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Discover Freedom From Never Having Enough Money… Freedom from Crappy Insurance Companies… AND, Freedom from Being Overlooked by Doctors. It’s All Just ONE DIRECT‑TO‑PUBLIC MARKETING CAMPAIGN Away. Are you Ready To Create Yours?


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When: 21st and 22nd July (9:30am EST)
Cost: Virtual = $1497 (or 3 x $540)
In-person: in Orlando = $3000 (or 3 x $997)

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Dear Physical Therapist,

What does FREEDOM look like to you?

To everyone with a physical therapy practice, it’s different.

Most people I talk to went into private practice to be FREE from the shackles of working FOR someone else. To be free from working FOR someone you KNEW deep down you could do a better job at providing great service to patients.

When you’re constantly showing up at work each day and your boss is treating patients as billable units, cutting corners with treatment and being cheap with service it’s hard to stomach.

What is more, when the people you’re working with each day are not as committed as you are and are only there for a pay check – it becomes demoralizing and draining and so you set off on a journey to “build your own thing.”

But then something else begins to happen…

You Find Yourself Treated Like A “Second Class Citizen” In Healthcare…

As you get started in your new venture you find that you now have other things to break free from.


And the restrictions usually come in the form of these two things:

  1. Doctors

  2. Insurance companies

Here’s why:

As a physical therapist in private practice, you enter into a world where MD’s are at the top of the food chain. Despite knowing LESS than you about all things physical, you’re still beholden to them and are firmly entrenched in a world where everyone has to dance to the doctors tune.

And, as for insurance companies, those rat bags will always choose higher profits over providers welfare and because of that you will be treated like a “second class citizen” in health care.

As many in the profession will attest to, if there’s any cuts to be made – they will always come from a physical therapist first.

If this sounds harsh – it is.

But it’s also 100% true.

If you don’t believe me – go and ask anyone who has been in private practice for longer than 10 years what their biggest frustrations are.

All roads always lead back to doctors and insurance.

They always want more referrals from doctors, and they always want more money from insurance companies.

Nothing EVER changes.

It’s why I say that you must make it your number 1 priority to FREE YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY from the shackles of doctors and insurance companies dictating your life and what you can earn.

You must resolve to never put yourself in a position to be held hostage by either – ever again.

You’ve Built It – Now What?

The reality for life as a PT in private practice is that quitting your job was easy – making it as a profitable, successful, autonomous private practice owner is much harder.

Made even harder by the fact that most clinic owners NEVER do the one thing to give themselves a chance at being successful – and truly free – and that is to become world class at marketing.

Whether it is they don’t know how, they dare not, or they’re distracted with other things, any number of things get in the way of actually running a successful direct marketing campaign.

For most private practice owners, the harsh reality of running a business is found in realizing that even if you build it – it doesn’t guarantee that they will come.

No matter how good you are – it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll ever get the volume of referrals from doctors that you need.

And if you’re a cash pay PT, don’t even go there…

If you haven’t signed your life away to Big Insurance you’re as good as dead to the doctors.

Never mind that you might be just as skilled – you’re overlooked simply because you want to do things differently.

If you don’t take insurance you’re often flat out ignored in favour of the insurance company clinic around the corner who provided the biggest lunch to the doctor.

Call me cynical, but that IS how it works.

Why Does It Feel Like You’re Never in Control?

It’s true that life for a private practice owner absent of any REAL marketing campaigns is unpredictable, lonely, frightening and it NEVER feels like you’re actually in control of it no matter how long you’ve been at it.

Absent at least one successful marketing campaign that you can rely upon, you’re left at the mercy of relying upon referrals from friends and family, hoping your reputation will kick in “someday”.

While you wait, you’re reduced to posting on Facebook and Instagram hoping to get a few followers to convert to patients.

And if you’re going down the traditional Insurance route – or you’re already there – I know you’re fed up of the crappy rates these shit bag companies pay you and that you’re ALREADY thinking about what life might be like in the cash pay model?

