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“Get A Unique, Proven to Work in A PT Clinic Like Yours, $10,000 Package of Marketing Material to Reinvent and Transform YOUR Clinics Direct to Public Marketing, Sent to Your Door Every 30 Days, (…all for just $4.99)”

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck for coming up with new marketing ideas, or you privately admit to yourself that you’re just “not very good” when it comes to direct to public marketing, this NEW OPPORTUNITY is perfect for you…


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“Join the New Planet Paul Marketing Academy and Get Proven Marketing Strategies, Campaigns And Ads (…That Your Peers Are Using Successfully), Sent To You Every 30 Days”

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“The wealth marketing DVD program alone showed me how to get more leads, improve conversions and raise my cash rates from $150 to $250 per session”

- Joshua Hall, Salt Lake City, UT

“Working more closely with Paul has been the best decision of my business career”

- Carrie Jose, CJ Physical Therapy And Pilates, Portsmouth, NH

“Marketing Academy helped me get the confidence to market knowing what I was doing was actually going to work. I was the second person to join and since joining my revenue has doubled consistently, month on month”

- Alison Feldt PT, Brier, WA

From the Desk of Paul Gough, Orlando, FL.

Dear Physical Therapist,

Before I invite you to join the new “Planet Paul Marketing Academy”, take a look at the list below and ask yourself if you’ve ever caught yourself thinking or saying any of them:

If you have, you’re not alone.

Most clinic owners I know will admit that one or more of these has happened to them and it’s not a nice reality to face up to.

You’ve got amazing clinical skills and you can do amazing work to help people live more active and healthy lives – the problem is you’re just not getting enough of them to make a bigger impact!

You know that WHEN they find you, they’re happy.

The problem is that right now it isn’t happening as much as you would like.

Can you relate?

If you can, you’re in the same boat as many great physical therapists who have started a business and now find yourself wondering, “when will all of the patients arrive?”, wondering why, despite having “built it”, they are NOT coming!

And if you’re anything like ME, when I first started my practice, you’re probably thinking,

“HOLY CRAP, I’ve just quit my good paying, steady job! This is fairly fricking scary having no guaranteed salary, rent to pay to a landlord, a student loan to cover, expensive overheads (not to mention a car and a mortgage) and all with no guaranteed way of ensuring I will get enough patients to cover it all each month.

Why did I even start this business in the first place?”

Just How Long Do You Wait for Your Word of Mouth Referrals To Finally Kick In?

It’s true… starting a business is a scary thing!

And when you throw into the mix that you have to learn how to market, well, that just makes it even more scary.

It is tempting to think that your fortune will be made by getting good “word of mouth referrals” or having people you know refer you.

And it does work – at first.

But then you realize those early calls didn’t keep growing at the rate you hoped they would.

Eventually a few years go by and your business is alive – but most likely on life support – being topped up by a few past patients who are loyal to you (and a line of credit that you’re using to cover all of your expenses.)

There’s some success in that you’re still in business – but little in the way of REAL REWARDS for all of the hard work you’ve put in.

Your marketing has likely moved on from relying upon friends and family and you’re now trying things like social media, leaving business cards around town and you’re probably looking at your website contemplating a new one.

There’s LOTS of activity and hustle – but very little in the way of rewards.

As much as it pains me to say it, this is an all-too-common scenario for great physical therapists. It’s a horrible place to be and it’s made worse when you look around at your peers who ARE having the success you want.

You know it’s possible – it’s just happening for you.

Well, at least that is how it was for me back then…

I was looking around at the successful clinic owners in my town seeing them having visibly more success than me and I was always wondering what it was that they knew about marketing, that I didn’t.

The question I kept asking myself was:

“Where Are These Successful Practice Owners Getting All of Their Great Marketing Ideas From?”

Back then, as I was struggling to get traction with my marketing, it felt like there must be some kind of “secret society” that all these successful business owners were part of - that I wasn’t - and because of that I was never going to be able to catch up.

I would see them in the newspapers or at community events, or I’d run a Google search in my town looking for the “best physio” and ALL of my competitors’ websites would come up before mine…

I’d see them all over Facebook and whenever I would go on the internet, I would see their ads staring back at me.

