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Paul GoughFrom The Desk Of Paul Gough:

Dear Physical Therapist,

Before I tell you what the “NEW PATIENT ACCELERATOR” Method actually is, first….

Let Me Tell You What It ISN’T.

With all of the changes in the Physical Therapy profession since COVID-19, most clinic owners accept they must head in a different direction if they’re to be successful in the new Covid/Recession Economy.

So, what you won’t find on this course is outdated strategies for marketing to doctors or sending time consuming newsletters to past patients.

These days, thanks to COVID, most PTs can’t even get their newsletters delivered on time… let alone get their head through the door of a new doctor’s office… and many agree that time and effort is now better spent doing something much more effective – like Marketing directly to consumers.

Because of COVID, the ONCE reliable “back pain workshops” are officially dead with no patient in their right mind daring to attend such a class due to the obvious infection risk and as for referrals from friends and family, with social distancing likely to be around for the next 12 months at least, even that is proving difficult if not impossible.

The situation as we knew it, has changed FOREVER.

A NEW marketing direction is needed.

And while there are many Marketing courses that simply “re-hash” what other people teach, what makes this course so wildly different is that I make this stuff work at my own practice FIRST, and then I pass it on to you.

I risk MY OWN time and MY OWN money to make sure these things work before they get to you. And, as you read every word of this letter, what you will discover is this:

Accelerator Gets You in Front Of People Looking To “Self‑Refer” For Physical Therapy. And There’s More Than EVER Doing It Right Now...

This is the 13th time I’ve released this Masterclass program. Each time previously, it has sold out completely.

The reason it does sell out every time?

Because what you will find here is, quite simply, the MARKETING SYSTEMS that’ll let you take advantage of the new opportunity to grow a more profitable “Cash”, “Hybrid”, “OON” or “In-Network” Physical Therapy clinic - without needing any referrals from doctors.

If you want more patients from “Direct Access” – this program will do that for you.

And, for many PTs who are already using the Accelerator Method, that new way of growing a clinic has already become a reality – even in the age of COVID.

In fact, since COVID-19 hit, there’s now more people than ever by-passing the traditional route of BEING referred for PT (by an MD), instead, actively LOOKING to SELF REFER to a small or independent PT as they want to avoid the big, ugly, often over-crowded hospital systems.

This is why they’re calling it the “self‑referral gold rush” and many clinics are taking advantage of it thanks to Accelerator.

What is this “self referral gold rush?”

Think about it, if patients are not going to their doctors like this used to, it means they’re by-passing their MD or GP and going straight to a PT like you.

They’re using NEW and entirely DIFFERENT methods to get to PT these days and as a result, we’re seeing the number of self‑referrals – that is people in the community referring themselves for PT – reach new, much higher levels than ever before.

But don’t just take my word for how effective Accelerator is at replacing lost referrals from doctors or workshops, and even helping you get your clinic off the ground in the first place.

Here’s what some of my previous “Accelerator” students have said about how this Marketing Course has helped them, and why it’s so different from all the others:

"I made all the money back that I spent on investing in Accelerator, within 3 weeks - and my numbers continue to increase. It's the best money I've ever spent on my business, no questions asked."

Jake Berman, Berman Physical Therapy, Naples, Florida Flag

"Since taking Accelerator my monthly revenue has increased by 60%. I was seeing 7 patients a week and now I'm at maximum capacity."

Trupti Mehta, Manual Medicine PT, Washington D.C. Flag

"My monthly revenue has increased 10x since taking Accelerator, and I continue to be more and more profitable every month since."

Kevin Vandi, Competetive Edge Physical Therapy, San Jose, California Flag

More Case Studies From Around the World...

“Because of Accelerator I’ve been able to leave my job to work full time in my OWN clinic, and I now have staff working with me.”

Before Accelerator I wasn’t in tune with the right way to market my business. The way we deal with patients now is very different, our marketing is very different. I learned a better way to communicate with patients, and if you communicate with them correctly they become patients for life.

– Gavin Noble, Gav Noble Physiotherapy, Lisburn, Northern Ireland Flag

“I was told to wait 5-7 years to fill my schedule by marketing to doctors, I did not have 5-7 years to wait. I’m at 92% capacity 18 months after Accelerator.”

Since I took Accelerator so much has changed. The way I do my assessment, what questions I ask, how I answer emails or phone calls. Basically everything has changed - I actually know what to do to help patients make the decision to book in with me and stay on with the plan of care. I went from seeing around 20 - 30 patients a week to seeing 60 patients per week within 2 years of taking Accelerator. When you break down the skills that you learn on Accelerator, it really becomes up to you how much money you want to earn with it. Do you want 1 clinic or 2 or 3 or 4? I have the confidence of knowing that I have the tools to build a successful business.

– Nick Halkidis, Markham, ON, Canada Flag

“I’ve got the other partners in my business wanting to know what has changed – our marketing is what has changed!”

Accelerator was fantastic! I don’t normally get excited when I write reviews/give feedback but you deserve it – I resonate with your passion and preach your words to my staff regularly, which is great, because it means you are having a profound effect on my whole business. We are “pumping out” more visits than ever since we took your class and I’ve got the other partners in my business wanting to know what has changed – our marketing is what has changed!

– Nick Young, Benchmark Physiotherapy, Sydney, Australia Flag

So, it's clear that PTs like you want the latest marketing strategies turned into new patient acquisition SYSTEMS that'll set you up to win in the new health care economy - and not just for next week, but for the entirety of your business.

