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Paul’s Next Big Event – The Ultimate CEO Competition 2021
Featuring ABC’s Shark Tank Star, Kevin O’Leary
March 6-7th, 2021

“Spend Two Days with Paul Gough (...And the Top CEO’s In His Mastermind Community) and Discover How to Make Money From Your PT Business Without You Personally Treating Patients All Day Every Day – Plus, Get Business Lessons From a Shark

Starring Paul Gough and Kevin O'Leary

Paul Gough
Kevin O'Leary

"How To Make More Money - Without Seeing More Patients And Without Working Later And Later"... That's The Goal Of Every Clinic Owner. On The Weekend Of March 6-7th We'll Show You How It's Done.

From The Desk of Paul Gough, 
Orlando, FL.

Thank you VERY much for your interest in my 2-Day Business Leadership Event. I am always thrilled and honoured when clinic owners see the value of working with me and other experienced business owners to get advice, tools and strategies to grow their business.

Over the last 12 months - all through COVID - I have worked closely with 40 of the top clinics owners in our CEO Mastermind Groups. Each of the groups are comprised of some exceptionally bright and talented clinic owners; the best of the best from my community of 100's of clinic owners so the knowledge, insights and wisdom are staggering.

This 2-day event is a SHOWCASE of their success as well as a "SHOW AND TELL" of the skills, the talent and the decisions required of each business owner that allowed them to grow profits - while simultaneously stepping back from patient care.

If that is what you're aspiring to achieve, then this 8 session, 2-day event (that you can access virtually from any where in the world) is perfect for you.

There's no other event quite like it in the physical therapy community. Many focus on Marketing, but in this one we're literally showing you exactly how to make more money - without you personally seeing more patients. We're giving you the Blueprint to become a world class CEO and business leader. When you join this event, you will discover precisely how to do it - make money without you personally seeing more patients.

Not only do we have Kevin O'Leary, star of ABC's Shark Tank giving you his own business and leadership lessons, as well as sharing his wealth of experience of growing a $400m personal fortune... we've also got 8 amazing PT Clinic owners who will share with you precisely how they made their own "little fortune" - and found more time in their life last year - despite COVID and despite the chaos of 2020.

I'll be teaching three keynote sessions that I've never taught before - on the subject of leadership and recruitment - so all in all, this is an event that is unmissable if you're an aspiring CEO of your practice.

Come and join us, seats are limited and are on a first come first served basis. When you secure your seat, you'll get a workbook to take notes across the two day and eight sessions - plus a copy of the competition "ESSAYS" revealing the steps each of the clinic owners has made in 2020 (worth signing up for alone!).

And, at the end, we'll vote for and crown ONE winner - that will be our Ultimate CEO of 2021. You can join virtually (via Zoom login link) or depending upon when you book, you might be able to get one of the 25 in person spots available to attend the Hotel in Orlando.

It's just 2 x $350 (or 1 x $650 ) if you enrol before the deadline. Do that here now...

Yes! I Want To Join This Business Leadership Event (March 6-7)

8 Sessions Across Two Days....
Here's Some Of What You Will Learn At This 2‑Day Event:

Want To Make More Money - Without Your Personally Seeing More Patients? This 2-Day Virtual Event Is Perfect For You...

You'll get to see and hear for yourself how people are building their PT business so that it runs without them; the systems they're using, their marketing strategies, their recruitment processes and how how they manage their finances and stay cash flow positive as they grow. All that, and more, will be revealed (And oh yeah... we've also got Kevin O'Leary telling us how to use our businesses to grow a $400m fortune).

At the very least, it would be worth you attending the event just to SEE for yourself how you match up against these clinic owners. Are you ahead? Are you lagging behind? (Was it really COVID that was the problem?) And, what is the difference you need to make up in 2021?

Kevin O'Leary - Star of ABC's Shark Tank - And the $400m Man!

Kevin O’Leary is a Respected Investor, Author, Venture Capitalist, and Star of ABC’s Shark Tank Reality Show. He will be the headline speaker at Paul Gough’s Ultimate CEO Competition and Mastermind Meeting in Orlando (and virtual) on March 6-7th, 2021.

Yes! I Want To Join This Business Leadership Event (March 6-7)

FAQ’s of the Event:

Q. When?

A. March 6-7th, 10.30am EST – 5.30pm EST.

Q. Where?

A. It is a virtual event. Now it may be possible for a limited number of people to attend in person depending upon COVID and government interference at the time. If you enroll, you’re doing so because you are happy to attend virtually. Anything else is a bonus.

Q. Who?

A. Paul Gough, Kevin O’Leary and 150 of the best clinic owners in Paul Gough’s community.

Q. Why Join?

A. Hear from Paul Gough, Kevin O’Leary and the top 10 CEO practice owners in Paul’s community to discover how to run a successful practice without having to be there every single day.

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Virtual Event, March 6-7th, 2021