Worst, I would drive past my competitor’s clinic and their car park was ALWAYS FULL and I can tell you, that really piss*d me off!

I wanted what they were getting – marketing success – but I didn’t know where to look to get it.

“My Big Marketing Mistakes…”

Looking back, I now realize I made two mistakes when I started:

Mistake #1 – Not really understanding what REAL marketing activity actually is. Back then I thought that marketing was doing things like leaflets, posters, biz cards etc, but not of that worked despite doing more of it.

Mistake #2 – Trying to do it all on my own when I had no experience or skills! I was STUPID for making it up as I went along and not copying what the successful clinic owners were doing.

Lucky for me I realized that the simplest way to improve my marketing was to FIX Mistake #2 - stop making it up and trying to do it alone and instead, find what works and MODEL it!

“Modelling Success” is the easiest and fastest way to success in anything – especially marketing!

Instead of making it up and constantly getting it wrong, I decided to simply find people who were already doing it and model that!

It makes marketing and business success much easier to come by

After all…

Re-inventing the wheel is difficult and time consuming... making it up as you go along is risky… chucking stuff at the wall (and hoping it sticks) is costly... and not knowing where to start for fear of getting it wrong is frustrating and leads to so many clinic owners getting stuck that is RIFE in our profession.

Modelling success and copying what works is easy and can be very profitable if you copy the right people

The problem is - finding those businesses with the marketing strategies you need in the first place!

“Finally - A Reliable Source of Marketing Strategies and Ideas That Are Working NOW For Your Type Of PT Clinic!”

Over the last few years I have been growing an incredible community of Practice Owners dedicated to running very successful practices (Over 500 now...)

Most of them are defying the odds by growing profitable clinics in towns with economies that are typically not supposed to support the types of profit these business owners are making.

Some have already gone past 7 figures – that is a Million Dollars - in total annual sales.

Many are making 6 figures profit ($100k Club!) within 12 months of setting up...

And even those just setting up are doing better than the average clinic owner who struggles to make pay day let alone take a wage.

I don’t say this to brag – but…

I have worked with over 1000 clients from all across America, Canada, Britain, Europe and Australia and they all have one thing in common – extraordinary levels of success in business.

Their success accelerated the day that they joined a community of likeminded PT business owners all dedicated to sharing what works.

It is not that they are working any harder (or that they are any better clinically) than you are - it is quite simply that they have access to what is working NOW – in real time – and that gives them a distinct advantage that others do not have.

Instead of making things up and losing money when their marketing does not work – they’re learning from others, taking what works and IMPLEMENTING it at their own practices and making money because of it.

It’s a very simple strategy that ANYONE can implement – even the self-professed “marketing dummies”.

Announcing the New “Planet Paul Marketing Academy”

Paul's Marketing Academy Logo

Get Real Time Access to What the Most Successful Physical Therapy Clinics Are Doing Right Now with Their Marketing (That You Might Not Be…)!

It’s for all of the above reasons that I have created the, "Planet Paul Marketing Academy".

It is an exclusive community of successful physical therapy clinic owners all dedicated to growing profitable businesses using the latest marketing and pricing strategies – and willing to share those same strategies.

“On Planet Paul, we share what works with everyone who is in it… …and we DELIVER IT IN A PACKAGE every 30 days!”

That’s right… we share with you the marketing, sales and pricing strategies that have helped our most successful members to achieve six figure profit margins – some of them now running million dollars plus practices.

You may not wish to aspire to the million-dollar mark – and that’s ok. Not everyone on Planet Paul does. But I am willing to bet that you’d be happy with an additional $10,000 every month?

That’s why the focal point of the “Planet Paul Marketing Academy” is to deliver to your door a marketing campaign that has delivered over $10,000 worth of patients in a single month and help you execute it inside your clinic.

Who Is It For?

"Planet Paul Marketing Academy" is perfect for clinic owners who know they need to market - but privately admit that they struggle somewhat when it comes to actually implementing or coming up with new ideas for their marketing campaigns.

