Now’s the time to stop relying on physician referrals and start getting paid what you’re worth…no matter what the insurance companies say!

“Who Else Wants To Discover 7 “Low-Tech” Ways To Compel MORE Cash-Paying Patients To Inquire About You Online, To Pick Up The Phone And Call You, Or To Walk Through Your Clinic Doors?”

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Keep Reading And Discover How You Can Remove The Worries In Your Physical Therapy Practice With These Turnkey Systems That Were Instrumental In Helping Me Build A Cash-Only Practice With 4 Locations And 13 Employees.

Dear Successful Physical Therapist,

If you’re looking for a constant stream of new patients ready to pay for your PT services with cash without relying on physician referrals, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

I’m about to show you simple “low-tech” ways you can summon a FLOOD of patients as soon as tomorrow.

Thanks to these strategies:

I Was Able To Build A 90% “Cash-Only” Physical Therapy Practice Worth 1.7 Million Dollars

My name is Paul Gough and I used to be like you.

I was frustrated that I was getting “beat up” by insurance companies who didn’t want to settle bills or pay me the fees I deserved.

I was also tired of constantly battling physicians who were in bed with the big hospitals that had HUGE marketing budgets.

I wanted to start attracting my OWN patients who were ready to pay with cash, but it seemed like a pipe dream.

That is, until I discovered several “off-mainstream” methods for attracting cash-in-hand patients that didn’t require technical know-how.

Nowadays, I’m a “cash-only” practice. This allows me to raise my prices and be in control of my physical therapy practice—and it was instrumental in allowing me to create a prestigious $1.7M dollar (and rising) “self-built” Physical Therapy Practice which operates in 4 different towns with 13 employees.

Best part: I was able to do this in the United Kingdom – a place that offers all residents a government-funded (almost socialist), COMPLETELY FREE alternative to what I do.

So I know these strategies will work anywhere in the world...including the U.S.

If You’re Skeptical And Think This Is A Bunch Of “Pie In The Sky” Hype, Then Suspend Your Skepticism And Keep Reading:

There’s a whole bunch of patients who are paying for PT services with cash. They’re skipping the physician referral headaches or are paying higher deductibles.

The problem is that reaching out to these patients is very different than it was in the good old days of lucrative insurance plans.

What this means to you is:

This is a HUGE opportunity to finally escape “big insurance” that is controlling the money you’re able to make as a physical therapist.

But you must update your own tactics in order to get this pocket of people.

But when you do, you’ll be able to escape getting referrals from insurance companies or lawyers from “no win, no fee” whiplash injuries (I know when I used to have an insurance-based business, I didn’t like working for those guys at all.)

You’ll also be able to raise your prices and insist that everybody pays cash.

You’ll be able to take more control, have more time off, and enjoy more bottom-line net profits. These strategies have allowed me to travel the world and spend time with my family—including my 1-year-old son, Harry.

In fact, I used to get ridiculed for daring to “go it alone” and ask for cash from all my patients.

That’s because what I teach flies in the face of practice management “gurus” and consultants. You know, the “tried and true tricks and strategies” you’ve already tried that should have worked…

but haven’t.

So If Your Physical Therapy Practice Has Stagnated Or Shrunk, It’s Not Your Fault

Blame the physicians who are not referring to your clinic regularly enough.

Blame the declining insurance reimbursements that mean more work for the same, or less, money paid to you.

Blame the “gurus” who are teaching outdated or inaccurate strategies—or have never been a PT themselves.

What I’m about to show you is a “total practice solution” you’ve NEVER considered before and, quite possibly, your colleagues and competitors don’t even know is available:


7 Low-Tech Ways To Get More Cash Patients

Get more cash clients DVD set

How To Compel MORE Prospective New Patients To Inquire About YOU Online, To Pick Up The Phone And Call YOU, Or To Walk Through YOUR Clinic Doors.

7 Low-Tech Ways To Get More Cash Patients are simple, affordable, low-tech and creative ways to siphon more patients to your physical therapy practice.

These tactics are spread over 5 videos and cover critical aspects of attracting more patients…including: 

  • Leveraging sales automation

  • Destroying PT skepticism

  • Creating multiple pathways for your prospects to take action

  • Monetizing Office Staff Relationships

  • Designing Specialist Welcome Greetings

  • Creating Money Magnets

  • Monetizing Patient Feedback

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Yes! I Want To Boost My Income And Free Time

Just one of these 7 tactics could lead to a huge profit windfall for you. Because, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re probably not employing these tactics to the fullest extent now.

Remember this: despite the success that I’ve had helping physical therapists in the USA - I’m NOT a professional business mentor, a “guru”, or a consultant of any sorts.

No, I’m a regular “small town” physical therapist who just happens to know a LOT about finding tons of ideal patients and making the clinics of PT’s more profitable AND easier to run.

You’ll get huge representations of these tactics when you take action and invest in 7 Low-Tech Ways To Get More Cash Patients today.

