Paul Gough and the Chamber of Marketing and Cash Getting Secrets

“In Just 2-Days, Discover What You Must Do Right Now to GET CASH, KEEP CASH AND Navigate the FINANCIAL CRISIS That Looms for Clinic Owners in 2020”

PLUS, GET OVER 20 ADVANCED MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES TO Defend Yourself Against Covid‑19, Further Government Lockdowns and Defy the Coming Recession”

WHEN? JULY 11-12th, 10.30am EST – 6pm EST Both Days.

Just 35 General Admission Seats Available.

$997 Just $795 or 3 x $295 If you Enrol before July 10.

From The Desk of Harry Potter Paul Gough,
Orlando, FL.

Dear Physical Therapist,

In March this year, EVERY clinic owner was blind-sided by the events of covid‑19. To say that things happened suddenly was an understatement.

One minute you were doing fine, referrals from doctors were coming in or patients were attending your workshops then BAM!, the next minute your clinic is completely shut down, forced to close because of the rapid spread of an invisible virus that has ripped through entire countries and shut down the global economy.

Clinic owners I know went from making $5000 per day – to nothing; from having 15 people on staff to just 2.

Months later you’re told you can “re-open your clinic” but with so much fear and uncertainty in the air it’s almost impossible to make a real plan to do so.

You’re left in “limbo” trying to predict how many patients might come back… trying to balance how many staff you’re going to need with costs of doing so weighing heavily on your mind while simultaneously thinking about if you’re going to have to let them go completely.

With so much uncertainty, you’re left with no alternative but to “play the waiting game” or sit in a holding pattern until it all settles down.

The problem is, it doesn’t look like it’s going to “settle down” anytime soon.

What started as a “30 day” thing – is about to become a 12-18 month disruption to our lives and businesses.

A CAT 5 Hurricane Has Just Ripped Through A Small Town…

In business terms, I liken what has happened to that of a CAT 5 HURRICANE that has ripped through a small coastal town without any prior warning.

The impact has been total devastation and many in the PT profession will not recover.

If you have made it this far, “well done”.

You should be proud of yourself to still have “business owner” in your title.

But mark my words; this is just the start.

There is a LONG TAIL WIND to “Hurricane Covid” and it is spinning out of control towards a big recession that is just weeks away from being official.

Are You Ready for the Recession? Are You Ready if a Second Wave of Covid‑19 hits?

If the coming Recession is not bad enough, there is also the very real threat of a second wave of Covid‑19 later in the year.

Many experts are saying it will come back worse in the winter.

I don’t know if it is true - but I do know that the very suggestion it “could” or that it’s “possible” is making the situation even worse. Even more uncertain.

And what if there is another government lock down? They’ve done it once already it will be much easier for them to do it a second time - and faster.

My fear for many clinic owners is they’re simply not ready for what is to come.

Take this conversation I had with a clinic owner from Tennessee recently (one of the first states to open back up).

He told me his referrals from doctors had dropped to almost zero during lock down - but he was expecting his volume to bounce back to normal “within a few weeks”.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Talk about living in a bubble!

He also thought that his “back pain and sciatica” workshops would return to normal as well.

(At that point I honestly thought he was joking with me.)

There’s no way people are going to be going to a health care clinic to sit next to strangers who are coughing and sneezing their way through a lesson on how the spine works and what a sciatic nerve is!

Seriously… anyone who thinks it is going back to normal any time soon is in for a very real shock.

There’s going to be a disruption to our daily lives and routines for AT LEAST TWO years and the financial chaos is going to disrupt our type of businesses hard.

But, There is Hope for PT Business Owners…

I was around in the last recession of 2008-2010 and what makes this financial chaos very different is this time there is money available. The banks messed up last time. They didn’t have money to lend so no one could borrow and people stopped buying.

This time there IS money around.

The banks are lending and the governments are giving it away to anyone who fills out a form to get it (…even the people on unemployment in the US are currently better off than when they had a job!)

So, money will be tight… but not as tight as everyone will have you believe. Money will be available to people to spend with you.

In that respect, that is some good news for small business owners.

However, the biggest difference this time is FEAR.

There’s 10X more fear around right now and that is set to last a very long time.

The problem for you and I?

Fear creates uncertainty and that causes people to stop buying.