Planet Paul Marketing Academy is all about solving those problems.

It’s also for clinic owners who have a marketing assistant who they feel could do with a little help and direction – training – when it comes to implementing what works.

It isn’t always about the clinic owner doing the marketing – the Planet Paul Marketing Academy is also for the ASSISTANTS who will actually be doing the work!

Give Me My FREE Wealth Marketing DVDs & Start My 60-Day Marketing Academy Trial for Just $4.99

The Big Promise – Get $10,000 Worth of Marketing Ideas Sent to Your Clinic Every 30 Days

This is all about exposing you to what other clinics are doing - so that you can do the same.

It's all about giving you access to what the top physical therapy clinics around the world are doing with their marketing to bring in more leads, more patients and ultimately, more cash – so that you can copy from them to get similar results in your business.

If you're too frightened to spend money on marketing - this is the perfect place to learn so that you can feel more confident about doing so.

Ultimately, the Planet Paul Marketing Academy is about providing you with at least $10,000 worth of marketing ideas every 30 days so that you never again have to worry about finding new patients or making a profit.

How We Deliver The $10,000 Marketing Campaign to Your Door…

Each month we bring the spotlight on one of our most successful Planet Paul Members and break down the exact campaign that they've ran that has brought in over $10,000 in patients.

We break the campaign down in such a way that you're able to not just learn from it - but also copy it.

We cover the campaign in-depth, provide you with “do this, do that” steps and we provide the processes and actual ad materials and checklists to implement it at your own clinic.

We’re as good as hand-delivering you your marketing campaign EVERY SINGLE month so that you never have to think about what you need to do for the next month.

It means if you're not 100% certain about what to do to market that you can copy directly from someone who you can be sure is having a stunning level of success.

Here’s What You Get for Your Membership To The “Planet Paul Marketing Academy”

Ultimately, the 'Planet Paul Marketing Academy' was created to help solve your clinic's no.1 growth problem – MARKETING!

Here’s an overview of everything you will be getting for the small amount it costs to remain a member. I think you will be shocked/pleasantly surprised at the incredible resources and tools included:

PLUS, You’ll Also Get All of This…

Everything I Wished I Had Access to When I First Started to Market My Practice…

Just for Giving It A Try, We’ll Also Give You All Of This:

As you can see, we’re holding nothing back. We are dedicated to your success. I am giving you all of the things I wished I’d had when I first started my practice.

Why Did I Create The Planet Paul Marketing Academy…

I could tell you that I created it to bring the most aspiring clinic owners together…

And I could even tell you that I created it to make sure you don’t waste any money on marketing…

And I could also say that I created it to show you what other clinic owners are doing with their marketing to give you a permanent source of inspiration and ideas to copy from

And I could also say that I created it to give you a candid “kick up the ass” permanent reminder to KEEP marketing your practice…

And although all of those things would be important, in the end, I created the marketing academy to give you access to all of the things that I wished I had access to when I first started marketing my practice.

If I had access to everything I have today it would have made my life sooooooooo much easier!

And that’s what I’m wanting to do for you – make it drop-dead easy for you to successfully market your practice.

Whether it is help with creating a new quarterly marketing plan… or help with getting the rhythm and the structure of your marketing in place or setting up your first Facebook or Google ads, even hiring and training your first assistant, this is perfect for you.

Never Get Stuck for Marketing Ideas – Ever Again!

As you can see, I’ve built this Academy to solve your biggest problem – your LACK OF ACCESS TO MARKETING STRATEGIES that work!

I’ve thought back to my early years in business and considered all of the things I didn’t have that I really needed – and I’ve combined them all into this program that will cost you less than the price of just one patient VISIT that you otherwise would not have gotten.

Whether it is a marketing plan template to work from…

A marketing coach to talk to each month…

Or, access to OTHER clinic owners and their marketing ideas and campaigns – we’re giving it to you.

And from that you’ll get the DIRECTION and the CONFIDENCE to FINALLY start implementing your own successful marketing campaigns.

Get into Paul Gough’s “Marketing Academy” NOW – Before The Price Rise!