Today might not be the right time to ditch ALL of the insurance companies holding you hostage – but I bet you HAVE thought about sending a cyanide package in the mail with a “go to hell” letter attached so that you can FINALLY charge much higher cash rates and FINALLY start making the levels of profit you deserve.

Am I warm?

If I am, you’re in the right place.

I know just what you’re going through and most importantly, I know how to fix it.

Announcing The 2-Day Rapid Action Marketing Bootcamp

It’s at my next 2-day Rapid Action Marketing Bootcamp that we can start to set you free from relying on doctors and insurance companies.

Bootcamp is designed to rapidly accelerate the speed at which you implement successful marketing campaigns and bring in more new patients – independent of doctors – and happy to pay out of pocket.

Bootcamp is formerly a 3-day Program that was priced at $3300 and was attended by over 100 of my very early clients interested to learn how I built a successful cash pay clinic in the UK – a country with completely FREE healthcare.

Yes – in case you didn’t know it… I’ve personally, from scratch, starting with zero marketing experience and no money, built a successful cash pay clinic in a country where FREE SOCIALIST MEDICINE exists, and I’ve built a marketing system that has attracted over 20,000 cash paying patients in the last ten years.

If anyone can show you how to market successfully – and charge the prices you want – it is me.

If anyone can help you find the strategies and ideas to create the type of marketing that will let you “stick it” to the insurance companies and forget about doctors – it is me.

If anyone can give you the COURAGE to make the decisions to market your clinic differently to the crappy “mill like” clinics and ugly hospital systems you’re competing against, it is me.

In this LIVE event program, we’ve taken the best of the best content from that 3-day program I mentioned earlier - and condensed it into an action packed 2-day Bootcamp for 35 attendees ready to take their marketing to the next level.

Take Your Marketing to a Level Beyond Business Cards, Leaflets and Posting on social media Every Day…

Here’s something interesting…

Whenever I talk to clinic owners who are stuck at a level below where they want to be they all talk about the same marketing tactics.

They’re all doing the basics. And years later they’re often still doing the same thing that they did to get started that is now keeping them stuck.

That is usually handing business cards out… leaving leaflets in local businesses… they’ve all got a website… and they’re nearly always posting daily on social media.

There’s a “swag bag” of water bottles, t-shirts and pens to give out to patients.

They’ve usually got a nice logo and their “branding” is taken care of.

All of that is fine.

It’s also what is keeping them all stuck.

It’s what we call LEVEL 1 Marketing that is fine in the first few months of opening – but if you want to get beyond your first one or two patients you’ve got to be doing a lot more than handing out business cards, leaving leaflets in other businesses and posting on social media.

And even if you’ve got a website… great… now you’ve got to get it found my people looking for you.

If you’re already doing any of these things – and you’re fed up of being stuck at the LEVEL of marketing that is likely to be keeping you stuck and from your full earning potential… then this Rapid Action Bootcamp is perfect for you.

An End to Your Biggest Frustrations – In Just 48 Hours?

Now what I can’t promise you today is to solve ALL of your problems in two days – but I can solve the biggest.

And that is to help you finally commit to running your first direct to public marketing campaign that WILL bring in a steady and reliable supply of new patients who don’t come to you from a doctor or a friend or family member.

And because you will be running a successful direct to public marketing campaign – it means you’re more likely to attract patients happy and willing to pay in cash.

If you’ve ever dreamed about a day when your phone rings predictably and reliably with new patients wanting to spend money with you – then you need to attend our upcoming 2-Day Rapid Action Marketing Implementation Bootcamp to make it a REALITY.

Just before you rush to confirm your seat, look at the list below and ask yourself honestly if any of these describes your situation right now:

If You Found Yourself Saying “TRUE” to One or More of Those Items, Then This Bootcamp is For You...

This is a special event designed to help you quickly and easily implement 10 of my best marketing strategies into your practice - to see immediate results.

It is limited to just 35 people at each event, and it is our intention that by the time you leave the event on Day 2, you will have at least 10 NEW marketing ideas actioned, or immediately actionable, and ready to have the phone ringing TEN TIMES OR MORE in the next week.