It means as a business owner you’re going to have to have a very different game plan to survive the next 18 months and a plan that is RADICALLY different from the one that you started the year with.

To survive, you’re going to have to focus on these four things:

  1. Getting and keeping cash

  2. Changing your clinic’s marketing strategy to ensure it’s able to cover the referral sources you’ve lost and compensate for patients who won’t dare come out…

  3. Managing your people for maximum profit and profitability

  4. Getting comfortable selling in a period of time when money is tight

Here’s the Brutal – and Worrying – Possibly Shocking – REAL State of The Union:

  1. Most business owners are already out of cash…

  2. Most business owners think that all of their problems will be solved if they can just run another back pain workshop to get patients in the door…

  3. Most business owners are going to do marketing that worked pre-RECESSION COVID‑19 that is now out of date

  4. Most business owners have staff who dare not sell for fear of being judged…

  5. And most business owners are going to EXPECT that their staff raise their level of performance in tough times when the reality is most will do the opposite.

I hope you will choose not to fall into any of these five categories.

To make sure that you don’t, I have decided to do something EXTRAORDINARY for you.


Paul Gough and the Chamber of Marketing and Cash Getting Secrets

“In Just 2-Days, Discover What You Must Do Right Now to GET CASH, KEEP CASH AND Navigate the FINANCIAL CRISIS That Looms for Clinic Owners in 2020”

PLUS, GET OVER 20 ADVANCED MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES TO Defend Yourself Against Covid‑19, Further Government Lockdowns and Defy the Coming Recession”

All of these things (and more) are going to be covered during an EXTRAORDINARY 2-day EVENT for clinic owners that will be beamed live from my home in Orlando.

It has one primary outcome – to set you and your team up for success to fight the coming financial chaos and years of uncertainty.

This is the second recession I have been involved in and I’ll be sharing with you many lessons that I learned from the first.

What is more, we’re going to have a LOT OF FUN for the two days.

That is right – FUN.

I’ll say it again – F.U.N.

We’re going to give ourselves a 2-day break from the negativity and frustration that the world is living with right now and escape to a better place.

Where is that place?

Hogwarts Castle

Paul Gough on a broomstick

That’s me flying a broomstick at Alnwick Castle in the UK, the ACTUAL castle used in the movies!

A Monster Has Been Unleashed in Society That is Bigger and Scarier than Anything We’ve Ever Seen…

That is right…we’re all going to Hogwarts. This is a “Harry Potter” themed event.

We’re all going back to “School” to learn how to overcome one of the biggest “monsters” that has ever been unleashed on society – one that is bigger and scarier than anything we’ve ever seen!

Why Harry Potter?

Well, I happen to live in Orlando, just minutes from the home of Harry’s home at Universal Studios and I visit regularly with my kids to ride the Hogwarts Express…

Paul Gough and the Hogwarts Express

That’s me and Harry… my Harry… yes, I know he really looks like Harry but it is my Harry – he’s just dressed as Harry - on Platform 9 ¾ waiting to board the train to Hogwarts to see Harry!

Plus, back in the UK, I was born and raised just 60 minutes away from the ACTUAL CASTLE that is used in the Harry Potter Movies (Alnwick Castle – See picture above) and I have been with my kids many times too!

(It’s where I learned to fly a broom!)

Plus, plus - I am a huge fan of J.K Rowling and her work and I happen to love the type of stories where the “little guy” – the underdog - beats the big, bad guys. (It’s kind of apt right now. We’re up against something very big!)

Now in the Movie (the second one), Harry had two enemies:

  1. Lord Voldemort

  2. Lucius Malfoy

Both of these two were out to get Harry. They wanted him dead. He had to FIGHT to overcome these two – not to mention Draco Malfoy – in order to stay alive.

With a little help from his friends and a lot of well executed wizardry - he did it.

The Harry Potter theme is a reminder that in the best stories, good always triumphs over evil.

You have corona virus, the threat of further government lockdowns and a recession to overcome – and with the right marketing spells and potions for conjuring cash, you can overcome those too.

Plus, the Harry Potter theme gives me the option to have some fun with my words and means I can talk about things such as:

Marketing Wizards” or “Potions for high Performing People” and “Conjuring up caldrons full of cash” all throughout this page.

“Call me a Bottle of “Skelegrow” Because I’m Throwing You a Bone Here…”

Basically, I thought that it would be a very fun way to market what is a serious event with a very serious outcome.