The total value of the Academy is $525 per month (Online Community $149, 32 Page Publication $129, Monthly Audio/Seminar and transcript $247).

However, the actual fee to join the Academy and get access to all of this is just $349 per month.

But it gets even better:

For the first 150 people who join Paul’s new “Academy” program, you can get in for just $199 (billed every 30 days).

(Note: After the first 150 people sign up the price will rise to $349 but if you sign up now, for just $199, you will lock-in that low price for the entirety of your membership in the Academy.

So, if you want to lock in the lowest price – currently just $199 - for the entirety of your membership in the Academy, you need to act to NOW.

Give Me My FREE Wealth Marketing DVDs & Start My 60-Day Marketing Academy Trial for Just $4.99

It Gets Better – Start with a Trial!

You can enrol in the Academy with a 60 Day Trial that’ll cost you just $4.99 to activate…

That means your first 60 DAYS Membership in Academy is going to cost you just $4.99 if you enrol today – and you’ll still receive all of the amazing benefits described above (and you will not be billed again for 60 days).

After that 60 day trial, only then will you will be billed the lowest rate of $199 and the best news is that there is no contract to join the Academy - you can easily cancel at anytime.

2 months free badge

Plus, Get Your $2000 Wealth Marketing DVD Program FREE, Just for Signing Up Today!

As well as all of that, I’d like to give you my $2000 Value Wealth Marketing DVD program – for just $1…

It comes as a gift for sampling my Academy program. Wealth Marketing is some of the most powerful and instantly actionable Marketing training that I could possibly give you access to.

My goal is to help you become world class at Marketing your clinic – so that you can get more patients than you will ever need! And while you wait for your first shipment of Planet Paul to arrive in the next few days, I want you to get on with solving your clinics marketing problem, instantly. That’s where Wealth Marketing comes into this…

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get instant access to your first video seminar. Here’s what’s included in the 9-Module program you’ll be getting for just $4.99.

And here’s just some of what you will learn on your Wealth Marketing DVD program for that $4.99 access fee:

So, as well as the lowest price Academy membership possible (that you can trial first for just $4.99), I am also going to give you access to the $2000 Wealth Marketing DVD Program for FREE.

It is 9 instant download video seminars that will show you how to use your Marketing to bring more new patients.

You’ll get the first Video Seminar (on 19 Cash Pay Conversion Strategies) sent to you instantly when you enrol in Academy! That means as soon as you enrol, you’ll get sent this video seminar to download and start watching!...

Give Me My FREE Wealth Marketing DVDs & Start My 60-Day Marketing Academy Trial for Just $4.99


Here’s how this is going to work:

  1. You are going to get sent at least $10,000 worth of Marketing, Mindset and Profit Boosting Strategies to your clinics door – every 30 days.

  2. You get the 32 page monthly publication (Planet Paul), audio CD/DVD and access to the exclusive online Facebook community.

  3. The normal fee is $349 per month – but because you are one of the first 150 people to enrol, the price of your membership will be just $199 for the duration of it.

  4. You will be billed every 30 days and you are not in a contract meaning you can easily cancel at anytime…

  5. To activate your membership today will cost you just $4.99 and you will receive a 60 day trial in the Academy before being billed the $199 monthly rate (in 60 days time).

  6. That means $4.99 is paid today – and you will not be billed again until 60 days from now (and then every 60 days after that or until you cancel).

  7. Plus, when you activate your $4.99 trial, you will be getting your $2000 WEALTH MARKETING DVD program for free.

  8. You will get instant access to the first module (of the 9 Video program) today and then every 30 days a new module will be unlocked for you during the duration of your membership.
Start My 60-Day Marketing Academy Trial for Just $4.99

If you have questions, please email paul@paulgough.com

Words of Praise For Planet Paul – From Members of Planet Paul

“I didn’t really know what to expect from Marketing Academy, honestly.  I was about to start a new business and I knew I needed more information than what I was getting from the podcast. Right now, all of my marketing ideas are coming from the group and I regularly reference ads, scripts and files left in the Facebook group. I figure if I’m going to be spending money on marketing, I want to make sure I’m doing it right. There’s a ton of value in the membership and I’m happy I joined.”