At the very least, we promise that you will have your first successful DIRECT TO PUBLIC MARKETING campaign that you can use time and time again to bring in new patients.

Here’s Just Some Of The Lessons On The Agenda At The Rapid Action Bootcamp

  1. Creating Your First Lead Attraction Magnet and Landing Page

  2. Building Your List And “Harvesting” It to Make Big Profits

  3. How To Get Referrals Using “Info First” Marketing

  4. How To Predictably and Reliably Reactivate Past Patients

  5. The Power of Google and Your Online Presence

  6. How To Answer The Phone To Patients Like Your Talking To Your Best Friend

  7. How to Create Massive Impact Before the Patient Shows Up

  8. How To Develop “Strategic Partnerships” That Last a Lifetime

  9. Workshop Marketing – The 9 Step Process To Filling Up The Room

  10. How To Master Lead Generation at Community Events

  11. The Wheel of Engagement & Relevant Content Creation (Blogs, Social Media, Email)

  12. Public Relations: Harness the Power of FREE PR in The Local Media

And What Will You Discover?

There’ll be 7 sessions over two days and here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

Who Is This Perfect For?

Access the Bootcamp Virtually – From Anywhere In The World…

That’s right, wherever you are in the world, this is FOR YOU – especially as you can choose to access the event VIRTUALLY and have access to the REPLAYS of the event for life (…meaning any future marketing assistants can also attend this program as part of their company orientation).

Whatever the time zone you’re in, you can choose to watch back on the recordings of the event at a time that is convenient to you.

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Save $1000 when you reserve by 11pm EST on Wednesday 20th July!

Get The Replays – And Give Free Access to Your Marketing Assistant – For Life

With every full pass bought – you will also get 1 x free ticket for your marketing assistant to attend live.

If it’s just you right now – that’s great.

You will get full access to the recordings and that means you can use the recordings of the event for LIFE to train your next and any future marketing assistants when they join your team.

What Will I Have as a Result of Attending?

Just so there can be no confusion of why you should attend - and what will happen to you when you leave Bootcamp - here’s 6 big things that you will experience when you leave:

  1. Move your marketing to a level beyond business cards, having a website and posting on social media every day

  2. Absolute crystal clarity on what is required to make your first marketing campaign a real SUCCESS. When you leave, you will no longer feel lost or confused about who to focus your marketing on. This is the single most important element of your BUSINESS that you have to have right to move forward successfully.

  3. A clear idea of what marketing will work for you – and what wont. What to spend your time on and what not to spend your time on.. You’ll leave knowing how you stack up against your peers in pricing, PVA, customer service, value delivered and other competitive advantages. Moreover, you’ll find out where your weaknesses are, compared to other PT clinics, and (at least) know exactly what you need to work on, improve, offer or change to be more competitive.

  4. Exact clarity on what needs to happen to get more people to give you 5 star reviews on Google and as well as that, how to fill up workshops and get new leads from the community events happening in your town

  5. How to quickly grow a list of new leads, prospects and clients – all tagged properly in your CRM so that you can communicate with them appropriately.

  6. A well-defined referral marketing system (and campaigns) mapped out and in place to fuel more highly-qualified prospects quickly and easily.

What Others Say About The 2-Day Rapid Action, Marketing Implementation Program

“In Less Than 24 Hours, I Implemented Two Campaigns And Gained The Confidence And Clarity To Start Marketing My Brand New Clinic”

- Robert Linson, New Business Owner of Healix, El Dorado CA

“I Was Able To Implement An Email Campaign Live During Bootcamp - And Booked Someone On Schedule Immediately Afterwards!”

- Shaheen Siddiqui, Owner of Crossroads Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Chandler, AZ

“Bootcamp Was Exactly What We Needed To SCALE And Refine Our Marketing”

- Jessika Hunter, Business Partner at Preferred PT, Glendale AZ

So What Makes this Program So Different From Any Other?

Here’s just a few reasons:

Why Pay Attention to Me?