Don’t we all need a little magic in our life right now?

Couldn’t we all do with a few spells to make our problems disappear?

What about a “marketing wizard” to conjure up a wizard’s hat full of new patients – preferably ones with blank cheque books, an abundance of free time and very stiff, painful backs?

(See, I told you I could have some fun with the play on words that is now available to me J.)

Plus, I thought that it would be very cool to have all of my staff, plus 250 of the world’s best PT clinic owners – and their team (that means about 1000 people in all) - on a turbo charged ZOOM VIDEO CONFERENCE LINE wearing Harry Potter / Hogwarts themed costumes.

Betcha’ won’t see anything like that ever again…

So anyway, the title of the Mastermind weekend is “Paul Gough and the Chamber of Marketing and Cash Getting Secrets”, and the FOCUS is on just four things:

  1. Getting and keeping cash

  2. Changing your clinic’s marketing strategy to ensure it’s able to cover the referral sources you’ve lost and compensate for patients who won’t dare come out…

  3. Manage your people for maximum profit and profitability

  4. Getting comfortable selling in a period of time when money is tight

Your Very Own “Invisibility Cloak” to Hide You from the Recession

On a serious note, attending this event is really not optional.

You’ve got to be prepared for what is to come.

Harry didn’t find out about evil Lord Voldemort until he arrived at Hogwarts.

You know this is going to be a rough ride for the next 12-18 months.

There can be no excuses in 12 months from now if you say you had to close down because you weren’t ready for what is to come.

There isn’t a magic spell that can make all of this go away...

There isn’t a potion that you can drink or a wand you can wave…

At the 2-day Event I will give you the closest thing…THE BEST tools, skills and strategies to recession proof and immunize your business from the financial crisis that is looming.

I’ll show you the magic formulae to get cash, keep cash, and market your way out of the recession as effortlessly as Harry stepping into his invisibility cloak and wandering around the corridors of Hogwarts un-noticed by Professor Severus Snape.

If there’s such a thing as an “invisibility cloak” that will shield you from this recession – this Event is it.

The Recession is not going to miss your town. It is coming. But you can choose to remain invisible from it and the devastating effects it could have on your business...

Ask yourself honestly if you’re ready for the battle with this Financial Monster?

Do you have the cash getting tools and business skills – not to mention the marketing wizardry - needed to navigate this recession?

What is more, do you have the support you need? Harry couldn’t do it alone.

Where is your Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley helping you to survive and beat the dark forces conjuring above your head? Do you have anyone supporting you through all this?

If not, I urge you to consider spending the weekend of 11-12th July with us all.

You can join from the comfort of your own office of home – or fly in on your broom.

Just do whatever you can to be at the Castle for 10.30am EST on Saturday 11th of July when we start class:

Yes Paul! I Want 2-Days of Magic Spells to Recession-Proof My PT Business »

$997 Just $795 or 3 x $295.

Here’s Just Some of the “Spells” You’ll Learn Across The Extraordinary 2-Day Event

During this vital 2-day Event Paul Gough will outline the vital steps you must take fast to protect your business from the economic chaos caused by the Coronavirus including:

And much more across the two days that you can access online including special expert guests from across the United States and the UK that I will be bringing to the Castle.

Yes Paul! I Want 2-Days of Magic Spells to Recession-Proof My PT Business »

$997 Just $795 or 3 x $295.

An Entire Curriculum for ALL YOUR Team…

Get Your ENTIRE TEAM Involved in the 24 Sessions Across Three Different Tracks That You Can Attend Live or Watch Back on Replay…

What makes this event EXTRAORDINARY is that we’re bringing together your full team!

If you’re going to survive a recession, you will not do it alone.

You’re going to have to have your people involved. Harry needed Hermione, Ron, Dobby and Hagrid to survive. You will need your own cast of characters supporting you.

That’s why across the course of the two days we’re giving you access to 24 sessions across three different tracks designed to get your “classmates back together” and up to speed fast.

We’ve designed 3 different tracks (“Houses”) with specific content for:

  1. You the clinic owner (Track A) – mainly taught by me and one or two special guests I will bring into the classroom. This is high level teaching and will the “business end of running a business”.