- Lauren Manna- Tandem Physical Therapy, New Orleans LA

“I’ve done a few of Pauls program but "Cash-Club" definitely took it up  a few levels. The monthly newsletter is packed with additional resources, advice. tips, and more importantly - you get to get a taste of other business owners success. Just seeing others have success is super motivating and encouraging.”

- John-Mark Chesney, Simply Physio Knoxville, TN

“I think I was the second member to join Marketing Academy and I did so right away because I knew I needed more help. I just knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Truth be told I had no idea the amount and NEXT level coaching this would be. I started getting the CD audio 1x per month and the magazine. It was amazing. I replayed those audio versions about 10x each just to keep me pushing forward. Then I got to work with the business coach Lisa who comes with the program and she keeps pushing me, reminding me how important is to keep marketing. Overall, since joining Marketing Academy my monthly revenue has doubled, consistently doubled every single month! I couldn't be happier. My business success I attribute to this community.”

- Alison Feldt, Brier, WA

Frequently Asked Questions About the Planet Paul Marketing Academy, Marketing Coaching Program

Frequently Asked Questions About Paul Gough’s Academy Coaching Program

Q. If I sign up the 60-Day trial, what is my commitment to the Program?

A. You are only committed for as long as you like. You may cancel the program at any time and incur no penalties of fees. I believe the quality of the material will cause you to want to stay a client for ever.

Currently, less than 8% of the people who sign up cancel their membership, and most of them cancel due to personal reasons or an un-supporting business partner or spouse – not because they were disappointed with the quality of the coaching and materials or support provided.

Q. I’ve already purchased New Patient Accelerator or PT Business Growth School… how is the Academy different?

A. The Accelerator and BGS program were designed to give you the fundamental strategies and tools you need to build a powerful new patient attraction system. However, I received many requests from Accelerator clients for some type of affordable coaching to help them further their education and skills in marketing and sales and to provide ongoing encouragement and direction. That is when I decided to launch the Academy Coaching group. This program was designed to give my clients three things:

  1. A steady flow of fresh new ideas, encouragement, and training to become a true marketing master. No one becomes a marketing genius over night; that’s why this program is so important to your success. The regular flow of new ideas and strategies as well as the success stories of other physical therapy clinic owners will encourage and inspire you.

  2. Marketing updates and specific examples of what’s working for other physical therapy clinics right NOW. Obviously, things change, new opportunities crop up every day; my goal is to help you capitalize on the latest trends.

  3. If nothing else, this program will serve as a monthly “kick-up-the-ass” reminder to keep marketing, keep looking to boost your profitability or raise rates and keep increasing your authority in your town! As my mother often tells me, none of us is too big or too old for a “kick-up-the-ass” now and again and I am happy to let you pay me to do it FOR YOU…

Q. What if I can’t afford it/am dead broke?

A. I’ve encountered a lot of people in this profession who think, “if I was doing better financially and in my business, I would have no problem investing some money into this kind of program”.

But the truth is, successful people and businesses earn big profits because they invest in learning and growing their business; not the other way around.

Q. What if I am too busy right now to implement all the strategies I’ve already got from you… should I wait to join the Academy?

A: That is THE worst decision you could make! You don’t have to implement every single thing I give or teach you to see value from the membership. The reason I include so much is because different clients will see value in different benefits.

For example, many members simply read the Planet Paul Marketing Publication to look for ideas; some love the Marketing “de-brief” just to keep up with what’s working for their peers; others LOVE the monthly Q/A calls with me. Some remain a member JUST to be part of the Facebook Community and others value the one-on-one time with their coach!

Q. I haven’t started a clinic yet – is this right for me?

A. Some of our most successful Academy members joined when they were merely “thinking” of starting a practice; the advice, encouragement from other members and motivation they got from being part of this program spurred them on to quit their life-sucking job sooner and open the doors on their own practice, faster and with much more success.

