

“Here’s What Other PT’s Are Saying About How Paul’s Material Has Already Helped Them…”

“I just finished Paul Gough’s 6-week New Patient Accelerator program and it was hands-down the best marketing training I’ve ever done. Paul has shared all of his marketing systems and as I’ve put them into place I can already see and feel a difference in my practice and the number of new patients contacting me for an appointment.

Since working with Paul I have learned how to create scalable systems and improve my current ones to be sure that my practice continues to grow and attract new patients even without my direct daily involvement.

To learn more about how to scale through systems is exactly why I enrolled in Paul’s upcoming course, Physical Therapy Business Growth School”.

– Aaron Lebauer, Lebauer PT, Greenboro, (NC),
Lebauer Consulting.

The Physical Therapy world is changing... Paul is showing us how to grow a successful business in today's economy. His material has completely changed how I run my clinic and I'm already seeing success for what I have implemented so far. If you want to set up systems to grow your practice, I don't think there is a better teacher out there

– Julietta Wenzell, Ocean Therapy Centre, Wilton Manners (FL) Flag

What I like about Paul is that he is doing himself what he teaches you to do. Yes, he teaches you the marketing and sales stuff you really need…but he offers so much more than that – he’s helped with my mindset and the culture of my business too. Almost immediately Paul had helped me generate more revenue simply by changing our internal systems and improving the way both myself and my employees are connecting with our current patients

– Hina Sheth, Rebalance PT, Centre City, Philadelphia (PA) Flag

Introducing, Your Two “PT Growth School Lecturers”

About Paul Gough...

Paul Gough

Paul Gough creates global award winning Marketing Systems, is a multi PT Clinic owner, leading authority on Marketing and trusted advisor to many PT Owners across the U.S.

Paul Gough is a former professional soccer Physical Therapist turned successful multi-clinic owner from the UK. He is a small business ICON - WINNER of the award “best in class lead nurture marketing and conversion systems” selected across all of Infusionsoft’s 45,000 strong global customers. He is a published Author who has already grown his own physical therapy business - The Paul Gough Physio Rooms - from one clinic to four, and zero to $1m - in record time. What’s most impressive, is this: he’s done all that in a country with a completely free “socialist” health care system (that provides physical therapy services for FREE for all residents), as his main competitor.

He is widely regarded in the US as a leading authority on Direct to consumer Marketing - and has a proven track record of helping physical therapists in the US to grow their practices, increase profits, free up their time and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking.

He shows PT business owners how to win more patients and increase their profits using Automated Systems, Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet Marketing Strategies. Every week, 1000’s of physical therapists receive his support and advice online, and his business success coaching programs are almost always FULL.

“Goodbye Keeping Everything In Your Head…
…Hello Automated  Running Of Your PT Clinic!”

I think I’ll end by saying that it’s NEVER too early OR too late to put these types of systems into your business.

When is the best time to put systems into your business?


Even if you’re a “fledgling” small business owner, that does not mean your business is too young for systems. The earlier that you put your systems in place the better.

If you’re an “evergreen” Owner looking for a way to create income on autopilot, then this is it.

Most small PT Business Owners have created what they think is a system - but the systems are only “executable” by the owner him or herself. Worse yet, they’re often known only to him or her, and are often all in that owners head.

With that type of “system” you can’t take your eyes off the business for one minute and your dream business - and your dream lifestyle - will never be achieved.

THANKFULLY, once you’ve completed your 7 weeks on “PT Business Growth School”, you’ll not have to feel held back ever again - and you’ll have all of these truly amazing, hassle-free, automated systems in place running and fueling the growth of your clinic for you.

To your long-lasting success in business,

Paul Gough


Some “Food For Thought” If You’re Still In Any Doubt That This Program Is Right For You

While it remains true that some PT clinics can get it right some of the time...

A select few can do it most of the time...

However, the hallmark of a truly world class clinic that YOU can walk away from and be proud of is one that get’s it right ALL of the time.

Those clinics are using these “systems”.

And if that type of success sounds like something that you want to achieve as your clinic grows without you, then I urge you to enroll in “PT Business Growth School”, while you still can:

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