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“Who Else Wants To Grow Their Physical Therapy Practice Profits WITHOUT Needing Referrals From Doctors… And Quickly Discover Seven Different Ways To Attract 20 New Patients To Your Clinic, In The Next 30 Days?”

Keep Reading To Discover More About The Simple Strategies Small And Independent Physical Therapy Clinics Are Using To Quickly Boost Profits... Without Needing any Marketing Expertise, Without Spending A Single Extra Dollar On Ads, And Without Taking Another Doctor “Out To Lunch”!

Paul Gough

Paul Gough

The future of your physical therapy clinic depends upon your ability to attract a regular supply of new patients to your practice without getting a single referral from a doctor – if you understand that this is the single most important business activity you will ever do – and you are willing to spend just two hours of your time with me mastering how to do it – I will give you everything you need to dramatically improve your clinics new patient numbers and profits”

Dear Physical Therapist,

Do you know what it would take to be able to grow your physical therapy clinic without receiving a single referral from a doctor?

Most physical therapists won’t even consider the question.

They think it’s too far fetched because they’ve been indoctrinated in the “old school” ways of thinking that to grow a physical therapy clinic – you need to get more referrals from doctors.

That USED to be true.

But the good news is, they are now dead WRONG!

Here’s the simpler way to GROW your physical therapy clinic profits:

If you increase the number of people contacting your clinic by just 50%...

…and if you increase the number of conversions to paying patient by just 50%...

…you don’t just get a 50% increase in sales...

…you actually get a staggering 125% increase in business!

This leads us to the almost magical formula for physical therapy clinic marketing success that almost nobody in the industry understands:

Inquiries x Conversion = Higher Profits

Once you really, really grasp this core principle – which has governed my own physical therapy clinic success for the last 10 years – you are virtually guaranteed success.

It doesn’t matter what type of clinic you run – “in-network”, “hybrid” or “cash only” – whether your ideal patient is aged 25 or 65, has chronic back pain or is a “weekend warrior”, if you are going to grow your physical therapy practice, you need to know how to attract and convert new patients at your practice – and to do that, you need just two things.

  1. Inquiries – more people getting in touch with your clinic showing an interest in the solutions and skills you’ve got

  2. Conversions – a way of converting those inquiries to paying patients, as quickly as possible

That’s why:

Inquiries x Conversion = Higher Profits

The Blunt Truth –
Not For The Faint Hearted

There’s no easy way of putting this so let me just get to the point…

Most physical therapy businesses are fairly bad at getting new patients at their practice coming to them via Direct Access. They are using just one or two methods – if that – when really you should ideally be using at least 7.

But that’s not the biggest problem.

The BIG problem is that many physical therapy owners have relied upon referrals from doctors for so long that they are TERRIBLE at converting inquiries into HIGH value, HIGH profit, and FULL paying patients.

If that’s similar to the position you’re in, I understand your frustration, because I also understand that it’s not your fault.

It’s Time For You To Take Control Of Your Physical Therapy Practice And Your Profits

If you’re struggling with Attracting New Patients to your practice, it’s not because there’s anything wrong with your skills or your business. Some of the smartest physical therapists I know find marketing for new patients their biggest challenge.

I am also going to hazard a guess that you’ve tried to solve this problem in the past. You’ve probably tried some marketing companies who’ve promised you the earth. If they haven’t delivered – it’s not your fault. It’s theirs.

The problem with the physical therapy industry – with a few notable exceptions – is that we are not trained to be “Marketers” and no one at PT School taught us the techniques to convert prospects to paying patients.

That’s because back then, the lifeblood of most physical therapy clinics was referrals from doctors - when no conversion skills were really needed.

Unfortunately, that referral source is now drying up at an alarming rate and virtually every physical therapist I know is experiencing the effect of the big hospital systems buying up small doctor offices – or local doctors setting up their own PT clinics – meaning referral sources that used to be reliable and profitable, are not so any more.

And if you’re a cash based owner…you’re likely to be experiencing more competition for NP’s than ever before as more PT’s come out School with aspirations to start their own practices, and wanting to avoid the hassles associated of dealing with insurance companies.

There is only one solution for you if you are going to sort this out, and that’s quite simply to master New Patient Attraction and Conversion and make your physical therapy clinic a success regardless of whether or not you can get referrals from doctors, or who sets up next door to you.

And, For Your Own Sake, You Must Act Now…

Whether or not you choose to continue to market to doctors for your referrals, YOU must fully understand what New Patient Attraction methods are working in the industry right now, and how to MASTER the Inquiry X Conversion formula.

You need to know how to attract inquiries from high net-worth patients to your practice.

You need to know how to convert those inquiries to paying patients.

You need to know what to offer those prospects using the “Education Based Marketing” style of marketing (easily the best way for you to go if you’ve got little or no marketing skills or a small budget).

You need to know at LEAST 7 different methods for attracting new patients to your practice

Please don’t leave this any longer.

Even if you’re currently surviving on referrals from doctors or you’re a cash based practice just setting up or wanting to grow – to prosper, you must know the essential principles of New Patient Attraction so that you can grow your practice profits predictably, and reliably.