"R.I.P. Marketing To Doctors”

And, while I agree that things like newsletters to physicians and luncheons with doctors USED to be the lifeblood of any PT clinic... 

...those types of strategies are now dying if not already dead!

Make no mistake - in the new health care economy, it’s all about creating New Patient Acquisition Systems so that your business can thrive without referrals from any physicians, systems that'll let your PT clinic grow without you, and systems that’ll let you prosper even you have little or no marketing skills.

So, What Is This New Opportunity For Smaller Clinics Who Can’t Get Referrals From Doctors?

Well, here it is:

In a study (by “Fritz and Childs”) it was revealed that just 7% of people who visit their doctor with low-back pain are being given a referral to a Physical Therapy clinic - DESPITE the evidence suggesting that the cost of care AND recovery time for the patient is less.

Those numbers are shockingly low - and also explains why so many PT’s are failing to make the profits they deserve.

But the question to ask is NOT, “why is the number so low”…

…it’s quite simply, this:

“What is happening to the remaining 93% of people NOT being given a referral for PT?”

Because they’re STILL in pain – and they have a problem that you can solve. So the critical question for you to answer, is this:

“What do YOU have to do with your Marketing to get that massive amount of people currently being overlooked to come to see YOU?

Because when you can answer THAT question, your clinic's success is all but guaranteed!

Lets look at this more closely:

I’m sure you’ll agree that “7%” is LOW…

…but now consider every single Physical Therapist in your small town trying to get a piece of that already small pie

Essentially, what they’re all doing is “fighting over the crumbs” - and it’s no wonder why so many PT’s are not getting the referrals from doctors they need to survive.

If you’re an emerging business owner – Cash-Pay, OON or INN trying to get more Direct Access referrals, then this study confirms what you’ve long believed - that it is possible to grow your clinic without having to rely upon referrals from doctors…

…you just have to do something different than you are now with your Marketing!

And remember, that ‘study’ is only highlighting the people in your town suffering with low-back pain…

What about ALL the people with neck pain, knee pain, pelvic floor, or sports injuries?

(They’re also being overlooked for PT by their Doctor).

And what about the people who have decided to stay away from a doctor completely because they just don’t know what to do?...

So, when you add all of these people up – it’s easy to see that there’s a massive amount of people – it could literally be in the 10,000’s in your small town alone who are NOT getting the help they need simply because they don’t know you exist - yet.

I call these patients the “OVERLOOKED” - and while all of your competition is fighting for the “7%”, what you and I have to do is MARKET directly to this massive overlooked and UNDERSERVED pocket of people.

Wouldn’t you agree that your chances of Marketing success are a LOT higher if you were focusing on the huge 93%... then the small 7%, that everyone else in your town is trying to acquire?...

If you do, then please read on.

Here’s the thing:

“I’ve Spent Over 10 Years Developing And Perfecting The Most Complete, Proven Method For Marketing To The Massive Amount Of People Currently Being OVERLOOKED By Almost Every Physical Therapy Clinic Owner Out There”

This is YOUR opportunity – and this is where you need to FOCUS on if you want your clinic to SOAR like it could.

This also explains why so much of the Marketing that most PT clinics are doing is failing miserably!...

To spell it out, the primary reason your Marketing (or other “programs” you’ve taken) may not have worked for you until now is simply because you’ve most likely tried to Market to the small minority of people (7%) that every other PT is fighting for...

And that’s why if you switch your focus to being noticed by the other 93% - your chances of success increase dramatically.

Imagine getting just “5%” of the overlooked “93%” to ask you to help them…

What would your PT clinic look like if you could get that amount of people coming to you every week?...

Would your profits look healthier than they are now?...

If the answer is “yes”, then all that’s left for you to do is find a proven Method for attracting all of these people to your clinic:

Introducing: The “Accelerator Method 12 Week Masterclass”

The Accelerator Method has already helped 100’s of Physical Therapy clinics to tap into this currently overlooked pocket of people…

Clinic owners like Dr. Jarod Carter, Aaron LeBauer, Andrew Vertson, Mike Reinold and Jerry Durham have hugely successful cash-pay, INN and OON clinics – and that’s because they’ve followed the Accelerator Methodology and set themselves up to Market to the “93%” currently being overlooked for PT.

You’re Even Going To Get Strategies To Eliminate Insurance Headaches

I speak to GREAT PHYSICAL THERAPISTS like you on a daily basis, and I know that you’re frustrated at not being given a chance by doctors… having doors closed for no reason… by competition from other health care providers with less legislation… insurance company billing headaches and fees being slashed... big hospital systems with huge ad budgets… and all this made INEVITABLE by having gone right through "PT School" without ever covering the most important skill of all – Acquiring New Patients.

But the good news is this: as the health care changes sweep in across the US and around the world, it’s levelled the playing field for a new type of Clinic Owner - “PT Entrepreneurs”- eager to do what ever it takes to WIN, fully able to prosper independently without knowing any doctors, running clinics from any type of space, with little if any insurance headaches.

The question is…

“How do YOU get a PT clinic like that?”

The answer is simple…. by MASTERING the science and skill of Attracting New Patients directly to your practice.

And it’s for that reason – to give more clinic owners that very opportunity - why I created the “New Patient Accelerator” program. It is also the same reason why so many PTs have already invested in this New Patient Acquisition Master Class.