  2. Your front desk and marketing assistant (Track B) – this will be taught by my staff and one or three other experts I will bring in famed for their wizardry. The focus will be on GETTING YOUR TEAM on YOUR SIDE. It’s always better when someone else confirms all that you’ve been trying to tell them…

  3. Your Physical Therapists (Track C) – that’s right, your clinicians can get involved also. They will be taught by two EXPERT PROFESSORS on how to improve their clinical results and get better buy in and conversions, not to mention, keeping people on schedule. This will include DAVE O’SULLIVAN, England Rugby Head Physiotherapist, plus, Jonny Corner, head physiotherapist at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms. World class clinical skills will meet expert communication in this track and you’ll never find two better teachers.

Your ticket includes one free login/train pass to each of the tracks (…when you enrol, you’ll get an email to designate the other two people you want to attend) and you’ll get recordings of all 24 lessons to keep for life (if you need more, you can upgrade later).

Here’s a sample of some of the lessons that will be taking place in each Track at Paul Gough’s Virtual Hogwarts on the weekend of July 11-12th:

Track A – For Business Owners

A Sample of the 8 sessions available:

  • Lesson 1: The Five forces of Positive Cash Flow

  • Lesson 2: How to Make Sure You Don’t Run Out of Cash (the simple 30 Minute Weekly Exercise every owner must do)

  • Lesson 3: Google Ads 2.0 – The Dramatic Changes at Google And How To Take Advantage Of Them To Replace Lost Referrals From Workshops or Doctors

  • Lesson 4: Success Panel – How Our Most Successful Clinic Owners Have Made More Money Than Ever Since Covid‑19

  • Lesson 5: Virtual Workshops: How to Design a Presentation That Sells and Converts

Track B – For Front Desk & Marketing Assistants

A Sample of the 8 sessions available:

  • Lesson 1: Fix the Phone: 7 Most Common Objections When Money Is Tight

  • Lesson 2: The Psychology of Selling In a Recession: How to help Patients (and Staff) overcome Their Fears Of Spending Money

  • Lesson 3: 10 Simple Strategies to Replace Lost Referrals from Doctors and Workshops

  • Lesson 4. How To Get The Best From Your (Crazy, Entrepreneurial, Always Changing Their Mind, Hard To Get Hold Of), Boss

  • Lesson 5: Using FREE Social Media Posts to Build Authority, Get Leads And Keep Clients On Schedule

  • Lesson 6: Marketing Plan 101: Turn Your Marketing Plan into One Ready To Fight The Recession

Track C – For PTs/Clinicians

A Sample of the 8 sessions available:

  • Lesson 1: The Art and Science Behind Discovery Visit Conversions

  • Lesson 2: How We Do Weekly Staff PT Training at my clinic – And Get Everyone To Buy In

  • Lesson 3: How to Keep Patients on Schedule: The Secret to Switching From PT to Wellness/Maintenance and Back To PT…

Paul's Big Event tracks

Don’t forget Your “Espresso Patronum” to start your day ready to learn”
We begin at 10.30am EST On Saturday July 11”

*The full schedule and timetable of events will be confirmed and given to you closer to the event weekend. Each day will start at 10.30am and finish by 6.30pm EST. All of the sessions will be recorded, and you will be given full access to each one for life.

Riddikulously Good Strategies To Fight The Recession…

Here’s Some More of the Magic We’re Sprinkling on You Across Two Days:

Your Investment to Enter Paul Gough’s “Virtual Hogwarts” For 2-Days…

Right now the cost of a weekend to the other Hogwarts at Universal Studios is going to cost you significantly more than $1000… and you won’t find any potions and spells SPECIFIC to surviving a RECESSION or Marketing to patients when they say money is tight.

The reality is a seminar of this size and magnitude should be AT LEAST $3000 per ticket and an additional charge for your team members. And your saving on the airfare and cost of the hotel bill. That alone would be more expensive than the cost of joining this event.

But, because we want to make this easy for every serious business owner to come and join us at the SCHOOL OF PT BUSINESS EXCELLENCE, we’re making it available for $1000 just $795 or 3 x $295 if you enrol before July 10th or are one of the first 35 to do so.

This is cheap.

(Really cheap).

The reality is this is the cost of just one patient you otherwise would miss out on. If you get just one patient to say yes who otherwise would not, you’ve recouped your cash. In reality, this investment is FREE to you.