The future of your business relies upon it. With that said…

Let Me Show You How To Get At Least 20 New Patients Coming To Your Practice, In The Next 30 Days

This is so important for the future of your physical therapy business that I am releasing 7 of my best (and most simple) New Patient Attraction methods on one immediate access video seminar program, so that you can sort this out, once and for all.

If you are willing to spend just two hours out of one day mastering the single most important part of your business – New Patient Attraction - I will make sure that you have everything you need to end your lack of doctor referrals frustration - and your Marketing confusion - for good, and turn your business into the New Patient generating machine you need it to be.


Paul Gough’s


7 Ways To Get 20 New Patients, In Just 30 Days

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  • How to get NP’s from ANYONE sitting in your waiting room…

  • The Power of Direct Mail – reach highly targeted prospects living right by your clinic

  • Strategies for Newsletter Marketing – this little used strategy is the difference between a newsletter that makes a profit, and one that doesn’t!

  • How to get a never ending flow of NP’s if you’re at Community Events or giving educational based talks…

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So, in reality, this course doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s an investment in your future wealth and prosperity.

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What Other Physical Therapists Are Saying About Paul Gough And His New Patient Attraction Strategies

The marketing tips, techniques and mindset offered by Paul are absolute gold. What’s most impressive about Paul is that his business is able to charge $160+ per visit, in a country where everyone can get physical therapy completely free – since working with him, I now know how he’s pulled it off!

– Dr Jarod Carter - Physical Therapy Owner, Austin (TX)
Founder of “The Cash PT” Podcast

In just a few months of using Paul’s material, we’re already getting to the point we don't have to do ANY physician marketing – thankfully, I am over that! Knowing what I know now, I would rather spend the time marketing directly to, and on the phone with potential patients, and NOT rude MA's, office coordinators, and cocky physicians. Paul’s strategies have completely transformed my business… this is the most excited I’ve been about PT in 5 years since opening!

– Scott Gilbert, Canyon PT, Phoenix (AZ)

Paul showed me how to put a direct to consumer marketing system in place at my clinic that has helped me move away from relying on doctors for referrals. When I started using Paul’s strategies I was only seeing 20 visits per week – 6 months later I’m now at 55 and moving quickly towards my goal of 100 visits per week. Thank you Paul

– Oliver Patalinghug, Restore PT LLC, Rochester Hills (MI)

Since working with Paul I have seen a constantly steady rise in prospects and new patients. Last month I ran an ad in the Sunday paper and had 40 prospects call/email and ended up turning 8 into paying patients in the first week - an immediate ROI of 332%. Using the skills I have learned from Paul I also e-mail my past patients and have brought in 20 past patients who otherwise would have remained lost. The ROI on my investment of working with him, easily triple digit, month on month!

– Andrew Vertson, Intecore PT, Orange County, (CA)

A Final Thought –
How Urgent Is This For You?

I am sure you know that your clinic is losing out on higher profits by not sorting out your New Patient Attraction Strategies – or you wouldn’t still be reading.

Are you really willing to let more days, weeks and months go by losing money every single day on this?

Whether you’re an “in-network” provider, a “hybrid” clinic or a “cash based” solo owner…the future of your physical therapy business (and your financial well being) depends upon your ability to acquire New Patients without receiving referrals from doctors.

This is pressing and urgent.

Please make the commitment to yourself and your future prosperity by sorting out this issue starting today.

Best wishes,

Paul Gough

P.S Here’s what one other PT Owner said about me AND my Marketing strategies:

Paul is refreshingly honest, straight-forward and easy to talk to and I love his no-nonsense approach to direct marketing. You’ll find with Paul that he is up front about what to expect as far as the influx of new patients you can expect to get from his strategies - and more importantly, he is just as honest enough to tell you what NOT to expect as well. I’ve recommend him to other physical therapy owners who have been equally impressed with their results from his strategies

– Dean VolK, Volk PT, Concord, (NC)

Order “30 Days To New Patient Profits”
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About Paul Gough...

Paul Gough

Paul Gough creates global award winning Marketing Systems, is a multi PT Clinic owner, leading authority on Marketing and trusted advisor to many PT Owners across the U.S.

Paul Gough is a small business ICON-WINNER of the award for best in class lead nurture Marketing in 2016 selected across all of Infusionsoft’s 45,000 strong global customers and a former professional soccer Physical Therapist turned successful clinic owner from the UK. He is a published Author who has already grown his own physical therapy business from one clinic to four, and zero to $1m - in record time. What’s most impressive, is this: he’s done all that in a country with a completely free “socialist” health care system (that provides physical therapy services for FREE for all residents), as his main competitor.

He is widely regarded in the US as a leading authority on Direct to consumer Marketing - and has a proven track record of helping physical therapists’ in the US to grow their practices, increase profits, free up their time and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking.

He shows PT business owners how to win more patients and increase their profits using Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet Marketing Strategies. Every week, 1000’s of physical therapists receive his support and advice online, and his business success coaching programs are almost always FULL.