Next, let me tell you what Accelerator is… and give you an opportunity to join the next Live Event class…

So What Is the New Patient Accelerator Method?

Quite simply, ‘New Patient Accelerator” is the Ultimate Physical Therapy Marketing course and is one of the most powerful experiences that you and your Physical Therapy business will ever have.

It’s a 12 Week program that has three key components:

1. Twelve Video Seminars Taught By Paul and His Amazing Marketing Coaches

The core part of this Ultimate Marketing program is 12-part, in-depth Video Seminar program which you unlock each week. Each of the 12, 2-hour Video Seminars is packed with profit-boosting strategies to take your PT business to the next level.

On your 12 Video Seminars, you will experience dozens of leading edge strategies to impact the number of patients you attract and the profits you generate. From attracting new patients, to creating Advertising that works, having a powerful and effective website, getting free PR coverage in the media, using new Marketing approaches such as Google Ads - and much more, this is your complete guide to Physical Therapy Marketing and Business success.

You can access the Seminars from the comfort of your home or office, on your computer, laptop or mobile. You’ll also get full access to the seminar recordings in your private member's area and a weekly call with your own personal coach to help you put Accelerator in action.

2. Ongoing Support – From Paul Gough!

This program is not just about me delivering powerful information to you to help you grow your business. I also want to offer you personal, ongoing support, accountability, and Coaching.

During our time together, you’ll get the chance to ask me questions about your business on our exclusive online forum.

If a question comes up for you between the seminars, post your question on the forum and I will personally answer it. This personalized support is an important part of the program (nobody else has this type of personal access to me). Just as importantly, you get to interact and support everyone else on the Program.

3. One-on-One Coaching Throughout The Program With My Expert Marketing Coaches

As well as the live coaching calls with me, you're also going to get TWELVE one-on-one coaching calls (weekly) with one of my top Marketing Coaches to ensure that all of your program questions are answered and everything gets implemented. You can not get left behind and you'll never feel lost.

This is something that really separates this program from all of the other programs out there - we're dedicated to your success and as such, we won't leave you to go through the membership site all on your own. We won't let you get confused by tech or overwhelmed and we will ensure you do what is required. Essentially, we'll hold your hand all the way through this program and because of that, your success is all but guaranteed. 

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Master On Accelerator

New Patient Accelerator gets down to profit boosting strategies so quickly that you will want to block out extra space in your schedule immediately after our meetings so that you can make these simple, but big changes to your clinic’s marketing.

There’s something on this course for every type of PT Owner – In-Network, Hybrid, Cash – and in reality, because of the profit windfalls you will make, it will not cost you a single penny to take this 12 week Marketing Master Class.

Here’s a sample of what you will discover:

The “New Patient Accelerator Program”
Is For You, If:

For Existing Physical Therapy Clinic Businesses

If you run a well established or growing PT business, these 12 Video Seminars will give you the most effective, proven and current strategies in the world to help you grow that business quicker.

Most PT businesses are Marketing at less than 30% of their capacity. This is a shocking waste. It means that you could be losing a fortune in untapped profits every month from new patients who are not coming to see you – but should be.

Because we are so close to our businesses, it can sometimes be a challenge to see the potential that often lies right in front of us. On Accelerator, you will uncover virtual goldmines of opportunities in your clinic’s marketing giving both you and your PT business a great deal more financial freedom – and time.

For NEW Physical Therapy Businesses And Start Ups

If you are just starting a new PT Business – especially a “cash based” or “hybrid” one - then this Marketing Mastery course is ESSENTIAL for you. Not only will you discover how to avoid the costly mistakes that lose many start-up businesses a fortune in wasted Marketing efforts, but you'll also be launching your new PT business with the most powerful, proven and effective Marketing strategies that the PT industry has ever seen.

Don't leave it too late like so many other PT business owners do… and please DO NOT risk opening your new business thinking that you’ll be able to rely upon referrals from local doctors – that referral source is no longer a credible option for new Owners like you.

Now is the time to Master world class Marketing and business success skills for your new venture – and very quickly eclipse your bigger competitors still stuck using old fashioned, out dated, “dinosaur” age methods for marketing their clinic that don’t work like they used to.

For Cash Pay Clinics

As a cash pay clinic owner it’s tempting to think (…or worry!) that no one will ever pay your cash fees or think that no one will come to you because you’re cash. I get it. But you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve had HUNDREDS of cash pay clinic owners go through this program and many are now bringing in new patients at will (using the strategies we will teach you) and are charging more than $300 per visit – even in the poorest parts of the country.

If you’re worried about constantly losing out the insurance clinics in your area, or you just don’t think people will pay cash because you’re town is economically challenged, you will love this Program as it will solve that problem for you. We’ll show you how to show your patients so much VALUE that they’ll be happy to leave their insurance card at home and pay cash.

For Traditional Insurance Clinics

Most Insurance businesses KNOW they need to be more profitable… and to do that you need to bring in more CASH PAY patients. They pay a lot more than the crappy insurance companies ever do. The dilemma is though, how to do it WITHOUT losing your existing and loyal insurance patients. You don’t want to lose what you’re already getting and Accelerator will show you how to safely and sensibly move to a model that brings in more high value cash pay patients – and without risking losing what you’ve already got.