Yes Paul! I Want 2-Days of Magic Spells to Recession-Proof My PT Business »

$997 Just $795 or 3 x $295. *Only Enrol if You’re “Sirius”

Plus, Get Two Month’s FREE Membership of “Cash Club” - Paul Gough’s Exclusive VIP Community of The World's Best Physical Therapists

What is more, if you’re not a member, and you’ve never had a free trial before, you will also get 2 Months free access to my Cash Club Coaching Program where you can access further weekly coaching calls with me and my team, and network with other smart physical therapy clinic owners like you for the next 60 days.

Cash Is King VIP membership

But, There’s a Catch – Spaces Are Limited to Just 35 Students…

The only “catch” is that we’re limiting the spots available.

This is the second of a scheduled three annual Events for our Mastermind Members in 2020.

Essentially, you’re joining an already very smart classroom and we’re letting you spend the weekend with a group of marketing wizards and professors of opportunity already accustomed to conjuring cash from nothing. Because this is a Mastermind Event, we already have 215 business owners involved - and we’re maxing capacity at 250.

So, we have 35 seats available.

We don’t normally let people in to our “secret society” and those seats will be on a first come, first seated basis. Please don’t overlook the size of the opportunity you have right now to join us. This will never happen again.

Basically, only those who buy their ticket RIGHT NOW will be certain of their train journey to meet the other financial wizards and marketing magicians waiting at Hogwarts.

Please don’t delay.

You will kick yourself when you realize how much of what you will need to survive the recession is going to be revealed at this event.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re in any doubt if this is for you, here’s who should attend class:

And of course, not forgetting:

Who Should NOT Attend:

There’s A Full Money Back Guarantee, Plus, Get 200% of Your Airfare and Hotel Costs Back…

If in doubt, enrol NOW, and then if you’re not 100% convinced this School is right for you after the first morning on Day 1, I’ll refund your money. PLUS, I’ll give you back the cost of your airfare and hotel J.

The reality is that many of our students will be arriving on their broom sticks or landing in our fireplace via Floo Powder staying free of charge in the virtual rooms at the Castle.

You may wish to do the same to save on cash.

Given that many of our students have never travelled on a broom stick before, we are expecting a few “accidents” as people make their way to our virtual Hogwarts.

(Good job, then, that there will be 250 expert PTs on hand to help with any injuries that may occur from people falling off their broom sticks).

Personally, I will be arriving by car… a flying Blue Ford Anglia and I’ll have my trusty side kick Ron Weasley (A.K.A. Simon Godding, head Mastermind Coach) with me ensuring we arrive for the first lesson on Saturday morning on time.

Wouldn’t want to be late for the first morning of a new term in school. Professor McGonagall will not be happy. It also helps that I live in Orlando – close to Hogwarts - so I don’t have far to travel.

Look, seriously (…I’ll try to be for a second!), I will refund your investment in the event if on the first morning it turns out you’re as unhappy as Dobby about Harry going back to Hogwarts for a second year.

I’ll even figure out something else to give you just to make sure you are left happy.

Perhaps I’ll be able to find a wand and a magical spell that you can cast to make the whole experience – and me? - disappear from your memory completely?

Don’t Just Wait For Patients To “Slyther-in” – 10 Reasons Why You Must Consider Attending:

Alright, back to some serious marketing now.

Here’s 10 magical, wizardly devastating and unearthly reasons you will want to attend this class:

  1. Master the skill of getting and keeping cash – you will need this in a recession

  2. Get know-how and skills to market in a recession when money is tight – it’s all changed now (…don’t just wait for patients to “Slyther-in”)

  3. Differentiate yourself from your competition in the coming “price shoppers dream” economy – you’re about to be asked if you can “do it cheaper” more times than you would like…

  4. Find alternative referral sources from doctors and workshops – I’ll show you the best alternative to both!

  5. Maximize your online opportunity – plus, maybe even sell your own online program? – is it time to FLY and make your profits SOAR with your own online program?

  6. Attract and do business with patients who are not gripped by Fear – ones who value their health and great service

  7. Understand exactly how to manage your people during a financial crisis – it isn’t just about expecting them to step up, it’s about giving them a BROOM STICK and raising the STANDARDS so they know how to…

  8. Finally make Google and Facebook work for you – for less than $20 per day combined…

  9. Overcome any fear or self-doubt you might have about selling in a financial crisis – we can make that DISAPPEAR IN A FLASH!