I started a cash pay clinic in the UK – a country where health care is free paid for by a socialist medicine system. I grew the Paul Gough Physio Rooms from ZERO patients to four locations averaging 1350+ cash pay visits per month.

That business I started in 2007 is STILL operating today and I continue to invest my own time and money into it and because of that I’m uniquely able to share with you what is working (and what isn’t) in TODAY’S rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

I’m one of very few people on the ENTIRE planet who has been able to scale a cash pay clinic and I’ve ALREADY built a marketing system that has attracted over 20,000 patients to my clinic.

I can show you exactly how to do it at yours.

At this Bootcamp I am not promising you 20,000 new patients – and nor am I promising to solve all of your practice problems – but I am suggesting that this is the best NEXT STEP you need to make to finally get a successful marketing campaign launched.

We can make sure that your practice has the right foundations from which to GROW from and we’ll do that by ensuring that your marketing department has all of the fundamentals taken care of to get you to the next level.

Best, we can do it inside 48 hours.

Get 6 Weeks of Accountability and Coaching AFTER the Program Is Over…

At Bootcamp we will get TEN Marketing Campaigns STARTED.

While we won’t be able to fully implement them ALL at this 2-day event, we will get the ball rolling and then hold you accountable following the event.

These will include a newsletter/drip marketing campaign, a productive email/blog campaign, a workshop marketing system AND a host of other lead generation campaigns.

Once the workshop is over, we will meet virtually as a group every week for 6 weeks to hold you accountable, answer your questions and celebrate your success as you share the WINS you’ll be getting from the campaigns as you implement more of them.

This is a 100% FREE bonus and gives you added peace of mind that you WILL finally implement marketing campaigns that WORK for you without wasting time or money.

FAQs of the Rapid Action 2 Day Marketing Bootcamp

QUESTION #1: What exactly will I get when I attend this 2-day Bootcamp?

ANSWER: You will leave with absolute crystal clarity on the target market you should focus on for maximum profits, growth and success. When you leave, you will no longer feel lost or confused about who your most lucrative perfect patient should be. This is the single most important element of your BUSINESS that you have to have right to move forward successfully.

A clear idea of what your USP is (and how to articulate it) so you can erase price resistance.

You'll leave knowing how you stack up against your peers in pricing, customer service, value delivered and other competitive advantages. Moreover, you'll find out where your weaknesses are, compared to other PT clinics and (at least) know exactly what you need to work on, improve, offer or change to be more competitive.

How to pull together your list and get your leads, prospects and clients tagged properly in your CRM (e.g. Infusionsoft). If necessary, we can also walk you through purchasing the right CRM to marketing automation a reality for you.

A well-defined referral marketing system (and campaigns) mapped out and IMPLEMENTED to fuel more referrals. After all, referrals are (most likely) your #1 source of acquiring new patients – so why don't you have a system in place for getting MORE of them instead of just wishing and hoping for them to come in? At this Bootcamp, we'll fix all of this.

Ten Marketing sources STARTED. While we won't be able to fully implement them ALL at this 2-day event, we will get the ball rolling and then hold you accountable over the weeks following the event.

These will include list-building campaigns, email promotions, newsletter/drip marketing campaign, social media campaigns, a workshop marketing system AND a host of other lead generation campaigns that have been proven to work time and time again.

QUESTION #2: When, where and how much?

Answer: This next event is in Orlando on July 21st-22nd with the in-person price being $3000, or you can attend virtually.

The tuition for in person is $3000 or if you want to attend this VIRTUAL 2-day Bootcamp it is only $1497* (or you can spread this over 3 months at $540 per month).

While I cannot guarantee it, my personal goal is to get that money BACK in your bank account before the end of the six weeks of coaching.

In fact, most attendees have opportunities in the pipeline BEFORE THEY LEAVE the Bootcamp. That's because you'll actually be implementing campaigns during the workshop, not just learning stuff to do.

QUESTION #3: Can I bring my business partner, marketing manager, etc.?

Answer: Yes, and we encourage it. Just send an email to to let us know who will be attending with you.

