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What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying:

“We Hit $55k Each Month, A Record For Us – For The Past 2 Months with Our Cash Services and Google is Our Primary Lead Source”

“We tried doing Google ads on our own. We had a little bit of success but we were wasting so much time and effort on it. I was wasting time on changing bidding or headlines on the ads but I never really felt as thought I knew what I was doing. In the end I was losing 10-15 hours per week looking at Google and that was time I wanted to spend with patients where I could make more money. In the end it was a no-brainer to outsource this to a team of experts. The back up and support from Pauls team is amazing – not to mention the results they get for us.

Our best month so far has brought in 46 Google leads and each new person spends an average of $1500-2000 with us for a plan of care for PT, $900 for massage, and $1500 for Pilates POC. We have hit $55K in the past 2 months with our cash services and Google is our primary lead source.”

- Dawn and Oscar Andalon, Level4 PT, Encinitas, CA.

“30 Leads and We’re Averaging $15,000 per Month in NEW Patients”

“Google is the best lead source for everything in the world right now. We always knew that this was a great place to advertise, we just didn’t have the time or know how to properly do it. Handing it over to Team Paul was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as it saved us both time and made us more money.

We spend around $500 a month on Google and $300 a month on Facebook retargeting and our best month so far has brought in 32 new leads.

The ROI of our online marketing is around $15,000 per month and is only getting better as we improve our follow up. The leads that come in from Google Ads are really good. Those from Facebook take a little time to a nurture but we always notice an increase in general phone calls and word of mouth referrals when the Facebook ads are running.”

- Jason Clemons, Founder of Breakaway PT, Virginia.

“I Wanted the Time to Focus On Being The OWNER of the Practice Instead of Trying to Perfect a Skill Such as Google”

“After trying it alone, at the end of the day, I realized I didn’t have the time or knowledge to monitor it and make the necessary changes to optimize its capability. I wanted the time back to focus on being the visionary for the practice instead of trying to perfect a skill such as Google Ads.

I realized it was much better to hand it over to people that know what they are doing and who I TRUST to make the best decisions for me and the practice.

Now I can just look at the metrics throughout the month and make strategic decisions regarding our marketing in other areas knowing Pauls team have a handle on the digital stuff for me.”

- Jason Han, HealthFit PT, Pasedena, CA.