If you’re planning on starting a practice, you NEED to be in this group and one of the reasons we made the membership fees so low is to make it easy for you to join!

Q. I don’t have time to do all of this “marketing stuff”

A. Bluntly, you do not (yet) understand what business you are really in – it is NOT the physical therapy business, it is the MARKETING of a physical therapy business. The first big leap in income occurs when a business owner shifts from thinking of him/herself as a “clinician” in the clinic, to a “marketer of the clinic”.

Q. I need more basic training/I need more advanced help

A. Each issue of the Planet Paul Marketing Publication covers advanced and basic – from strategy to tech and is a foundation. You also receive additional help and support from me on the monthly LIVE coaching call for you to ask a question more advanced.

“Stunning Praise for Marketing Academy - and What It Is Like Working Closely with Paul Gough”

Here’s what some of our members say about being in this amazing program and working more closely with Paul Gough:

I Don’t Have to Worry About Where My Next Patient Will Come From

“Acquiring New Patients was my biggest concern when I opened my business in 2016. Since working with Paul I now have more than enough clients on schedule, new patients inquiring daily, and bigger, exciting things, like hiring and follow-up systems to focus on instead. I love all of the business insights from Paul and his community - and his ability to help us overcome any roadblock. Nothing is a problem when you work closely with Paul.”

- Frank Hatch, Core Physio LLC, Santa Fe, NM

In 2 Years We’ve Gone from Hustling For Clients To Consistently Generating $50k A Month In Revenue

“We were pretty much struggling with EVERY aspect in business before working with Paul - selling, price strategy, marketing, you name it - we were always busy trying to establish a solid foundation to grow our business on, with no clear direction to head in.

Paul has put us on the path to building the business of our dreams. In a 2 year period we’ve gone from hustling for clients making $2k a month… To being fully fledged business owners, treating less than 8 hours a week and consistently generating $50k a month in revenue. We now have a huge amount of confidence in what the future holds. It’s hard to imagine where we would be today without Paul and the community!”

- Mike Wehrhahn & Justin Lee, Next Level Physical Therapy, Hamilton, NJ

Working with Paul Has Helped Me Move Out-of-Network AND Drop My Lowest Paying Insurance Company

“Before joining Pauls program I was frustrated dealing with low paying insurance companies, was extremely stressed out, and struggling financially, which was having an impact on my business AND family life. Working with Paul has changed my life significantly and put a stop to my headaches. I’ve been able to move out-of-network, drop my lowest paying insurance company, and gone from charging $95 a visit to $240! – I’m no longer worrying at the end of each month if I’m going to make payroll and pay rent.”

- Kim Gladfelter, PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness, Sunnyvale, CA

We Have Grown from A Team Of Two To Seven In Just 2.5 Years

“I started working with Paul right after taking Business Growth School, and all I can tell you is that it’s priceless! In the space of just 2.5 years my wife and I have grown from a team of two (us), to seven, which wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of this group. Before signing up my wife and I lacked direction and the ability to scale our business. We were doing a lot of work for minimal profit and couldn’t see how we could make our business grow. Not only that, we truly believed that this was going to be the case for the rest of our lives!

I can now finally say that I work “on” my business instead of being stuck 'in' it.”

- Jason Han, HealthFit, Los Angeles, CA

I Was Scared Because Of The Cost – But It Has Paid Off Ten Fold!

“I was always scared to make the decision to work with Paul because of the cost - but I knew I needed to do something, so I took the leap of faith, and it’s paying off ten fold.

Ever since working with Paul I’ve been able to identify the areas in my business that I need to work on in order to grow. As a result we’ve raised our rates and I have a team that are 100% on board with our mission. Being part of this group is so refreshing. You ask a question and get answers the same day. The advice and knowledge which this group share has helped transform my mind-set and my business. No buyer’s remorse at all.”

- Lisa Wiles, Hands That Heal - Physio & Sports Massage Clinic, York, UK

For The First Time Ever My Passion Has Been Re-ignited For My Business

“My business was struggling financially, with growing debt and revenue stagnation. I wasn’t getting the personal satisfaction or the financial reward I expected after 12 years of being in business.