QUESTION #4: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Answer: Of course there is (but you won't need it)! If you can sit through those 2 days with us and honestly look me in the eye and tell me it was a waste of your time – and that you didn't get 10X the value – then I'll refund your money in full. All I ask is that you do it by the end of the Bootcamp, not several months later.

QUESTION #5: How is this Rapid Action Marketing Bootcamp different from the Accelerator Program or other events you hold?

Answer: It's VASTLY different, and you go to each for different reasons. The Rapid Action Marketing Bootcamp is delivered by some of Paul’s top coaches, to a small group of less than 35 attendees. This 2-day, hands-on Bootcamp is unlike anything else we do because it's specifically designed to give you the hand-holding you need to successfully implement the fundamentals of a profitable marketing campaign.

QUESTION #6: Can I cancel class if necessary?

Answer: Yes, and we will move you to the next class available. However, if you cancel with less than 3 weeks' notice and we cannot fill your seat, you will be charged a rescheduling fee of $250 due to the EXTREMELY limited seating of this class. No refund will be provided for no-shows or last minute cancellations.

Reserve your seat now – and I’ll see you at the next Rapid Action Marketing Bootcamp!

Plus, Get Three Months FREE Membership of Planet Paul Marketing Academy - Paul Gough’s Exclusive VIP Community of The World's Best Physical Therapists

If you are not currently a member of Planet Paul Marketing Academy, you will also receive three months FREE membership including monthly CD and 32 page “Planet Paul” Marketing Publication. After your three-month trial, you will automatically be upgraded to full membership at 249 per month unless you cancel - which you can easily do at any time (instructions on how to do so will be provided). This Free bonus is for Non Marketing-Academy members only.

Planet Paul Magazine VIP membership

What if You Can’t Make It? Should You Send Your Marketing Assistant?

Absolutely! If you can’t make it to Bootcamp sending your Marketing Assistant, Business Partner or Front Desk staff along will put you on the fast track to big success. You’ll no longer be the only person doing ALL of the marketing in your office, meaning you’ll have more time dedicated to business growth.

This 2-day implementation Event is designed start-to-finish to provide you and your team with the right training, tools and knowledge to achieve the success you deserve. PLUS your Assistant will even return back to your practice having created new marketing campaigns ready to hit the ground running.

In fact, press play on the videos below to hear from other Marketing Assistants and Business Partners about how Rapid Action Bootcamp has helped them get things actioned LIVE in the room, and why it’s so different from other Marketing events:

“As a member of Mastermind sending my Marketing Assistant, Jenna, to Rapid Action Bootcamp was absolutely worth it! I’m now no longer the only person in my office who can do all of the Marketing - she already had a good understanding, but since Bootcamp she REALLY gets it and can take even more off my plate. She has come back to the office super excited ready to get things done PLUS she even built an entire NEW Marketing campaign in the room that brought immediate results… I actually might have to slow her down so she doesn't try to do too much at once!”

- Carrie Jose, Business Owner of CJ Physical Therapy And Pilates, Portsmouth, NH

“We’ve Been Meaning To Map Out A New Workshop Campaign Forever - I Finally Got It Done In The Room!”

- Jenna Chesnut, Marketing Assistant at CJ Physical Therapy And Pilates, Portsmouth, NH

“Bootcamp Was Exactly What We Needed To SCALE And Refine Our Marketing”

- Jessika Hunter, Business Partner at Preferred PT, Glendale AZ

Space is Limited – Secure Your Seat NOW!

Each event is limited to 35 spaces. That is because the focus of the Bootcamp is on IMPLEMENTING and the coaches being on hand to help you do that and answer your questions as they crop-up.

We could have easily doubled and filled this size – and charged higher for the event – however, it is our intention to help you become more successful with your marketing and in doing so, have a better, more fruitful, mutually beneficially and longer lasting relationship with you.

click here to reserve your seat

Save $1000 when you reserve by 11pm EST on Wednesday 20th July!


Paul Gough

P.S. If you have questions about enrolling in this Bootcamp, please send an email to