In that way, if you’ve been thinking about moving towards “cash” for a while, but you were just uncertain how to do it right, this is the perfect Program to show you how and you’ll be joining HUNDREDS of other Insurance business owners who have done it before you whose only regret is not doing it sooner.

The Curriculum –
Here’s What We Will Cover In The Next Few Weeks
(You’ll Unlock A New Seminar Every Monday At 12pm EST)

Here’s what I have for you in this special program. You may see glimpses of things you have heard about before… but make no mistake, most of this stuff is new…

Video Seminar #1

Foundations of Marketing System Success

On your first video seminar we’ll be mastering the 3 absolute golden rules of Marketing that will create the foundation for all of your future business success.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • The most important and critical aspect of your PT business’s Marketing – revealed within the first 10 minutes

  • The one simple WORD to use to ensure your Marketing only attracts your ideal patients - leaving the time wasters and price sensitive ones to your competitors...

  • How to remove ALL risk from Marketing (Never again waste money on ads that don’t work)

  • The #1 secret for GUARANTEED PT Marketing success (This is all about attracting the AFFLUENT, delighted to pay your higher fees)

Video Seminar #2

Appointment Generating Miracle System

What you’ll master on this video seminar is quite simply, one of THE fastest ways to boost your clinic’s profits – conversions... how to get more patients on schedule from ANY referral source.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • 8 simple (and mainly automated) ways to convert inquires to high paying patients. This works no matter how large the patient’s deductible or copay and the rewards are HIGH when you master this…

  • What to ASK in the first “3” minutes of receiving an inquiry that will almost guarantee the conversion takes place (Hint: this has nothing to do with their pain or physical therapy. See how they react when you start asking this…)

  • The simple rules for getting to “YES” on the phone (and then getting EVERY future appointment booked at the same time)

Video Seminar #3

Pricing for Profits

A key goal for you and I working together on this program is for you to achieve ‘Price Freedom’. What is Price Freedom? It’s the ability for you to charge the prices you want, the prices you deserve, without losing patients.

If you’re a “cash” owner, you simply cannot build the business you desire if you’re constantly being beat up over price… and if you’re an “IN NETWORK” provider, it’s vital you know more about Price Strategy so that you can make higher profits on any patients who want to pay out of network.

I will show you how to establish a Premium Pricing Strategy, where you’re not only charging more than the competition, but your patients are more than happy to buy at those prices.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • What they are REALLY telling you when they say they can’t afford the co-pay or deductible – and how to ensure it doesn’t keep getting in the way of you having higher profits!

  • “Price Elasticity” – what is it, HOW TO DO IT and why it makes sky-high prices at a cash PT clinic EASY to enforce.

  • Cash Owners - how to quickly defuse the “Pay Out of Pocket” time bomb that starts ticking when patients realize you’re a cash clinic! Here’s simple way to stop most patients walking away to another provider…

Video Seminar #4

10 X Referral Engine

On this Module, we show you how to take everything you discovered in the first 3 weeks and create an INHOUSE referral system that generates referrals – for FREE.

We show you how to use the Accelerator Method to triple - possibly even quadruple - your referrals.

If you’re new to marketing, this is the BEST place to start and using our little know “Info First” Referral strategies, you can get instant results.

Done right, referrals are the easiest way to get new clients for your PT Clinic and used alongside Facebook and Google to acquire new patients from the community, you'll have an explosion of low-cost patients for your business.

Whether you're a start-up or established owner, this seminar will show you risk-free attraction strategies to accelerate referrals.

Video Seminar #5

Essential Internet Marketing for Online Profits (Facebook And Google)

On this Module, we’ll have a special focus on the new Facebook Advertising strategies clinic owners are using and we’ll look at everything from something called native advertising, remarketing, Instagram advertising as well Google Ads - easily the most important marketing breakthrough this century.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • 8 Secrets for making 6 Figures per year EXTRA at your clinic, just by using Google Ads (…with only a $10 ad budget)

  • Forget asking for “likes” on Facebook… that’s NOT how you get new patients from this platform (it isn’t even about “boosting posts”… it’s much simpler than that and here’s the two-step process to make it work first time…)

  • What Facebook won’t tell you about how to make money using Facebook – that I will (…Discover this quickly, BEFORE they realize what we’re all doing)

Best, there’ll be no excuse for not using any of these Internet Marketing secrets… because you can have all of my ads, templates and exact landing pages making your success inevitable.

Video Seminar #6

Old School Marketing Mastery – Including Direct Mail, Referral Flyers Every Door Direct Mail, & Newspaper Advertising

Done right, Direct Mail can be the key to a goldmine of additional profits for your clinic. If you are growing a PT business, you will want to master this fundamental subject. In this seminar, I will show you how direct mail can play a vital role in your PT business success.

Plus - one of the most overlooked and powerful marketing tools remains local Newspaper Advertising. If your business is not using local Newspaper Advertising effectively to acquire new patients, you are probably losing out on a small fortune.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • Six magic steps to targeting wealthy and AFFLUENT patients with simple, black and white postcards (Even better, all living within 5 miles of your clinic - this works extremely well for cash and hybrid clinics)

  • White-hot postcards and newspaper ads to copy from… learn what the most profitable ones look like… what words to use…what to offer…what size to mail out…important stuff that most PTs only get to find out after years of trial and error

  • The exact ad template that I used bringing in the highest number of inquiries for an “in-network” PT (Andrew got “44” (yes, 44) calls from one $550 back pain ad in a local Sunday paper in Orange County!)