Shortly after becoming Paul’s client I had more courage to make tough decisions which have led to me having more control over my business and life. For the first time in a long time, the flame has been re-ignited for why I started in the first place, and one of the biggest changes is that my business is now profitable, rather than breaking even or losing money every month.”

- Tamer Issa, Issa Physical Therapy, North Bethesda, MD

Now I Have No Problem Charging Higher Prices

“Before working with Paul I had a huge fear of rejection. I doubted myself and always felt bad about charging higher prices - especially with friends, family and those desperately in need, so I’d end up giving hefty discounts or offering my services absolutely free.

Since joining Paul, my confidence has rocketed beyond measures! I now have no fear about charging higher prices, and because of the communication skills Paul teaches - I was able to raise my rates without any pushback.”

- Brooke Olsen, The Physio Revolution, Denver, CO

We’re Now Making $20k Cash Per Week!

“Before working with Paul I was making less than $4000 per month – since making the decision to become a client we are now hitting $20,000 cash pay PER WEEK - and I’ve recently had a $7000 revenue day! None of that would have been possible without the help of Paul and the group.”

- Kevin Vandi, Competitive Edge PT, San Jose, CA

Paul Removes The Guesswork So I Can Get Stuff Done

“When it came to implementing systems and actually making them work for my business - I felt like I was in the dark… I knew what I needed to get done, but when it came to actually doing it, there were obstacles I wasn’t sure how to overcome.

Since becoming Paul’s client I am a million times more confident with the direction my business is headed in. Each calls gives me more clarity and helps me move forward. I’m even converting leads steadily since taking the leap.

The community and culture is what keeps me in the program. Being a part of this group makes all the difference.”

- Payal Patel, Adapt Performance & Rehab, Lawrence, NJ

I Was Burnt Out And Looking To Change Direction Before Working With Paul

“Before I started on this journey with Paul and the group I was a guy burnt out as a therapist and looking to change professions all together. Not in my wildest dreams did I consider owning my own practice but thanks to everything I’ve learned in the group I’m now DOING JUST THAT and loving every second of it!”

- David Brewer, Remedy Physiorooms LLC, St. Augustine, FL

I Would Likely Have Given Up By Now If It Was Not For Paul’s Help

“I cannot believe how important Paul’s input has been for me. I was in business for 3 years prior to making the decision and I would likely have given up by now if it was not for this group. I have learned so much and now have my own personal support group. Everyone is willing to share and provide assistance for every aspect of business. It is amazing how many friendships have been built and how much I now look forward to future in business”

- John Salva, Impact Physio, Clarks Green, PA

I Continued To Be Scared For A Month Or Two AFTER I Joined Thinking “Will I Be Able To Keep Up?” But Now I‘m So Glad I did... There’s No Looking Back now!

“I took Accelerator – and waited quite a while (several months) to start working with Paul, I wish I had made the decision sooner now that I know its true value. What an amazing impact Paul and this group have already made to my growth and that of my business. In just 3 months since joining I have made progress and finally working “ON THE BUSINESS”. My profit continues to increase month on month, I’m working towards hiring my first admin and the support and resources in the group have made that so much easier for me. I have never ever felt AS confident as I do now and I’m ready to excel and build a team of my own. Truth be told, I continued to be scared for a month or two AFTER I joined thinking, “will I be able to keep up?” But now I‘m so glad I did. There’s no looking back for me just like everyone else in the group”

- Trupti Mehta, Manual Medicine Spine & Sports PT, Washington, DC

Having A Group Of Peers Gives You The Confidence To Do What It Takes To Grow Your Business

“I am so glad I took the leap of faith to make the investment. As a business owner just getting started in private practice, I had zero confidence and no idea how to attract clients.

But since joining Paul, I have the confidence to set myself up for success from the get-go, rather than waste time and money on decisions that don’t work.

Everyone in the community has either been through the same situation or knows what it’s like - it’s given me the certainty that I will get the answers to whatever I need to be successful.”

- Angela Marciano, Angela Marciano Physical Therapy, Beverly, MA

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