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover
When You Take Action Today:

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Get instant access to all 5 videos for $347 just two payments of $99

Yes! I Want To Boost My Income And Free Time

Before Investing In Any Program That Promises To Build Your PT Practice, Ask Yourself These 3 Important Questions:

I’m nothing like any of those overpaid “consultants” or “gurus” who fish around physical therapists using their clever sales tactics to sell a “theory” of what should work but rarely ever does.

You know, there’s nothing that bugs me more than someone who tells me how to run my PT business, but has never been a PT themselves!

Rest assured that the strategies you’ll get when you invest in 7 Low-Tech Ways To Get More Cash Patients works right now. These aren’t outdated or outmoded strategies taught by some marketing “gurus” who haven’t run a PT practice themselves or stopped running one years ago.

And the best part is I started out with nothing. I didn’t get any outside funding or backing to launch it, nor did I get it handed to me on a silver platter via an inheritance.

That means you’re no longer alone. I used to struggle too, until I discovered a few tips, tricks, and tactics you can implement as soon as tomorrow.

I know what it takes to get to where you want to go - no matter where you might be starting out from.

In fact,

I Guarantee These Simple Patient-Attracting Strategies
Will Work For You, Or You Don’t Have To Pay

Here’s how it works. Take action and purchase 7 Low-Tech Ways To Get More Cash Patients and put the strategies to use in your own physical therapy practice.

If you don’t get just one extra patient you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten thanks to these strategies, just send me an email using and I’ll gladly refund your money.

Best part: you have 60 days to test these strategies. Just one is bound to give you a profit windfall that could resolve the worries you’re having in your physical therapy practice.

And the best part is I’m making it extremely easy for you to get your investment back by just charging $347 $197 for 7 Low-Tech Ways To Get More Cash Patients.

Just think about: for a couple weeks’ worth of coffee or 2 months’ worth of cable or satellite television, you can own tools that could explode your physical therapy practice.

Remember, just 1 or 2 patients is all you need to get your investment back. In fact, with just 1 or 2 of these tactics, you could get 100x your investment back and more!

So, in reality, this course doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s an investment in your future wealth and prosperity.

Now I want you to ask yourself:

“What Would I Do If I Had Absolutely NO
Worries In My Physical Therapy Practice?”

Would you be spending more time with your kids? Spending more time with your beloved? Taking that vacation to Europe or Hawaii you always wanted?

How about giving money to charities and special causes you feel passionate about? Or how about being able to take an afternoon off just to go to the park or “goof off” for a change.

I want you to stop and really think about this.

Now think about how ticked off you are that you cannot enjoy any of these things because you’re beholden to your practice. How bad do you feel that you’re NOT doing whatever you wish right now?

Now think about how demoralizing it is to try to grow your practice when doctors aren’t referring enough patients, big corporate hospitals are dominating your town, and insurance companies are cutting reimbursements.

Perhaps you’ve resigned to yourself that “this is as good as it gets.” And maybe you’re questioning why you got into business in the first place and are starting to question your future…your status is slipping and you wonder if you’ll ever recover.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. Many physical therapists I’ve helped also felt things were “slipping”, they felt demoralized, and even hopeless…

…until they discovered my predictable, “under the table” strategies for getting cash-paying patients to do business with them at any price they demand with no sales resistance.

The truth is that thousands of physical therapists are using these tougher times as an opportunity. Your smaller size compared to the big hospitals is an advantage because you’ll be able to use tactics they’ll never consider.

While other PTs are sticking their heads in the sand waiting to “ride out the storm”, there’s a new breed of physical therapists who get paid cash up front for their services and are “picking off patients” who want to go directly to a physical therapist to avoid physician referral headaches.

7 Low-Tech Ways To Get More Cash Patients will show you how to do this. These are strategies you can use as soon as today to book yourself solid with cash-paying patients.

So Now You Have Two Choices:

You can be passive and let insurance companies govern how much you get paid. And you can keep relying on unpredictable physician referrals.


You can finally take control and “one-up” your competition by attracting patients to your practice thanks to these 7 low-tech ways to get more patients to your practice.

There’s no way you can make a mistake. If these tactics don’t work for you, then you don’t have to pay.

Be prepared to get a huge influx of patients that’ll allow you to boost your income, take more time off, and feel more control and certainty in your practice. And make worries about low physician referrals, declining insurance reimbursements, and “big corporate hospitals” a thing of the past.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your PT Income,

Paul Gough

P.S. One tactic I want to share allowed me to make over $107,000 in just 5 months without using a computer, having to set up a website, or spend thousands of dollars on advertising. If you do this right, you could bring in 10-12 cash-paying clients per week. Now’s the time to stop relying on physician referrals and insurance headaches. Order 7 Low-Tech Ways To Get More Cash Patients today.

Get instant access to all 5 videos for $347 just two payments of $99

Yes! I Want To Boost My Income And Free Time