Video Seminar #7

Social Media and Email Marketing – The Wheel of Engagement

Everyone knows that it is getting harder to get your social content seen these days and if you’ve ever been frustrated because your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or even your Emails to past patients are going un-noticed – then this Module will solve that problem for you.

I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of my own content making engine – and showing you how we create and distribute content with minimal fuss and maximum impact.

This is a “look over my shoulder” seminar where I show you exactly how I have grown two of my businesses and the content strategy behind it.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on this module:

  • How to get your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and social media posts actually seen, liked and shared…

  • How to get more ENGAGEMENT from your Social Media Posts…

  • The secret to growing your audience on ALL of these platforms by doing this one simple thing…

Video Seminar #8

The Most Profitable Website on the Entire Internet

What sets great physical therapy businesses apart from the average ones online is their ability to convert web visitors to paying patients.

If you’ve experienced the frustration of having people come to your website but not become patients, you are not alone. The average conversion rate online is just 1%. The most successful PT business owners we work with are converting visitors at 15% to 30%. This Seminar will transform everything you do online as you master the secrets of effective and profitable website conversion.

A sample of what you’ll discover:

  • The 4 big mistakes your web designer is almost certainly making with your website – and what to do instead

  • Essential conversion strategies – 5 different ways to convert visitors to your website into paying (It’s worth attending just for this…and if you’re a cash pay clinic, it’s VITAL)

  • Your Website home page – 3 simple changes that will dramatically improve the acquisition of new patients no matter what the rest of your site looks like

Video Seminar #9

Community Events and Workshops

In this module, you’ll discover the art and science of successful “events”. These types of things may be on hold right now in some places due to COVID, but, they will be back in your town very soon and it pays to be ready to profit when they are.

Community events and Workshops are a tried and trusted source of new patients for PT clinics and we’ll show you how to combine the everything you’ve done in the previous modules to ensure that the next time you run a workshop – in person or online – you will know how to get new patients from it!

Video Seminar #10

Build Your 90 Day Marketing Plan Road Map

Now that you are armed with all of the tools, strategies and campaigns that you need to build your marketing system, the next thing you need is a 90-day road map to follow!

This is where we bring some order and structure to your marketing activity – not to mention rhythm and routine! We will break down precisely what you should be doing each day, each week and month so that you’re never stuck for knowing what to do next.

Video Seminar #11

Accelerator Superstar Implementation Panel

At this point you’re likely looking for that final push to go off and implement on everything we’ve taught you… what better way to do that than give you concrete proof of how to do it … from others who have done it before you.

During this module, we will bring on some of the most successful past Accelerator students to let them share with you how they were able to take this course and turn everything gave them it into results.

You’ll also have time to ask questions about everything from what works best and what budgets you might need to spend on what strategy as well as how to get your team onboard with your new marketing direction. Important stuff that you need to consider if you want to be successful long term with marketing.

Video Seminar #12

Rapid Implementation Secrets: How to Implement Your New Marketing System with Ease and Speed

In this one, Paul will share with you precisely what is needed to implement this system with ease and speed from his own experience and from working with over 800 clinic owners during this course.

Paul will talk about how to plan your day effectively, the secret to how he gets so much done despite having so many responsibilities as well as how a busy clinic owner should think about time, how to prioritize and what to tolerate from staff and for how long. This is all about EXECUTING and once you hone this habit with your marketing it will show up everywhere in your life. Watch your profits SOAR when it does.

This is a brand new module that is sure to light a proverbial “fire under your arse” and ensure that you can do nothing but go away and implement everything you’ve learned in the 11 weeks before.

Plus, As Well As All of That, Get These Exclusive Instant Access Bonuses Given To You Free:

Free Bonus 1 2 x Free VIP Tickets To Paul's Next Big Event

When you secure your seat in Accelerator you’ll be given x 2 Free Tickets to come along as my VIP guest and experience one of my 2-day 4% Club Mastermind Events. You’ll get to see for yourself what it’s like to be surrounded by an Elite group of very successful business owners – and leave with more clarity, more direction, momentum and FOCUS!

Free Bonus 2 Instant Access Video Training:

“7 Quick Fixes That Will Immediately Boost Your Clinic's Marketing Profits” (Value $347)

This Marketing program is designed to recoup your investment in Accelerator… BEFORE the Accelerator course even begins. The “7 Quick Fixes” program shows you 7 of the most simple ways to immediately boost your bottom line by compelling more cash paying patients to inquire about you online, to pick up the phone and call you, or to walk through your clinic doors. Get profit-boosting improvements to your clinic marketing that can make a big difference - starting TONIGHT.

All 7 of these videos will be sent to you the minute you register your place on Accelerator.

Plus, Get The Most Profitable Free Bonus Ever

Get Two Months Additional Marketing Training And Support In My 4% Club Mastermind Coaching Program (Value $3600) – For Free

To ensure your success happens faster, you’ll also receive two months FREE access to my Next Level Group Coaching Program. This is an $1800 monthly subscription program where you can have UNRESTRICTED access to all of my best ads, you can join in additional weekly live event training calls, attend Monthly Marketing Master Class seminars, access the Facebook support community, get accountability and network with other likeminded PTs - including past Accelerator students - all using the same strategies for marketing glory as you.