  10. Understand exactly what forces are in play that are causing your monthly “cash crisis” – I’ll start the first lesson of the “catch up weekend” with a deep, thorough, intense look at how to solve the cash flow crisis in your business…

Plus, it will NEVER BE REPEATED. This is it… your one and only chance to attend this type of event that will leave the other PT Marketing coaches out there wondering how they missed the link between Harry Potter, Physical Therapy, Lockdown, the Recession and Covid-19.

Who’d have thought you could create a business and marketing program around all of those things and actually pull of selling tickets to it...

Only a REAL MARKETING WIZARD would be capable of such a legendary feat.

Do you want to learn from him?

Yes Paul! I Want 2-Days of Magic Spells to Recession-Proof My PT Business »

$997 Just $795 or 3 x $295. *Only Enrol if You’re “Sirius”

Don’t Let The Recession Leave You “Petrified”… 
This is NOT Just Another Seminar That You Can Skip

Here’s my final thoughts on this…

There are secrets in the Chamber and on top of that, the most successful Physical Therapy Clinic owners also have secrets. Secrets to successful marketing and patient acquisition… to getting and keeping cash… to finding and hiring and retaining high performance employees… to maximizing PROFIT while simultaneously delivering exceptional services… to personal disciple, productivity and time management.

When you attend this magical once in a lifetime event, you will discover those secrets.

You cannot think of this as just another “seminar” that you can skip.

We’ve specifically engineered this event to be unlike anything you’ve seen or experienced before in the PT profession and intentionally designed every session, every speaker, every experience to help YOU become a more excellent business owner, marketer and leader to your company, able to fight back against the financial chaos that is happening around you.

This is going to be a total emersion experience with a total transformation. You’ll receive:

Bottom line: there’s nowhere else you can go in the PT Profession where you can get strategies for cash flow, managing people, leadership and marketing all in the same place.

If your aim is to build a BUSINESS (not just grow a job!), then this is where you want to be.

Yes Paul! I Want 2-Days of Magic Spells to Recession-Proof My PT Business »

$997 Just $795 or 3 x $295. *Only Enrol if You’re “Sirius”


Paul “Harry Potter for Two Days” Gough

P.S If you have specific questions, you can email my team: or call: 407 567 0086 and they will be happy to assist you.

In the meantime, here’s some common questions answered for you:

FAQs Of The 2-Day Virtual Event

Q. When is it?

A. July 11-12th, 10.30am EST – 6pm EST on both days. There will be three tracks with four sessions each day lasting 90 minutes each with breaks in between covering multiple aspects of business growth including recession proof marketing, sales, managing cash flow, hiring and leadership.

Q. Where?

A.. Paul will be at a custom built, Virtual Hogwarts for two days. You will be in the comfort of your own home. Access to the meeting is via a zoom link.

Q. Who?

A. Paul Gough, his best class-mates, top professors and experienced wizards plus top clients and the WORLD’S elite physical therapy clinic owners. 250 of them.

Q. What is the core content?

A. Strategies for surviving coronavirus, growth after coronavirus and how to navigate your business through the impending deep recession and possibility of further lockdowns.

Q. No.1 Reason to Be There?

A. This is too big to try to get through it alone. Come and join an elite group of magical clinic owners and discover what we’re all doing, how we’re adapting to the chaos and leave the 2-day meeting with a clear plan for how to stabilize your business in 2020 through the deep recession that is imminent.

Q. What’s the Fee?

A. Just $1000 $795 or 3 x payments of $295 if you enrol before July 10. After that, the price goes up to $1000.

A. What if I can’t attend all sessions?

Q. You will get access to all sessions via replay including all the handouts and slides.

A. Will my “competitors” be on the call?

Q. Very possible. If they’re smart and hungry, they will be there. You should enrol just to keep up…

A. What if I don’t have staff or they can’t attend?

A. That’s cool, you will access the replay to watch back all of the sessions at your leisure.

Q. How to secure your seat?

A. Enrol here now:

Yes Paul! I Want 2-Days of Magic Spells to Recession-Proof My PT Business »

$997 Just $795 or 3 x $295. *Only Enrol if You’re “Sirius”

If you have specific questions, you can email my team: or call: 407 567 0086 and they will be happy to assist you.