The coaching program is typically an $1800 per month investment… meaning you’ll be getting access to at least $3600 worth of additional Marketing tools, resources and support to ensure your success in Accelerator and beyond, is guaranteed and for FREE! You’ll be added to the group within hours of signing up.

Note: The faster you sign up for Accelerator ...the quicker you’ll be added to the Group …meaning more Marketing success coming your way sooner!

In total, all of the FREE bonuses you’ll be getting for joining Accelerator are worth $4244

Plus, Get Three Months FREE Membership of Planet Paul Marketing Academy - Paul Gough’s Exclusive VIP Community of The World's Best Physical Therapists

If you are not currently a member of Planet Paul Marketing Academy, you will also receive three months FREE membership including monthly CD and 32 page “Planet Paul” Marketing Publication. After your three-month trial, you will automatically be upgraded to full membership at 249 per month unless you cancel - which you can easily do at any time (instructions on how to do so will be provided). This Free bonus is for Non Marketing-Academy members only.

Planet Paul Magazine VIP membership

What To Do Next

Take advantage today and get these New Patient Acquisition Systems working for your PT Business TODAY… and save $1600!

You should expect your 12 weeks on this Marketing Master Class Program to completely change the direction of your PT business, website and internet marketing.

This is for Physical Therapy business owners serious about achieving a 50% to 250% increase in profits across the course of the next 12 months. The full price of this program is $5000. But because you are on my “hot list”, you are getting a better offer than anyone else, at any time. This is your BEST (and most generous) opportunity to see what everyone is talking about.


Option One

$5000 Just One Payment of $3800

A saving of $1200


Option Two

$5000 Just 4 Monthly Payments of $974

A saving of $1104


If you have any questions about joining the course please contact us here and Paul will personally reply to you.


More “Accelerator” Success Stories

Please turn up your speakers and press play to hear a personal message from these past Accelerator Students about how this program has impacted their Business and their life:

"Taking Accelerator has allowed me to raise my prices significantly which has had a huge impact on my profits, and I've been able to decrease the amount of patients I see, and still make the same amount of money."

Christine Walker, Christine Walker PT, Charlotte, North Carolina Flag

"My revenue has almost doubled since taking Accelerator, and I have a lot more time to work ON the business, not IN the business, and to spend with my family."

Nick Hunter, Preferred Physical Therapy, Glendale, Arizona Flag

“I feel like I'm running my business now, instead of it running me!”

Like many clinic owners, I was told by friends, loved ones and colleagues that I shouldn't set my prices too high or raise my rates above the local 'norms'. Once I joined Accelerator, it gave me the confidence to put my rates up to a level that allows me see patients at a comfortable pace, hire staff, and pay myself a reasonable wage (something I wasn't doing before). It seems like a small thing, but having the confidence to charge what you are worth can truly change the direction of your business. I feel like I'm running my business now, instead of it running me!

Business owners who don't take this course are missing out on the chance to learn how to think at a higher level. You learn the tactics, yes, but more importantly you learn how to ask better questions and make better decisions. You also learn about the psychology behind WHY we make certain decisions and how people communicate. This knowledge can help to improve communication skills with patients and staff.

– Matt Calhoun, Dynamic Health Physio, Fredericton, NB, Canada Flag

“In 12 months since implementing Accelerator, my revenue has nearly tripled”

Before Accelerator, I did not have a business. I was just in my clinic waiting for people to magically find me and become my patients. I was relying only on word of mouth and it was very slow. The problem was, that I thought that was business.

Now everything is different. I am different. I have learnt to think like a business owner. I understand the high level principles. I understand why I need to market. I now know how consumers behave and why we need systems. I have more confidence in what I do. It’s not just about raising your rates, it is about understanding why. I now charge twice as much, and my marketing is bringing new patients every week.

– Cristobal Romero, Fit Madrid, Madrid, Spain Flag

“Learn how to market, and you will get successful yourself”

Without Accelerator you will eventually get stuck - You need to learn how to market, sell and provide a great experience in order to help people be successful, and you will get successful yourself.

– Tim Madsen, Proaktiv, Copenhagen, Denmark Flag

“Test Drive” The Program For Three Weeks Backed By Paul’s Personal Profitability Guarantee

Accelerator is 100% risk free for you to join.

Here’s how my Personal Profitability Guarantee works. Take action today and join the “New Patient Accelerator” program… and if by the end of the second week you don’t think that Accelerator will get you the 3 extra patients you’ll need to cover your investment… I’ll gladly refund your money.

All you need is just “3” new patients to cover your investment in “Accelerator” and in fact, with just 1 or 2 of these tactics, you could get 100 X your investment back and more!

So, in reality, this course doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s essentially FREE… it’s an investment in your future wealth and prosperity.

You can only grow your PT clinic in this new health care economy by attending this Marketing Master Class live event experience. Confirm your place today.

And, Here Are 10 Reasons Why Your PT Clinic Profits will Grow After You Experience “The New Patient Accelerator Program”

  1. You will get MORE than enough new patients to fill up your schedule - PLUS, inquires from the right type of clients will increase SIGNIFICANTLY

  2. You will learn the worlds most advanced Automated Marketing Strategies - easily adapted into your clinics new Marketing Plan

  3. You will grow a successful clinic that DOES NOT rely upon referrals from Doctors

  4. You will know what Marketing you need to do that’ll get you more high paying, cash-pay clients

  5. You will get the confidence (and the strategy) to raise your rates by at least $50 - without losing a single patient

  6. You will get new patients FAST - even if no-one currently knows who you are

  7. You will never again have to consider buying Doctors their lunch

  8. You will soon be in a position to confidently transition out-of-network - and be more PROFITABLE for doing so

  9. Your website frustrations will be over and you will finally know what it is like to receive a regular, 24/7 stream of inquires from your website

  10. You will learn the very latest Internet Marketing skills - including how to dominate Google and Facebook as well as turn your Social Media into a 24/7 lead-generator for your business

Video Seminars – Join the Revolution in PT Business Success Training

new patient accelerator

How this program works – When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to Module 1 of the program. You’ll get sent an email and a password that’ll let you access the membership site containing all of the videos, checklists and support material needed to complete that module. Then, every 7 days at 12pm EST, you’ll get an email notifying you that access to the next module has been “unlocked” – and so on and so on until you complete the course.

That means you will be able to access each of Modules from the comfort of your own home or office. In between unlocking the weekly seminars, I’ll provide you with all of the personal support in the 24/7 access Facebook community - and on the Live Group Coaching calls that you’ll be invited to attend to ask me your questions.

All of this saves you a fortune in the hotel and travel expenses associated with traditional seminars. Plus, by spreading the cost of the course over 3 months, you get to implement the material we cover between each seminar and see results BEFORE you’ve even paid for it! Plus, recordings of all of the seminars will be available online in case you miss any.

You will have “life long” access to the membership site where you will always be able to access the material you will be using and learning from. It’s the perfect way to discover and then implement the strategies you need to take your PT business to the Next Level.

Your FAQs of New Patient Accelerator

  • Q I’m pushed for time but want to start this now - do I have to finish the course within 12 weeks?

    No. Because all of the material is accessed via a private area membership website, you can choose how fast you complete the modules. We do try to hold you accountable to implement stuff each week – but ultimately, you decide how much you can do according to the schedule you have.

  • Q I’m a new start up, is this program relevant for me?

    Yes. If you’re new (less than 12 months old) Accelerator is perfect for you. We’ve had previous students who hadn’t even opened the doors on their clinic yet, but were preparing for it and wanted a kick start!

  • Q I’m an in-network provider, is this relevant for me?

    Yes – especially if you want to move away from relying upon doctors for referrals. We usually find that out Accelerator students are split equally between in-network, cash and hybrid owners.

  • Q What if I have questions in-between the weekly seminars?

    You can ask them in the Facebook community and Paul will answer them for you instantly.

  • Q What if I have a Marketing person? Can this person attend the calls too?

    Yes. You can have one key member of your team join the program with you free of charge.


If you have any questions about joining the course please contact us here and Paul will personally reply to you.


Get The New Patient Accelerator Program Working For You Today

Take advantage today and get these New Patient Acquisition Systems working for your PT Business TODAY…and save $1600!


Option One

$5000 Just One Payment of $3800

A saving of $1200


Option Two

$5000 Just 4 Monthly Payments of $974

A saving of $1104


If you have any questions about joining the course please contact us here and Paul will personally reply to you.


What PT Industry Experts Are Saying About
Paul Gough And His Material

Within two months of taking this course I got so in-demand that I was able to hire the first staff PT for my cash-based practice - and his schedule is already FULL. I'm already having to look for another, second staff PT to able to keep up with the volume of new patients that this course has generated for me. Paul is a marketing genius and on this course he walks you through a variety of advanced, (but simple to implement) direct-to-public marketing techniques that will systematically bring new patients to your clinic. Do it… and leave your competition to grovel to local physicians in hopes that feeding their staff lunch will do the trick. This course represents the here and now of new patient, direct to consumer marketing in the PT Industry

– Dr. Jarod Carter, Carter Physiotherapy, Austin (TX) and founder of the “Cash PT” Podcast Flag

It’s incredible what Paul has accomplished at his own practice... I look forward to working with him on the Accelerator Program and learning more and more from him about Marketing my practice in the future

– Aaron Lebauer, Lebauer PT, Greenboro (NC) and Lebauer Consulting Flag

About Paul Gough...

Paul Gough

Paul Gough creates global award winning Marketing Systems, is a multi PT Clinic owner, leading authority on Marketing and trusted advisor to many PT Owners across the U.S.

Paul Gough is a small business ICON-WINNER of the award for best in class lead nurture Marketing in 2016 selected across all of Infusionsoft’s 45,000 strong global customers and a former professional soccer Physical Therapist turned successful clinic owner from the UK. He is a published Author who has already grown his own physical therapy business from one clinic to four, and zero to $1m - in record time. What’s most impressive, is this: he’s done all that in a country with a completely free “socialist” health care system (that provides physical therapy services for FREE for all residents), as his main competitor.

He is widely regarded in the US as a leading authority on Direct to consumer Marketing - and has a proven track record of helping physical therapists’ in the US to grow their practices, increase profits, free up their time and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking.

He shows PT business owners how to win more patients and increase their profits using Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet Marketing Strategies. Every week, 1000’s of physical therapists receive his support and advice online, and his business success coaching programs are almost always FULL.

From One Clinic Owner To Another… My Message To You In A Nutshell …

“It’s really very simple. Most PT Owners spend over three hundred days each year struggling to run their business effectively and zero days mastering the marketing success skills that could transform your PT business performance.

In response to the alarming DECREASE in the number of referrals from doctors that many PT owners are now experiencing, nation wide, I am inviting you to make the decision to spend 18 hours with me (12 x 90 minute sessions), from the comfort of your home or office, mastering this information that can make such a difference to your PT business and your profits - even your ability to survive and actually stay in business, as the big hospital systems move into town!

If you want to maximise your turnover, your profits and double or triple the number of New Patients you attract (…independent of doctor referrals), I look forward to working with you and helping to create the success that you deserve”


Paul Gough

P.S Here’s what even more PT owners are saying about how I have helped them attract all of the new patients they need, transformed their website and direct marketing… and gone a long way to helping them grow profits by 50-250%. When you make the decision to join Accelerator, I’ll be able to help do the same thing for you.

More Success Stories –
What Other PTs Are Saying About Paul Gough’s Marketing Material and Strategies…

If you own a private practice you just need to do this. It’ll show you how to create systems that capture and capitalize on the current opportunities occurring as a result of healthcare changes. Paul has the solution to the changes occurring in the marketplace for private practice PTs… he is direct, provides clarity and really opened my eyes on the possibilities for my clinic. He is super responsive to questions, queries and getting his students on track - he is very fun too

– Caren Lieberman, The Physical Therapy Studio, Studio City, LA Flag

Paul’s focus is on the higher, longer term gain for your business… most every other marketing course I have seen said “get 100 new patients this week” but then fails to deliver… this course shows you the systems that are needed to gain new patients and maintain growth throughout the entirety of your business. Do this course… it’s a huge time saver… it’ll make you more profitable… and you’ll get more than you were expecting

– Jason Miller, Centrex Rehabilitation, Harker Heights (TX) Flag

This course gave me a marketing plan that is fully automated and is helping me grow my practice without relying on marketing to doctors. Even better, I am now able to attract patients that are in my target market instead of feeling like I have to treat any patient that a doctor refers to my clinic. Paul is highly informative and very inspiring and I highly recommend this to any PT who wants to take their practice to the next level

– Christine Colonna, Core Balance Physical Therapy, Greenwich (CT) Flag

If you want strategies to help reduce or eliminate your insurance headaches, this is the course to show you how – it has concrete ideas to implement rather than strictly theory like so many other PT marketing courses are

– Kim Gladfelter, PhysioFit Physical Therapy, Los Altos (CA) Flag

The Physical Therapy world is changing... Paul is showing us how to market a successful business in today's economy. Accelerator has completely changed how I market my (hybrid) clinic and I'm already seeing success for what I have implemented so far. If you want to set up a system to market your practice, I don't think there is a better course or teacher out there

– Julietta Wenzell, Ocean Therapy Centre, Wilton Manners (FL) Flag

Since taking the class I’m now able to attract the huge volume of people who currently have no idea about physical therapy or the potential benefits they may receive from seeing a PT – but who would go and see one if they did! Most PT's are not addressing this huge crowd of people and yet the massive opportunity is there. Paul is the PT Industry version of “Dan Kennedy” and Accelerator represents perfectly what all physical therapists must do next to stay alive and profitable…

– Neil Sauer, Functional Advantage, Freeland (MI) Flag

I took this course and Paul showed me how to raise my prices by implementing a real price strategy at my practice… I went from charging $95 to $160 almost over night - with zero resistance - just by implementing what he told me to do. I’m excited to be working with him and watching my clinic grow!

– Kevin Gennrich, Cash Based Owner, Overhaul PT, Edina (MN) Flag

In just a few months I have seen a constantly steady rise in prospects and new patients. Last month I ran an ad in the Sunday paper and had 40 prospects call/email and ended up turning 8 into paying patients in the first week - an ROI of 332%. Using the skills I have learned from Paul I also e-mail my past patients and have brought in 20 past patients who otherwise would have remained lost. The ROI on my investment in this program, easily triple digit, month on month!

– Andrew Vertson, Intecore PT. Orange County, (CA) Flag

In just a few months of joining this program, we’re already getting to the point we don't have to do ANY physician marketing – thankfully, I am over that! Knowing what I know now, I would rather spend the time marketing directly to, and on the phone with potential patients, and NOT rude MA's, office coordinators, and cocky physicians.

Paul’s strategies have completely transformed my business… this is the most excited I’ve been about PT in 5 years since opening!

– Scott Gilbert, Canyon PT, Phoenix (AZ) Flag

In just a few short weeks of joining Paul’s program I had a marketing system in place at my clinic that is now helping me move away from relying on doctor referrals and seeing only 30 patients per week – quickly towards my goal of 100 patients per week - he will give you good idea, after idea, after idea to implement on this program!

– Oliver Patalinghug, Restore Physical Therapy LLC, Rochester Hills, (MI) Flag

Almost immediately after starting Paul’s program he helped me generate more revenue in my business by changing our internal sales systems - and improving the way my team connect with patients. I look forward to and learn something from every call I have with him on his program

– Hina Sheth, Rebalance PT, Cash Based Practice, Centre City, Philadephia (PA) Flag

Paul is refreshingly honest, straight-forward and easy to talk to and I love his no-nonsense approach to direct marketing. You’ll find with Paul that he is up front about what to expect, and more importantly, he is honest enough to tell you what NOT to expect, as far as a massive influx of new patients happening by tomorrow. I’ve recommend him to other PT owners who have been equally impressed with their results

– Dean Volk, Volk PT, Concord (NC) Flag